Top 3 Airsoft Fields In Georgia

Last updated on July 21, 2019

Airsoft is very popular all over the USA and from what our research says, Georgia is no exception. It has been popular in Georgia for a long time now, but the amount of good airsoft fields in the state is not much.

Only a handful of arenas has all the good qualities to make a good airsoft field. If you’re a big fan of airsoft from Georgia and always looking forward to good paintball fields to play on, our article may come in handy for you.

In our quest to find the best places to play, you may want to give these mentioned fields a try. If you ever visit one of these three leading airsoft fields in Georgia, we assure you that you will have a great time of safe airsoft play with friends and family.

1. Power Ops Airsoft

If you’re looking for an outdoor airsoft field in Atlanta, GA, you should take a look at this premier Power Ops Airsoft.

With an objective to take airsoft to a whole new level, this airsoft field is providing a great set of benefits and packages that other fields don’t offer at all.

If you ever decide to play on this field, you’ll have 120,000 square feet of urban combat playable space alongside a new indoor field of 16,000 square feet CQB NUKETOWN to play on.

They also have their own free private parking lot for over 200 cars. Players of all ages and experience level are allowed to play in this field and have a great time.

Designed with different types of themed battlefields by the players for players, this is a great place to have some quality time of airsoft.

Power Ops Airsoft

2. Team Airsoft

Looking for a place to play Airsoft in the in Georgetown? Why not check out Team Airsoft? This great airsoft facility offers games for both adults and children so age is not a concerning matter in this field.

They also host private events and birthday events. If you’re looking for a great battlefield where you can enjoy with your friends and family, you’ll want to give this facility a closer look.

They might offer everything that you’re looking for. Casual airsoft players may not own guns of their own and for them, this facility has some good options of gun available to rent.

You’ll be able to rent the gun according to your need at a very reasonable price. This Airsoft field here is well supervised too, and safety is always prioritized.

Players receive a safety orientation before the game begins. Perfect for a safe airsoft session with family and especially kids.

Team Airsoft

3. Georgia Airsoft

Located in Winterville, GA this is another great airsoft filed in Georgia. If you’re looking for the best places to play and have a great experience, you may want to give this battlefield a try, you’ll have a great time.

The size of the outdoor space this field offer makes it great for unique competitive experiences. Not only a great outdoor battlefield, but they also offer a pro shop on spot to help you buy the equipment you need.

Field fee in this field is quite low, as low as 10$ only and they have a complete rental package worth 40$ with gun, mask, armor and 2500 BBs.

You would definitely want to check this out for a value airsoft experience.

Georgia Airsoft


As you already know there are lots of options available at this moment as with the growing popularity of airsoft, the numbers of the field have increased. But the fields mentioned above has the best qualities available for a fun and safe airsoft experience. If any of them is happened to be in your area, don’t forget to check them out.  

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