Top 3 Airsoft Fields In Florida

Last updated on August 4, 2019

Airsoft is a rising star in the field of sports entertainment and its popularity not only the USA but also all over the world and just proves that.

Florida is a state where there is plenty of airsoft fields to get your guns out there and have a good time but finding a good field may be challenging out there.

Paintball is a good opportunity to go out there, communicate and have a quality time and friends and family. Since there are so many places to choose from in Florida it’s good to know which ones are best. Here we have the top 3 best airsoft fields in Florida. Have a look!

1. Raptor Airsoft

Located in Deland, Florida Raptor Airsoft is a great paintball field with a mission to honoring the armed forces of the country and educating the youth community about the benefits of outdoor activities.

They provide a family-friendly yet competitive airsoft environment with a strict set of rules and great safety for all the airsoft enthusiastic out there in the state.

It offers a convenient pro shop so you can buy and rent the equipment you need. They have different packages for both rental services and equipment holders which are pretty reasonably priced.

You can book the facility for private parties and family picnic as well. A great place to have a fun experience with airsoft.

Raptor Airsoft

2. Black Tiger Airsoft

Located in Tampa Bay, Florida, Black Tiger Airsoft is a flagship field for airsoft in the region. This place is huge with over 40 acres of playable forest to have a thrilling outdoor game of airsoft.

Playing age starts here from 10 and players under 18 are required to use full eye and face protection for additional safety. Black Tiger rents both guns and safety equipment for players who don’t have their own.

The rental package costs 60$ which may seem like a little extra, but what comes with this package make it worth a try.

This field also got your food needs covered with Bill’s grill with some really good food deals. Big games can take place here, they can accommodate 250 players in one game because of the huge size of the field.

Overall, a complete package of airsoft is what you will get at Black Tiger Airsoft.

Black Tiger Airsoft

3. Miami Airsoft

Located in Miami, USA, Miami Airsoft is a premier airsoft field with advance indoor airsoft field and training center for the newcomers in airsoft scene.

This place is the real deal for a real enjoyable airsoft experience. This place is right in the heart of Miami and is open 7 days a week which is pretty great.

They also offer rental service and even training with a gun testing range which is quite useful. It makes the facility more suitable for beginners. In case you need to buy anything, they have a store for you.

They also work with experienced trainers and instructors to offer up to date training and effective tactics for the environment. It’s a large facility with an area of around 25,000 sqft.

Miami Airsoft


Airsoft community is getting larger day by day and it’s exciting that we have all of these amazing fields in our backyard to play the sport we adore.

These fields are all safe and for players of all skill level. Just check them out and get hooked into the nearest one.

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