10 Best Airsoft AK 2020

Last updated on March 18, 2020

Best Airsoft AK yeah! Keeping no doubt, it can be said that the AK-47 is the most known and used rifles in the world.

In 2004, statistics by World Bank showed that almost 75 million AK-47 are being used where there are 500 million guns in the world. That means AK-47 is that one gun in every seven guns in the world. That proves how popular it is in the world of best airsoft guns!

It’s designer Mikhail Kalashnikov developed AK-47 as a gas operated rifle for the Soviet Union’s Army. It is giving service for more than sixty years, since 1949. And one more thing, it is available in almost every country in the world.

Bestseller No. 1
double eagle full auto electric metal aeg ak-47 rifle fps-350 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)
  • Metallic upper receiver/body, ABS Composite lower receiver
  • Metal Barrel and Metal Body
  • Reinforced internals
  • Adjustable hop-up, Semi-auto or Full-auto

Best Airsoft AK

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The Best Airsoft AK Under 100 - Double Eagle DE Ak-47S Metal Automatic Electric Airsoft Assault Gun 320FPS Black Check Price
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Best airsoft ak hop up - BBTac BT-AK Airsoft Electric Gun Completed Kit with magazine & BBCheck Price
Jing Gong jg6803 ak-47 electric airsoft gun full auto metal gear fps-400, full metal gearbox, high capacity magazine(Airsoft Gun) Check Price
The Best Airsoft AK Starter Kit - BBTac Airsoft Electric Gun AK BT-022 Fully Automatic Rifle, Great for Starter, with Semi & Safe ModeCheck Price
Soft Air Kalishnikov Spetsnaz Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle Check Price
Best Airsoft AEG Rifle - CYMA AK-47 V3 Airsoft AEG Rifle cm 028 Check Price

The world of airsoft guns is dominated by AK-47. It won’t make you surprise to hear the dominating characteristic of this weapon, and why people are buying it like hot cake.

The main attractions of AK-47 are being given below:

  • Price: It’s cheaper than you expect. comparing to other western weapons.
  • Range: It’s easy to operate and very suitable in a mid-range riot.
  • Conditions: You can rely on this under some extreme conditions.
  • Availability: You can get it in any part of in the world you are staying.

These are the main reasons for its amazing popularity.

Now I’m going to let you know some best airsoft AK 47 from best airsoft AK brand

1. BBTac Airsoft AK – Best budget airsoft AK

This is the airsoft gun that will pay you the dignity of the real AK is the BBTac powerful assault. It has the look and feel of an AK-47 but it has a bit been modified with an intention of being a proactive weapon for the experts in the airsoft sports.

This is a cheap firearm that can be operated and maintained easily.

best budget airsoft ak
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  • It is designed as Airsoft AK47 style airsoft assault rifle and includes a hi-capacity magazine which loads fast.
  • It is made from durable plastic.
  • This is approximately 34 inches in length.
  • The package of the gun is fully assembled, ready to use.
  • Velocity of the BB is almost 300-250 FPS using 0.12g BBs.
  • The high capacity magazine has a capacity of almost 200 BBs.
  • The weapon is lightweight and can be carried easily. Totally easy to operate, point and shoot.


  • The airsoft starter is not costly.
  • Stylish look and gives a replica feel to the user.
  • The airsoft is made of plastic that ensures durability.
  • Batteries are not required to operate the weapon.


  • It’s powered by spring.
  • It’s not that much accurate.
  • It’s built poorly.
  • The basics are provided by the BBTac but not having to look cheap.


Q: Is this spring powered?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Does it come assembled?
A: Yes, it is assembled and ready to use.

Q: Does it contains a clip mag?
A: Yes, it contains a clip mag.

While it may give less performance than you have desired. In a competitive setting, it will give you an outstanding experience.

2. Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 – The Best Airsoft AK Ever Made

Soft Air Kalashnikov Tactical Electric Powered Airsoft was released in a special edition of 60th-anniversary AK-47 airsoft rifle. Which included all the bells and whistles and also the Kalashnikov Trademarks, which gives you the feeling of being a part of its glorious history.

The Best Airsoft AK Ever Made
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  • Best airsoft AK47
  • This special edition of AK47 RIS. Includes Kalashnikov Trademarks and logo.
  • The inner barrel length of the weapon is 455 mm, the magazine is a high capacity magazine with 550-round ability, airsoft AK rail is integrated.
  • The grip can be folded, removed and made of nylon fibres.
  • Gears/gearbox is metal made and foldable.
  • The weapon muzzles a velocity of 330-380FPS with a .20g BB.
  • It’s power range is approx. 66 yards.
  • Gives the user an experience of spin-up shooting system.
  • Includes a premium 8.4v 1200mah battery and wall charger.


  • Its perfect design made it easy to carry.
  • It’s firing rate is decent enough and high power.
  • Shots very accurately even at its own range.
  • Styling seems realistic and aggressive.


  • Battery wires fit quite tight inside the battery compartment
  • The stalk is not easy to unfold


Question: How long does it take to charge the battery?
Answer: The battery becomes fully charged in 7 to 8 hours.

Question: Will the clips of other AK-47’s models fit in this weapon?
Answer: Yes. Almost every AK-47s clips fit in this.

Question: How many rounds do the magazine hold?
Answer: It comes with 2 clips. Almost 600 rounds in each clip.

Okay, it can be said that this weapon is going to give you a thrilling experience. I recommend this weapon for those who are willing to progress in airsoft earlier.

3. Crosman Elite Battlemaster Airsoft Rifle – Traditionally Designed Assault Rifle

You might be looking for a weapon that is almost same as the real style of the AK-47, then you should go for the Crossman Elite rifle. Its traditional design is also quite good. It’s also can be said as one of the most inexpensive AK airsoft rifles available in the market.

best airsoft ak
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  • Holds 430-rounds per magazine and fires at a rate of 565-shots in every minute.
  • It’s powered by 7.2-volt rechargeable, 700 mAh battery.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used in full or semi-auto mode.


  • Affordable to almost every class of buyers.
  • Ensures enough durability and very easy to operate.
  • Traditionally designed.
  • The pistol grip gives the operator to be stress free.


  • Accuracy is not that much guaranteed.
  • The weapon provides Subpar firing power.

FAQs :

Ques: Is the charger included in the package?
Ans: Yes, the package comes with a charger.

Ques: Is the gun an automatic gun?
Ans: Yes, it can be switched in automatic or semi automatic mode.

Ques: Is the replacement of the battery available?
Ans: Yes. they are.

Ques: Which materials were used to make the weapon?
Ans: Mainly plastic.

Ques: Does it come with ammo?
Ans: Yes, a small amount of ammo is provided.

Okay, this airsoft rifle can be a good starter weapon for the beginners in this sport. It’s suitable for practicing targets but may not suit that many competitions. As it is cheap, it’s lacking some features.

4. Double Eagle AK-47S Automatic Electric Airsoft Assault – The Best Airsoft AK Under 100

The Double Eagle AK-47S airsoft rifle is one of the weapons that will make you feel the real AK-47s.

The Best Airsoft AK Under 100
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  • Full metal body that brings a good look but also adds a massive weight.
  • Basically it is made for collecting, the AK-47S is also quite functional and has the ability to compete in an airsoft challenge.
  • It works easily at both fully automatic and semi-auto mode.
  • It’s firing rate is up to 400 rounds per minute.
  • The weapon is powered by 8.4V stick battery.
  • Its tighter-bore barrel ensures more accurate shots.


  • Smooth design.
  • Long lasting.
  • Additional parts are readily available.
  • The shots are high powered.


  • Costs you more.
  • Heavy in weight.


Question: Is the hand guard removable?
Answer: Yes, it is completely removable.

Question: Does it have a metal gearbox?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I purchase a replacement battery?
Answer: Yes, you can.

It can be said, the AK-47S is both a looker and a doer as well. It’ll be a perfect weapon for you especially when you are in a hard-to-crack spot and need to stop the enemies.

5. CYMA AEG Full Auto Airsoft Metal AK-47 – Best airsoft ak under 200

This airsoft rifle exposes the fact of cloning of the renowned Tokyo Marui. It is one of the best clones of the real Marui. It’ll be a tough task to differ between this one and the original one.

A Clone of Tokyo Marui
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  • Up to 350 FPS can be shot by this Automatic Electric Gun (AEG).
  • Includes a magazine which can have 600 rounds.
  • A hard plastic material gave it a wood-like look.
  • An adjustable rear iron sight ensures the accuracy.


  • The design seems to be real.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Durable materials is used to make the weapon.


  • Lower accuracy level.
  • There isn’t a battery or charger in it’s package.


Question: How good it is for the beginners?
Answer: Yeah, it’s perfect for the beginners.

Question: Can I use it in airsoft battles?
Answer: In a word : Obviously!

Question: Of which material the gearbox and the grip is made?
Answer: The gearbox is made of metal and the grip is made of durable plastic.

Question: Is the hand guard removable?
Answer: Yes, it’s completely removable.

Okay, the CM028 airsoft is going to give you a wonderful experience of owning a Tokyo Marui replica without spending much dollars. It has everything you are looking for in an AEG.

6. BBTac BT-AK – Best airsoft ak hop up

The BBTac is going to have you an experience of all you need for buying along with extra mags, sling, charger, rechargeable battery, clean rod, protection glass, and BB pellets.

Best airsoft ak hop up
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  • The package provides you a sling, sight, clean rod, protection glass, rechargeable battery, and charger.
  • The weapon is 34.5 inches in length, 2 inches in width, 10 inches in height, and carries a weight of 5 pounds.
  • Has two modes. One is semi automatic mode and another is full automatic modes and the hop up system is adjustable.
  • Shooting speed is almost 200 feet per second.
  • The gun includes a 50RD 6mm clip, a 1500 RD barrel magazine.


  • Budget friendly, easily affordable.
  • Contains extra accessories and parts.
  • Firepower is decent enough.
  • The weapon is very light in weight.


  • Range is not that large.
  • Few rounds is hold by standard mag.


Question: How many magazines will I get in the package?
Answer: Only one magazine is provided in the package.

Question : Where is the battery compartment?
Answer: The battery compartment is in the butt of the rifle.

Question: Is it good for beginners?
Answer: Yes, it is.

If you are looking for a complete set of all in one rifle, then BBTac Complete Magazine is going to be the best choice for you. And apart from this, this one is going to save much money compared to other armaments of same AK’s.

Overall, it’ll be the perfect weapon for you if you are a starter.

7. Jing gong JG683 Electric Airsoft FPS 400 Capacity Magazine

Update: 10th Feb, 2019: This product is currently unavailable.

The AK-47 was amazingly attracted by Chinese army and as a result they designed the Jing Jong JG683.

It’s overall performance will charm you but the price of this weapon is not that high.

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  • Almost 400 FPS with .20g BB’s.
  • Has a firing ability of 12 rounds per second.
  • Includes a magazine with a high capacity of 600 rounds and the magazine is fully metal made.
  • Contains a V.3 gearbox.
  • Body is made of sturdy polymer.
  • Adjustable hop up system.
  • The gun requires 8.4V battery to run which is included with the package.
  • The weapon is 35 inch in length.


  • Good performance.
  • The firing speed is high.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Shots very accurately even at larger range.


  • It’s attachments are not available.
  • Has some complexity related to the battery.

FAQs :

Question: Which type of battery does it fit in?
Answer: In the gun, a 8.4v 1200 mAh battery is required.

Question: Are the attachments available?
Answer: No, I don’t think so.

Question: Is it good for beginners?
Answer: Yes, its performance will blow your mind.

Overall, the Jing Jong AK-47 will be the best choice comparing to the price. It’s performance very good, accuracy is impressive. Having a decent stopping power is also a good point you know.

8. BBTac Airsoft Electric Gun AK BT-022 Fully Automatic Rifle – The Best Airsoft AK Starter Kit

In this post, we are going to present one more BBTac product, which just lets you realize the reliability of their guns. To introduce the AK world, the BBTac BT-022 is one of the best AK model.

The Best Airsoft AK Starter Kit
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  • Has a decent shooting speed which is up to 250 FPS.
  • The rifle includes a long banana style clip, that works for holding some extra ammo.
  • The most awesome thing of this weapon is it has an infrared laser attachment to make the aiming easier.
  • The armament has two modes. One is fully automatic and safe mode. And another is semi automatic mode.
  • The plastic material used is enough durable.


  • Price is very reasonable and affordable.
  • Contains laser and because of it, aiming is easy.
  • Contains safety glasses and spot light
  • Very expansive to use.


  • Firing rate is a bit slower.
  • Weight is too much light.


Question: Does it come with a battery?
Answer: Yes, a rechargeable battery is included.

Question: Does it have a laser?
Answer: No, it doesn’t have any laser.

Question: What is it made of?
Answer: It’s made of plastic.

Overall, the BT-022 is quite a fine starter gun for the beginners. In spite of being cheap, it’s still offering a lot. For improving your aim, the laser sight is going to help you.

And a point to remember, the armament needs to be taken with extreme care, because some parts of the gun, such as the barrel, can be broken easily.

9. Soft Air Kalashnikov Spetsnaz Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

The Kalashnikov Spetsnaz Electric Powered Airsofy Rifle was released by Soft Air as a tactical version of AK-47

The weapon was named after the elite Russian Special Forces. It was released in the market in a limited edition. The Spetsnaz is a great example of modern version of AK-47.

Soft Air Kalashnikov Spetsnaz Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle
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  • Contains spin-up shooting system which can be adjusted.
  • Premium 8.4v 1200mah small battery and Wall charger is provided with the weapon.
  • The armament is fully licensed and trademarked limited edition by “SPETSNAZ” AK47.
  • The upper receiver is metal made. Gears are also metal made.
  • The front sight can be adjusted.
  • It is 5.18Lbs in weight, 27.95 inch in length.
  • It muzzles a velocity of 350-380 FPS with a .20g BB. Includes 550 round High capacity magazine.


  • Looking is very stylish.
  • Not so heavy, which means the operator can carry it easily.
  • Firing power is subversive.
  • Was made in a limited edition.


  • The weapon’s range is not that much high.
  • Price is very high.


Question: What does the package include?
Answer: A gun, a battery, a mag and a charger.

Question: What is the capacity of the clip?
Answer: Around 300 rounds.

Question: Does the mag feed bullets to the gun automatically?
Answer: No, you have to switch a scroll on the bottom of the mag to feed the gun.

Overall, the Kalashnikov Spetsnaz airsoft rifle can be a good choice if you’re a procurer. The gun will give you a good experience and will be very efficient in various competitions.

10. CYMA AK-47 V3 – Best Airsoft AEG Rifle

CYMA’s latest release of AK-47 is built as the CM028. This edition is improved more than before it was. This improvisation includes some useful upgrades.

This version contains a new metal made gearbox. Now, this got a new identity.

Best Airsoft AEG Rifle
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  • The firing rate of the CM028 is up to 325 FPS.
  • Includes a high capacity magazine which can have 600-rounds BBs.
  • A cleaning rod, 8.4v 1100 mAH battery, and a charger are included in the package.


  • Price seems logical and it’s affordable in fact.
  • High quality was maintained to build.
  • Contains an upgraded gearbox which is metal made.
  • Looks quite stylish.


  • It’s so much heavy in weight.
  • Range is moderate.


Question: Can I buy extra accessories?
Answer: Yes, you’ll get them from the manufacturer.

Question: Is it good for beginners?
Answer: Yes, it is.

Question: What is it made of?
Answer: It is made of metal and durable plastic.

Overall, the CM028 is giving you more output than its previous versions. Although it’s performance average, but the price is also reasonable. Having a high capacity magazine means it is a good firearm for practicing.

One more fact, if you need to upgrade the gun, you can buy extra parts from its producer.


It’s known to you that airsoft ak47 may be extremely harmful if it is not handled carefully. If you own a gun or going to own it, a big responsibility is to keep it in a safe place and away from the reach of young children. If you let them play with the gun, you should be there to oversee them.

We think, that you have been helped by this post to pick the best model of airsoft gun that suits you most.

We request you to be responsible airsoft owner wherever you are using it. It will be only fun when everyone’s security will be ensured.


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