Top 3 Airsoft Fields In PA

Last updated on July 20, 2019

Airsoft is a sport that has been rapidly growing in the United States in the past few decades and Pennsylvania is no exception. It has become so popular that some schools have airsoft teams as unofficial sports.

To help the airsoft loving people of Pennsylvania, we have done all the hard work on your behalf. Just check out the fields here on our list and decide which one is in your area and good for you.

1. Ambush Adventure Park

Located in Bellaire, OH Ohio Valley Airsoft is one of the greatest and well-organized airsoft fields in airsoft scene down here in Ohio. They have an area of roughly 30 acres and what’s in them? Well, we can say this is one of the most decorated airsoft fields in the whole USA with different combat zones like city, castle, and woodland.

If you lack a team, want to play solo or just wanted to taste the game, they have walk on days for you too alongside private booking of course.

Doesn’t matter how experienced you are, Ambush Adventure Park is open for every airsoft lover.

They have a bunch of experienced staffs to get you going if you have no prior experience, any question or experience in the field.

If you are interested in trying airsoft or have been playing for years, come down here to have a memorable experience.

Ambush Adventure Park

2. Outdoor Xtreme Hatfield

Located in Hatfield, PA, this airsoft field might be the perfect choice for many people as it’s positioned perfectly, less than 30 minutes from Philly and Allentown. Not only location, but there are also other things too that made us pick this field for our list.

This field made the airsoft packages to fit the players of all ages and improve team building skills, leadership, communication, camaraderie, strategy and problem-solving for all the airsoft lovers in Pennsylvania.

Beside airsoft, this field also offers other popular games like paintball, low impact and laser tag which add versatility to the list of many good things about this field.

Special events held in this field are particularly interesting because of unique themes and gameplay style. If you are already thinking about participating, don’t forget to visit their website to get the full list of upcoming events.   

Both individual and group packages are available here but for birthday parties and corporate team building, group packages are the way to go.

Considering their huge area, location versatile game options like paintball and laser tag they offer, this the place you will want to go for a joy ride of airsoft.

Outdoor Xtreme Hatfield

3. Mercer Airsoft Center

Located in Mercer County, PA Mercer Airsoft is another great airsoft destination in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Open since 2010, this facility has served the local and regional airsoft community with some extra-ordinary service.

The facility spans over 24 acres, hosts some of the most premier paintball events and have different types of game mode available. On spot shop of this field have different types of accessories available from the best names in the airsoft field. There are some quality features that a field needs to become good and this place quite literally has it all.

Some people love to party, and if they are airsoft players too, whether it’s a birthday, bachelor or group party, this can be a fantastic location for that.

Finally, you’ve ever wanted to have one of the best airsoft experience, you won’t get a better opportunity than the one offered by Mercer Airsoft Center.

Mercer Airsoft Center


There are lots of airsoft field in Pennsylvania who claims themselves as good airsoft field, but the criteria that makes an airsoft field great is offered by only a handful of them. So, finding a good airsoft field in Pennsylvania can be challenging.

These fields we have here are all safe, for players of all skill level and reasonably priced. Just check them out to have a great airsoft experience.

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