Top 3 Airsoft Fields in California

Last updated on July 22, 2019

Airsoft is a common name in the field of sports entertainment now a days in the USA and considered as one of the most popular sports all over the world.

California is the most populous state in the USA where there is plenty of airsoft field option to choose from out there and have a good time with friends and family.

Paintball is a good opportunity to increase teamwork, leadership and communication skill and since there are so many fields to choose from in California, we are here to help you taking a decision about which ones is the best. Here we have picked the top 3 best airsoft fields in California. Let’s have a look!

1. Warped Ops

Located in Castaic, California Warped Ops is a popular airsoft facility that has been offering safe and premier airsoft service for the locals for a long time now.

If you want to play airsoft near greater Los Angeles and Venture Country, this is the best possible option we recommend within a reasonable price.

They have two separate packages for rentals and self-equipped players within a very low price. Besides the packages, they also have add-ons in case you want extra of anything like BB’s or want to rent googles and batteries. 

If you are also thinking about celebrating a birthday or having a fun time with the gang, this is the place for you.

Within a family-friendly yet competitive airsoft environment with a strict set of rules and great safety features they offer, this is one of the best picks for an action-packed airsoft game for all the airsoft enthusiastic out there in the state.

Warped Ops

2. N1 Airsoft

Located in El Monte, California, N1 Airsoft is a great indoor airsoft field in the state with a very inspiring and emotional story behind this field. This place is considerably big to have an indoor game of fun.

There are some features that make this field unique, like their attempt to introduce IDMS into the system and their new game mode “Jungle Ball”  is already a hit amongst the players.

Players under 18 are required to use full eye and face protection for additional safety and they must have a guardian with a valid ID on sight.

They offer separate membership, rental and self-equipped packages at a reasonable price.

Overall, to have a unique airsoft experience we definitely recommend you to go to N1 Airsoft.

N1 Airsoft

3. West Coast Adventure Park

Located in Scenic Foothills, California West Coast Airsoft is a premier airsoft field with advance outdoor airsoft field just 30 minutes from Sacramento and 20 minutes from Jackson.

With an area of 600 acres and multiple fields, this place is the real deal for an enjoyable airsoft experience.

From capture-the-flag to force-on-force they offer different types of game style. They also offer rental service and even training with the gun testing range which is quite useful.

AN experienced team of staffs will always be there to help you have a fun experience. It makes the facility more suitable for beginners.

They also offer rental service in case someone doesn’t own equipment of their own.

If you want to have the versatility of playing different types of gaming style with one of the biggest and most amazing fields not only in California but also in the whole USA, this is the right pick for you.

West Coast Adventure Park


Airsoft community has a huge amount of members and there is a lot of fields out there for them to play airsoft. Unfortunately, a very few fields in this state is a populous state is good enough to provide a safe and fun airsoft experience.

The fields we picked here are all safe and for players of all skill level. Check out the nearest one, you will be amazed by the quality they provide, we assure you.

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