10 Best Airsoft Goggles in 2020 [anti fog]

Last updated on April 23, 2020

No matter what your budget is, you can use our guide to choose the best airsoft goggles in your preferred price category as we have include both cheap and expensive airsoft glasses in our ranking list.

We decided to make the price / quality ratio the determining factor.

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Best airsoft goggles are the best way to ensure security in the field of airsoft. It is very fun and engaging sport and a very good way of how lots of people like to get some exercise while hanging out with friends and family.

Smith Optics Hudson Tactical Sunglass with Black Frame
Best airsoft goggles for glasses
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Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles
Best low profile airsoft goggles
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Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles, Vented, OD Green
Best vented airsoft goggles
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Sekishun-cho Outdoor Sports Athlete's Sunglasses for Cycling Fishing Golf,100% UV Protection
Best airsoft tactical goggles
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Rothco OTG Ballistic Goggles
Best anti fog airsoft goggles
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XAegis Tactical Eyewear 3 Interchangeable Lenses, Outdoor Antifog Safety Glasses & Hard Shell Case - Unisex Shooting Glasses Cycling,Driving,Hiking,Fishing,Hunting
Best seller airsoft goggles
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Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical Goggles with 3 Interchangable Lens Impact resistance Hunting Eyewear, UV400 Protection Shooting Glasses for Men Women Motorcycle Riding Wargame Paintball
Best Outdoor Sports Tactical Military Airsoft Goggles
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Crosman Adult Size Shooting Glasses.
Best cheap airsoft goggles
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Genuine US Army GI Sun, Wind & Dust SWDG Military Goggles - Black with 2 Lenses Included (USA Made)
Genuine USA Made Goggles
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Best Airsoft Goggles [Updated list 2020]

To help below is a list of our top 10 best airsoft goggles. Across the board, these goggles are ballistic-rated and protect against the harmful rays of the sun. They each also have their own unique features that set them apart.

Speaking of safety, glasses are by far the most important thing. It is extremely important to have good protective glasses since the only serious accident that you can have when being shot by a replica is that the ball hits you in the eye, since the damage can be irreparable. It is worth being well informed about what type of glasses we are going to buy and the quality it must have to comply with the safety regulations for playing airsoft. Poor quality glasses, a saving of a few dollars, can be the difference between spending a good game day with your colleagues or spending a morning in the hospital with the doctors trying not to lose your eye, it’s so cruel but is the reality, NEVER try to save money on the purchase of good glasses.

1. Best airsoft goggles for glasses – Smith Optics Hudson Tactical Sunglass

The Hudson Elite tactical goggles is a classic frame style that works in all types of settings. Designed for function and meant to be worn for any activity.

Great glasses. You can use as daily sun eye wear as well as for competitive shooting safety glasses. Proven, these glasses can take multiple direct hits from pieces of lead bouncing back off steel targets without issue, not even a scratch.

best airsoft goggles
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  • High Impact Lens Material
  • Impact Resistant Frame Material
  • Hydrophylic megol temple and nose pads
  • 100% protection from different types of rays
  • 8 Base Lens Curvature, Small Fit and Coverage
  • Meets ANSI Z871 and MIL-PRF-31013 clause 3511


  • Excellent in very bright light conditions.
  • Very durable airsoft goggles including the frames and hinges.
  • View is very clear and crisp as well as sharp.


  • Probably not good for low light or darker conditions.
  • The glasses are a bit wide. They fit smaller type faces and longer heads rather then fatter or rounder faces. However, the overall look and feel is great.

Happy purchase! The Elite Hudson is an excellent pair of sunglasses and you will be with the fit and quality.

2. Best low profile airsoft goggles – Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles

Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles provide anti-fog protection in the worst weather conditions.

You may not like Valken as a brand as they make cheaper knock-off products but for the money the goggles you are getting is literally the best low profile anti fog airsoft goggles.

Fits perfectly and gives you a great visibility!

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  • Includes elastic strap and guick release interchangeable temples.
  • Anti-fog protection in extreme-temperature working environments
  • Class 1 Military standard airsoft goggles


  • Comfortable and not bulky like most goggles
  • Lightweight airsoft goggles
  • Adjustable. One size fit all.
  • Comes with elastic strap
  • Lenses don’t fog quite as much
  • Easier to clean
  • Also usable as regular sunglasses just take the strap off.


  • The plastic is cheap, but ok, if you consider the price.
  • A bit flimsy over-ear
  • Strap-wear could be better
  • Look and feel is not extra ordinary
  • They will fog like in high humidity play. Anti-fog spray or solution would keep them clean.
  • Tiny gaps around eyes

Check more reviews in Amazon.

Overall a bargain airsoft goggles. Would save you couple of dollars. Overall, recommend as they are low profile, comfortable, and hard to fog up.

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Valken Airsoft Tango Goggles, with 3 Lenses

3. Best vented airsoft goggles – Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles

The Lancer Tactical airsoft safety goggles are the best cheap airsoft goggles that ensures your eyes are completely protected during the game.

These are also the best full seal airsoft goggles to provide full seal protection. Adjustable straps made this glasses very comfortable.


  • Model: CA-221G Airsoft Safety Mask Vented
  • Color: OD Frame / Clear Lens, 3MM thickness
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500 FPS+ shots hit the glasses and not able to crack or dent and your eyes will be protected. A 5/5 review.

OD Green color looks very nice with the rest of the uniform.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Large field of view
  • Adjustable size
  • Full seal protection

Some user complains these glasses do tend to fog up a little. But many reviewed, after removing the vent covers theses glasses never fog up. For real, winter or summer, rainy or sweaty never fog.

Overall good and satisfying goggles.

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Lancer Tactical Airsoft CA-221GB Safety Goggles

4. Best airsoft tactical goggles – Sekishun-cho Outdoor Sports Athlete’s Sunglasses

Designed with a moulding, encompassing frame with anti-slip legs for extra grip behind the ears. Price point and function just perfect. They do what they are designed to do.

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  • 100%, UV 400 protection
  • Poly carbonate lens
  • Non tinted clear transparent lens

Four colors provided

  • Clear/transparent Lens – Mainly for outdoor activities in low light conditions such as dawn or dusk.
  • Yellow Lens – Specially for driving or riding at night. It reduces glare from incoming traffic.
  • Black/Charcoal Lens – The most popular general purpose lens. Great for bright sunny day.
  • Brown – Brown can enhance contrast and add brightness to your vision. Good for cloudy or hazy days. Great for all round weather

Check measurements in Amazon.


  • Perfect for outdoors as lens are tough, lightweight and scratch resistant.
  • Comes with nice hard protection box.

These are the perfect choice for any outdoor sports and activities you can name such as Biking, Cycling, Riding, Mountain Biking, Tramping, Hiking, Walking, Fishing, Driving, and Rock Climbing.

5. Best anti fog airsoft goggles – Rothco OTG Ballistic Goggles

What is OTG? Over The Glasses (OTG) design means the goggles offer extra internal space and temple cutouts on each side to perfectly fit over your sunglasses or prescription glasses with ease.

Rothco’s OTG Ballistic Goggles are Set to Military (MIL-DTL-43511D) And ANSI-Z87-1 Standards For Ballistic Eyewear Protection. The 2mm thick polycarbonate lenses are anti-fog, anti-scratch and offer UV 400 protection.

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  • The OTG goggles meet civilian and military standards for ballistic eyewear protection.
  • 2mm Thick Polycarbonate lences
  • UV 400 Protection


  • Adjustable strap and moveable hinges allow the OTG goggles to stay in place while worn with a helmet.
  • Dual ventilation system prevent the lenses from fogging over
  • Skin-side Foam Padding
  • Anti-Fog And Anti-Scratch Technology

Overall, very solid for the price.

Check another Rothco airsoft goggles in Amazon

Rothco SWAT Tec Single Lens Tactical Goggle

6. Best seller airsoft goggles – XAegis Tactical Eyewear

XAegis, might not known as high quality brand and even the price of the goggles is quite low, but you will be quite surprised after having the goggles. The quality is dam good. The fit is pretty good. The lenses fit and lock in solidly as if they are not changeable, but still very easy to swap.

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Check the video review in Amazon.


  • Semi-rimless frame, durable
  • Impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Anti-fog
  • Lightweight
  • UV 400 protection
  • 3 Interchangeable lenses. Yellow & Smoke and Clear. Easy to remove and install


  • Very comfortable to wear with a rubber nose bridge
  • The frames are also very comfortable and the goggles looks good.
  • Fits most faces
  • Doesn’t slide down when you are sweating
  • Comes with a hard shell zippered case


  • Some user complains the goggles don’t fit and the nose piece is narrow.

High quality sunglasses kit – great for shooting, as well as for fishing, riding, hiking, training, anything from casual to tactical.

The visual clarity on these glasses is better than $300 Oakley shooting lenses. Amazing.

7. Best thermal airsoft goggles – Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle

Valken’s one of the best thermal goggles. TPU frame features excellent resistance to cold and heat. Special indirect ventilation system located at the top and bottom of frame allow air flow & heat release.

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  • TPU frame features excellent resistance to cold and heat
  • Provides a perfect facial seal
  • The thermal system provides anti-fog protection in the worst weather conditions
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 high impact requirements
  • CE EN166 certified
  • CAN/CSA Z94.3-07
  • MIL-V-43511c ballistic standards


  • Comfortable and durable goggles
  • The rubber parts touches the face are extremely soft
  • Full seal.
  • Anti fog

8. Best Outdoor Sports Tactical Military Airsoft Goggles

This Sposune Goggles is the newest compact tactical military goggles. It includes all the facilities of a low-profile, night-vision goggles. Sposune lenses have flatter curvature. The frame’s soft-yet-durable molded face padding provides increased comfort and a tight, sealed fit for hours of extended use.

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  • Impact resistance
  • UV400 protection
  • Brightening and Windproof
  • Breathable 3 Poly-carbonate lens
  • Full seal protection
  • Adjustable head band keeps your goggles tight.
  • Cloth sleeve protects your lens and the back of your head.
  • Firm, Durable and Portative

Check specifications in Amazon.


  • Good quality airsoft goggles
  • Comfortable and easy to wear with helmets
  • Fit great
  • The bag is very good to carry around.


  • Chaining lens may be not the easiest, but they are secure and that’s the most important part. Some user says changing glass is easy, once you figure it out
  • The seal around face may be not that good, though it claims full seal protection

9. Best cheap airsoft goggles – Crosman Adult Size Shooting Glasses

You can’t have anything cheaper than this! Check the price in Amazon.

Good quality shooting glasses are essential for safety. With high impact plastic lens, these glasses meet national standards for safety.

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  • Essential for safety
  • One size fits all
  • Adult size shooting glasses
  • High impact plastic lens
  • Meets ANSI.287.1-2003 National safety standards


  • Lightweight and comfortable for light range activities
  • Good protection from Pellets and BBs
  • Fit literally almost any size head


  • Not marked as polycarbonate

Check another Crosman airsoft goggles in Amazon

Crosman Flexible Airsoft Goggles

10. Genuine US Goggles (USA Made)

Genuine US Army GI Sun, Wind & Dust SWDG Military Goggles. Protect your eyes from a variety of harsh weather elements. Be confident, the product will do it’s job.

As its good enough for the US Army, it should do the job for you too!

2 Lenses Included. Replacement lens make it more great for anyone looking for either option for sunny days or any other day!

Check Price in Amazon


  • Genuine Government Issue Goggles.
  • Includes 2 Lenses (1 Clear and 1 Neutral Grey).
  • Easily interchangeable lenses.
  • Protect your eyes from sun wind dust.
  • Made in the USA. ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate Certified.


  • Super comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable size headband to fit most heads. One size fits most.
  • The lenses are very bendy and so are the frames.

US military issue (as of 1944) “Sun wind and dust goggles” manufactured by Mining Safety Appliances out of Pittsburgh. These goggles are basically identical to the M1944 goggles except they are made by MSA instead of Polaroid.

MSA makes gas masks for the US Military among others so the quality is quite good.

To clarify, these goggles are advertised as “US military type” but these are not current issue. The M1944 type was phased out in the 1990s.

Best Airsoft Goggles Buying Guide

Contemporary airsoft gear marketplace offers a wide range of eye protection equipment—gear fine-tuned for this niche after a lot of research and consumer feedback. This helps you with lots of options but it also creates one challenge—the options are so confusing that making the right pick can be very challenging. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right goggles can be tricky sometimes. Every airsoft enthusiast should invest in protective gear and goggles should be at the top of the list as most injuries happen. This article here covers some of the best goggles for airsoft in the market right now, ranging from amateur to lightweight and high-tech goggles. There are a few things we recommend you to consider before buying an airsoft goggle.

Vision Protection

Protecting your glasses underneath is the most important aspect of choosing airsoft goggles. In order to play well, you need to play with confidence, full vision and the assurance that your expensive glasses are safe.

While metal can protect against airsoft BBs, a point-blank shot may cause the mesh to shatter, putting your glasses (and your eyes) in danger! Despite the danger, some airsoft player still likes metal mesh for its breathability.

This is why anti-fogging and ventilation system are so important to plastic airsoft goggles and facemasks.


A poorly ventilated mask will result in foggy goggles, shortness of breath, unwanted sweating and finally effecting your gameplay by all these problems. Airsoft goggles fogging is one of the most common problems among plastic airsoft goggles with few breathing holes in them.

The only solution to this ventilation problem is to buy goggles with anti-fog measures or ventilation. If you’re looking for a full mask to protect your face, as well as your glasses, you should go for a mask with powered fans.

Not only does this ensure that you can breathe well, but it also helps to counteract fogging and providing top-notch ventilation.


One of the biggest misconception people make leading to the purchase of ineffective airsoft goggles is to neglect about the straps. The straps of your goggles are very important because this is the part that keeps the goggles fit on your face! A quality pair of airsoft goggles should have adjustable straps. This allows you to adjust them according to the size of your head and accommodate your glasses.

The material used in the straps is also important. Some airsoft goggles have elastic straps. These are useful because they help to ensure a firm and secure fit with minimal movement. The disadvantage of elastic straps is that they have more of a tendency to wear out and break. The alternative to elastic straps can be straps made of a material similar to the seatbelt in our car. These straps may not provide the same flexibility as elastic straps, but some airsoft players prefer this, as it puts less pressure on their bodies.

Tight elastic straps can cause headaches. If you find goggles with good and durable elastic straps, we recommend you to go for them instead of anything else.

How to prevent airsoft goggles from fogging? (Video)

Having fogged glasses is a common and at the same time very uncomfortable situation, which also, in some circumstances, can pose a risk. Every person who wears glasses has suffered it on some occasion, and for this reason we want to explain how to stop fogging the glasses.
Condensation occurs when hot, humid air comes in contact with a coolsmooth surface, such as the lens of glasses. That contact causes the hot air to drop in temperature and the humidity to become microdroplets of water, causing the glasses to fog.

This phenomenon occurs in everyday situations such as opening the dishwasher or oven, uncovering a pot, taking a steaming meal or drink, going from a cold to a warmer environment, or playing sports, when the breath air comes in contact with the lenses of the glasses.

Stop airsoft goggles from fogging in 5 stesps

Today I counted a “trick” to avoid invidious position of the fogging of glasses of protection of airsoft and enjoy a game of airsoft without having to go to the  respawn  to cleanse glasses so often.

The secret: dishwasher  , a product that we can have at home or buy it without a high cost.

  1. Clean the lens of the airsoft glasses well with soap and water
  2. With one finger put dishwasher on the lens
  3. Let it dry for 15 minutes
  4. Clean the lens without using water, if they are very dirty you can use a wet piece of clothing to finish cleaning the glasses
  5. Enjoy airsoft without fogging

Other alternatives to avoid fogging of airsoft glasses

  • Use toothpaste
  • Shaving foam. Being very clean and dry (important) it gets very little (more important) and rubs until it disappears completely (fundamental).
  • anti-fog spray
  • Pinlock, the system used in motorcycle helmets
  • Pass a potato slice through the lens

One of the most widespread methods to prevent fogging in sports glasses is to apply toothpaste to the lenses, let them rest and then rinse them with water. This trick, in addition to being quite uncomfortable – and sticky – to perform, can cause itchy eyes if you do not properly clean the remains of toothpaste. It is quite easy for the paste to be embedded in the frame or rods; Plus, you increase the chance that your lenses will get scratched by constantly repeating this application and rinsing procedure … How easy it is to use a cleaning liquid if it gets dirty!


When it comes to personal safety, it’s always worth doing your research and spending the money and it’s something you should never compromise about.

One of the major safety concern with Airsoft involves the eyes. Thousands of dollars’ worth airsoft guns can’t save your face from getting shot at. Every Airsoft player knows that wearing a protective set of goggles is a must for the safeguard of their eyes. At the same time, almost every Airsoft player is also aware of the fact that goggles can fog up very quickly in a natural way and can broadly influence your ability to see the playing field. For this very reason, ballistic-rated safety goggles are an important piece of equipment when playing Airsoft.

When it comes to airsoft goggles, there are lots of durable and comfortable choice can be found at an affordable price, there will always be a difference of opinions and more contenders as there is a huge competitive market out there, but we have tried our best to pick the best airsoft goggles for you.

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