Top 3 Airsoft Fields In Ohio

Last updated on July 21, 2019

Airsoft is a rapidly growing sports entertainment not only in the USA but also all over the world and Ohio is no exception.

People in Ohio love paintball as much as we do here in other states, but the options of good airsoft field are unfortunately not much out there.

So to help the airsoft loving people of Ohio who wants a challenging time in the field, we gathered the information about the top three airsoft fields in Ohio. Let’s have a look!

1. Ohio Valley Airsoft

Located in Bellaire, OH Ohio Valley Airsoft is one of the most amazing airsoft fields in airsoft scene down here in Ohio with their objective to get the youth of the state involved in something positive and entertaining while teaching them teamwork and leadership at the same time.

They have all the basic admission packages as well as party packages available for their players.

Admission cost is different for rental service and equipment owners and they are pretty acceptable.

Along with basic airsoft party, they also offer laser tag, bow tag and one special one, the nerf party which is pretty popular amongst the kids.

In case you want to buy something on site they have an indoor store for you to buy your necessary equipment.

Overall, a complete airsoft field package, that’s what you get from Ohio Valley Airsoft.

Ohio Valley Airsoft

2. The Airsoft Den

The Airsoft Den is the perfect place to spend some quality time with airsoft whether with friend, family or just by yourself.

Located in Stone Creek, OH this airsoft field might be the perfect choice for many people as it’s positioned perfectly, less than 1 hour from Columbus, Canton, Akron, Cleveland, and Wooster.

This field started with the motivation to provide a safe and family friendly experience for all the airsoft enthusiastic in Ohio and till now, they have been delivering.

The area owned by this field is huge, they have a field containing dozens of buildings and structures placed strategically for a fun and exciting game of airsoft.

They also offer a premium store at the filed to buy gun, ammo or other necessary stuff. The players can enjoy 11 types of different gameplay/ missions according to the choice.

Considering their huge area, shop and different fun mission gameplay they offer, this is surely a great choice as an airsoft field.

The Airsoft Den

3. Assault Airsoft

Located in Massillon, OH Assault Airsoft is another great airsoft place in Ohio for the player of all ages. This field has a playable space of 17000 sqft with different types of game mode available.

They offer different types of membership for rental service and equipment holders and they are pretty reasonable too.

There is a fixed field fee which is 25$ per day, and there is two different packages in rental service, one is a normal package and another is named Titan package with some extra benefits.

If we look at the pricing of admission and rental services, this is the best value airsoft field in our list.

Assault Airsoft


With the rapid growth of popularity in the paintball scene all over the USA, lots of airsoft fields are being set up all over the state, but not all of them are good enough.

Some may have been overpriced, some are not safe, some lacks proper infrastructure. We hope our review here will help you choose the best airsoft fields near you in Ohio.

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