5 Best Airsoft Goggles 2020

Last updated on March 17, 2020

Best airsoft goggles are the best way to ensure security in the field of airsoft. It is very fun and engaging sport and a very good way of how lots of people like to get some exercise while hanging out with friends and family.

For others, like police officers and military personnel, Airsoft is often used as a very handy training tool. You may have the best equipments available, but you’re of no use if you don’t have the best airsoft goggles to provide you the best vision.

Bestseller No. 1
XAegis Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Goggles Anti Fog Military Eyewear with 3 Interchangable Lens for Paintball Riding Shooting Hunting Cycling - Black
  • Interchangeable lenses: 3 Color Lenses - Yellow & Smoke and Clear , rapid and tool-less lens change. The lens options make them great for any type of light in most circumstance and weather
  • Soft and comfortable hypo-allergenic rubber portion to sit well on your face, with a vented design to allow air flow
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens with anti-fog coating provides 99% UVA/UVB protection.Full Seal Wrap-around Lens gives full side vision and maximum protection
  • Includes a carry bag with spare lens. Adjustable head band keeps your goggles tight. Cloth sleeve protects your lens and the back of your head

Best Airsoft Goggles

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles – Best mesh airsoft gogglesCheck Price
Dye Precision I4 Thermal Airsoft Goggles – Best anti fog airsoft gogglesCheck Price
Pyramex I-Force Sporty Goggles – Best cheap airsoft gogglesCheck Price
Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic – Best low profile airsoft gogglesCheck Price
ESS Profile TurboFan Airsoft Goggles – Best airsoft goggles with fanCheck Price

To help below is a list of our top 5 best airsoft goggles. Across the board, these goggles are ballistic-rated and protect against the harmful rays of the sun. They each also have their own unique features that set them apart.

Airsoft goggles that don’t fog?

1. Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles – Best mesh airsoft goggles

Designed specifically for airsoft use, these wide and affordable goggles are perfect for those uses glasses. The Lancer Tactical goggles have a good ventilation system to keep BB’s out and prevent the airsoft goggles from being foggy. It will offer you long lasting comfort, complete protection for your eyes, and crystal clear vision.

The adjustable straps will fit both newbies and old pros, and even eyeglasses with larger frames can be worn underneath with utmost comfort. The best way to address this is by wearing a mesh mask underneath. The goggles are fully sealed with a foam liner that both blocks out debris and causes them to fit like a glove around your eyes.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles – Best mesh airsoft goggles
Check Price in Amazon

They’re made from a polycarbonate lens attached to a polyurethane frame, and the padded inserts and vents ensure comfort and insulation. You will also benefit from a large field of view, allowing for excellent vision in the field. A carrying pouch could also come in handy, which happens to be a nice perk included.


  • Protects against harmful UVA/UVB/UVC and HEV radiation
  • Four vented panels maintain breathability and cooling ventilation
  • Eye Protection fits snug and secure forming a protective shield around your eyes
  • Best tactical goggles


Q: Does it have ventilation system?
A: Yes, it has.

Q: Can we use it for paintball too?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does it have any kind of carrying pouch?
A: Yes, it has.

Q: Will it fit on a comparatively bigger face?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: Is it an upgrade of the previous tactical?
A: More of a design upgrade it is.


  • Foam covered breathing vents
  • Molded inner liner adding comfort
  • Adjustable headband and lens protector sleeve
  • 3 inclusive interchangeable lenses


  • Minimal fogging may occur
  • Frame may cause discomfort around bridge of nose
  • Lack of protection to the mouth area

The lenses are also impact resistant and the user will have 3 lenses to choose from as they play airsoft. Overall, one of the best airsoft goggles and a great value choice.

2. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Airsoft Goggles – Best anti fog airsoft goggles

For serious airsoft players, serious high-impact certified goggles are a must. You only get one pair of eyes, and protecting them thoroughly should be of utmost importance. This Dye goggles can double as paintball and airsoft goggles, all the while you will look like you just popped out of the Halo game.

The Dye Precision I4 mask offers full face protection and unmatched peripheral vision. It’s marketed as a paintball mask, but is well-suited for airsoft, and proves a very comfortable fit over any style of eyeglasses.

When you’re wearing these goggles over your eyeglasses, the vent layout keep them totally clear, but they’re also multi-directional, making communication with your teammates easier by carrying your voice farther (also known as scream venting). The low visor profile fits well under helmets and the lens (interchangeable) has a true anti-fog coating.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Best anti fog airsoft goggles
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If you are looking for best airsoft goggles for glasses that offer an anatomic fit, superb eye protection, and airsoft goggles with a mask you may have hit the jackpot. This minimal design lets you get closer to your optic, and doesn’t block your vision when looking through the top of your lens, so you can still see down the rail of your AEG.


  • Anatomic Fit & Function
  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lenses – best anti fog goggles
  • Compression Formed Earpiece
  • Horizontal Peripheral Vision
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Scream Multi-Directional Venting
  • Tiger Teeth Retention System


Q: Can you wear glasses under this?
A: Yes you can.

Q: How wide are the straps?
A: They are one and a half inch wide.

Q: Does it come with a clear lens?
A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Does it come with a HDR lens?
A: No, it doesn’t

Q: Can you put a deflector plate on top of the mask?
A: Yes, you can.


  • 25 color schemes available
  • Rapid lens change
  • Scream venting system makes you voice carry
  • Tiger Teeth strap retention
  • Airtight anti-fog goggles


  • The price
  • The inability to get a good cheek weld to aim down sight

There are so many things to like about this full-face airsoft mask that it is hard to even list them all.

Check best anti fog safety glasses.

3. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Goggles – Best cheap airsoft goggles

The Pyramex I-Force goggles comes with a very light, sporty design aesthetics that automatically get rid of a lot of the bulkiness that are commonly seen on Airsoft goggles. The Pyramex also comes attached with an elastic strap so that it can fit comfortably around anyone’s head without any hassle. But the main reason why this goggle is anti-fog is for different reasons. Part of it is the dual pane lenses that removes the difference between the temperatures of the inside and the outside of the goggles.

Another reason is the ventilation system allows a maximum amount of airflow into the goggles but does that also by without having any holes large enough for the possibility of an Airsoft BB being shot through them to damage your eyes. Finally, the high quality polycarbonate materials were used for the outside construction of the lenses to save the goggles against the environment, while the inside part of the lenses is designed out of acetate that further prevents fogging.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Best cheap airsoft goggles
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Equipped with a heavy-duty durable frame, this goggle rocks an extended side shield that protects the eyes from any kind of impact hits from pellets, and the vented foam carriage prevents the lenses from fogging. The fully adjustable elastic strap provides a comfortable fit and ensures quick release.


  • 4 lens tint options
  • Passed MIL-PRF 32432 High Velocity Impact Standards
  • Provides 99% UVA/B/C protection
  • Best airsoft goggles that don’t fog
  • Quick Release interchangeable temples and an elastic strap
  • Indirect vented foam carriage provides maximum dust protection
  • Sufficient airflow outlet for heat


Question: Are these glasses “anti-sweat”?
A: Yes, they are

Q: Will they fit over prescribed glasses?
A: No, they don’t

Q: Do they work for wood dust?
A: Yes they do

Q: Are the lenses replicable?
A: No, they aren’t

Q: Are the lenses shatterproof?
A: Yes they are


  • A thermal system that provides anti-fog protection
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Easily withstand direct bb hits
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Do not always keep dust out


  • The lenses sometime do cause a bit of star bursting on point light sources
  • Not so ideal for bigger heads

They will be your best airsoft goggles that don’t fog in airsoft game, that’s one thing for sure.

4. Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic – Best low profile airsoft goggles

Revision Eyewear Desert Locust Goggles Basic Kit is the ultimate choice when it comes to protective eyewear for airsoft use. With the Desert Locust Goggle, Revision Eyewear comes with their unmatched ability to protect player’s eyes with an optically-correct, high-impact interchangeable goggle lenses.

These goggles are designed to be effective in all-weather situations, even the worst! They also provide top-notch comfort, durability and fog resistant while using these airsoft lenses. You could even have prescription glasses placed in these goggles, making these one of the best choice for airsoft goggles for glasses wearers in airsoft market. This kit comes with the goggle frame with a yellow high-contrast lens and an anti-reflective sleeve that increases the versatility of its use.

With the maximum wide field of view range offered and a high grade of optic scratch-proof lenses, these lenses are a match with the best airsoft goggles for fogging. Revision goggle lenses are optically correct, designed to maximize field of view and provide the best visual clarity, and provide 100% UV protection. With a dual-pane thermal lens and the OcuMax coating, you should get a long life out of these. Shooting an airsoft gun at them shouldn’t leave a mark! Most users will love this full seal, anti-fog goggle.

Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic – Best low profile airsoft goggles
Check Price in Amazon

Without quality eyewear, you can forget about competing in regulated airsoft matches and tournaments. Choosing highly rated, certified goggles is essential, and these goggles from Revision are among the best airsoft goggles if not the best on the market right now.


  • Auto lens adjustment
  • Provides one of the widest field of view
  • Distortion-free vision
  • Very durable best airsoft goggles for glasses wearers
  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.
  • Low profile design ensures compatibility with airsoft helmet
  • Filtration media prevents small particle entry


Q: Is it compatible on helmets?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Is the lens scratchproof?
A: Yes it is

Q: Will it fit on prescribed glass?
A: Yes, it will

Q: Does it have a fan for anti-fogging?
A: No it doesn’t

Q: Does it have any real carrying pouch?
A: Yes it comes with a carrying pouch


  • Dual-pane thermal lens
  • OcuMax coating to prevent fogging and scratches
  • Comfort foam seals your eyes from the elements
  • Compatible with Rx lens


  • Bulky goggle design may not fit small framed faces
  • No so good at preventing fogging

The light weight and comfortable fit make the Revision Desert Locust Tactical the best airsoft goggles for extended missions or tactical use.

5. ESS Profile TurboFan Airsoft Goggles – Best airsoft goggles with fan

Used by U.S. Special Forces and military personnel for training, the high-end ESS Turbofan help prevents fogging by the help of a two-setting, battery-powered fan housed into the large-profile goggle. They have water resistant coating and have a 2.8-millimeter thick eye protection panel in order to provide maximum impact protection against any kind of hit or damage.

It offers the best view available for keeping your vision clear during situations where the temperature can be high. With a built-in high quality fan that literally blows humidity out of the goggle, makes it technologically more effective at dramatically preventing lens fogging. They’re the only goggles certified by the US Army for use over prescription eyewear, making them more than suitable to use as OTG airsoft dual lens goggles. Like other picks in the list, they also have good ventilation, and “ClearZone” lens coatings to keep from fogging. While this goggles are designed to fit over most sizes of glasses, any glasses wider than 5.5″ across might cause the arms to press into your temples, so measure the glasses you plan to wear underneath.

ESS Profile TurboFan Airsoft Googles – Best airsoft goggles with fan
Check Price in Amazon

Utilizing a PowerPod battery and control system, everything you need to operate the fan can be found on the side of the headband. The small PowerPod contains one AA battery and features a push button control to use the fan at both of its speeds. At its highest speed, the fan is hits a RPM of 13,000 – quite the number for something that is supposed to stay so close to one’s eyes. However, the build quality in these goggles is simply outstanding, and they are well worth their $180 dollar price point.


  • Clear and Smoke Grey Lens with best airsoft eye protection
  • 100% UVA/UVB filtration
  • Push Button Operation
  • Best airsoft goggles with fan
  • Fan for 150 hours on a single AA battery
  • Low-profile, night-vision-compatible frame with a wide field of view
  • Anti-microbial OpFoam face padding
  • Patented Outriggers position strap for optimal helmet compatibility
  • Interchangeable 2.8mm high-impact Polycarbonate lenses
  • Rx Inserts available (U-Rx)


Q: Do these fit with glasses on?
A: No, it doesn’t

Q: Will the fan pulls dust in?
A: No, it doesn’t

Q: Where is the fan control?
A: On the side of the goggle

Q: Is that fan loud?
A: Not at all

Q: Can anyone verify the exact colour?
A: Yes, the colour is tan


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 2 speed Turbofan
  • Water resistant casing
  • ClearZone Flowcoat lens limits abrasion and fog
  • Distortion-free optics
  • Can hold prescription inserts
  • Replacement lenses available


  • Battery pack on headband limits ability to wear helmets
  • “High” fan setting can be noisy
  • Extremely high price point

Regardless of the price point, this is the best airsoft goggles with fan in our list.

Buying Guide

Contemporary airsoft gear marketplace offers a wide range of eye protection equipment—gear fine-tuned for this niche after a lot of research and consumer feedback. This helps you with lots of options but it also creates one challenge—the options are so confusing that making the right pick can be very challenging. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right goggles can be tricky sometimes. Every airsoft enthusiast should invest in protective gear and goggles should be at the top of the list as most injuries happen. This article here covers some of the best goggles for airsoft in the market right now, ranging from amateur to lightweight and high-tech goggles. There are a few things we recommend you to consider before buying an airsoft goggle.

Vision Protection

Protecting your glasses underneath is the most important aspect of choosing airsoft goggles. In order to play well, you need to play with confidence, full vision and the assurance that your expensive glasses are safe.

While metal can protect against airsoft BBs, a point-blank shot may cause the mesh to shatter, putting your glasses (and your eyes) in danger! Despite the danger, some airsoft player still likes metal mesh for its breathability.

This is why anti-fogging and ventilation system are so important to plastic airsoft goggles and facemasks.


A poorly ventilated mask will result in foggy goggles, shortness of breath, unwanted sweating and finally effecting your gameplay by all these problems. Airsoft goggles fogging is one of the most common problems among plastic airsoft goggles with few breathing holes in them.

The only solution to this ventilation problem is to buy goggles with anti-fog measures or ventilation. If you’re looking for a full mask to protect your face, as well as your glasses, you should go for a mask with powered fans.

Not only does this ensure that you can breathe well, but it also helps to counteract fogging and providing top-notch ventilation.


One of the biggest misconception people make leading to the purchase of ineffective airsoft goggles is to neglect about the straps. The straps of your goggles are very important because this is the part that keeps the goggles fit on your face! A quality pair of airsoft goggles should have adjustable straps. This allows you to adjust them according to the size of your head and accommodate your glasses.

The material used in the straps is also important. Some airsoft goggles have elastic straps. These are useful because they help to ensure a firm and secure fit with minimal movement. The disadvantage of elastic straps is that they have more of a tendency to wear out and break. The alternative to elastic straps can be straps made of a material similar to the seatbelt in our car. These straps may not provide the same flexibility as elastic straps, but some airsoft players prefer this, as it puts less pressure on their bodies.

Tight elastic straps can cause headaches. If you find goggles with good and durable elastic straps, we recommend you to go for them instead of anything else.


When it comes to personal safety, it’s always worth doing your research and spending the money and it’s something you should never compromise about.

One of the major safety concern with Airsoft involves the eyes. Thousands of dollars’ worth airsoft guns can’t save your face from getting shot at. Every Airsoft player knows that wearing a protective set of goggles is a must for the safeguard of their eyes. At the same time, almost every Airsoft player is also aware of the fact that goggles can fog up very quickly in a natural way and can broadly influence your ability to see the playing field. For this very reason, ballistic-rated safety goggles are an important piece of equipment when playing Airsoft.

When it comes to airsoft goggles, there are lots of durable and comfortable choice can be found at an affordable price, there will always be a difference of opinions and more contenders as there is a huge competitive market out there, but we have tried our best to pick the best airsoft goggles for you.

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