Best Airsoft Guns Under 100 dollar 2019

Last updated on June 12, 2019

A certain number of team players are making a trend of using the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars besides the paintball guns.

Airsoft is achieving popularity day by day and it’s being another extreme exciting game. We realized we should do something to help the buyers who are willing to get involved in this exciting game and looking for the best airsoft guns according to their budget and needs by making good buyers guide with a list of top airsoft gun reviews.

There is a very good number of diversity of various models of airsoft guns as options, from less costly plastic guns to high-priced full metal airsoft guns which give you an extremely realistic feel. We aim to help you to find the most perfect gun which suits you most, from doing fun target practice to more sharp simulation games for more serious players.

We have the experience to handle with several numbers of various models and we are eager to share our thoughts about those airsoft guns below. By this, you’ll be able to avoid the low quality knock-offs that will break within a short time and you’ll know that you are spending your dollars in a quality gun.

1. COLT M4 Full Auto – Best airsoft guns under 100

At this moment, Colt M4 is one of the models of airsoft guns I like most. I’ve played with the gun for a few months. It’s made of metal and plastic. It is a very good gun to play with a high capacity magazine.

Soft Air COLT CQBR-RIS Automatic Electric Best Airsoft Guns Under 100
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  • The replica is officially licensed by Colt.
  • The receiver is made of durable plastic.
  • Contains a high capacity magazine.
  • Shoots at a speed of 395 FPS
  • Works best with 0.20G BBs.
  • Gears and the gearbox are made of metal.


  • High power airsoft gun.
  • The high capacity magazine gives you an extended time to play.
  • Made of long lasting materials.
  • Very accurate.
  • Price worthy.


  • The gun may misfire if it’s not lubricated well.


Question: Can the stock be adjusted?
Answer: Yes, it can be adjusted.

Question: Does it come with a battery or a charger?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a 8.4 volt battery and a charger.

Question: How long does the charge of the last?
Answer: The charge of the battery lasts almost two hours. We recommend you to purchase a 9.6 volt battery for a better performance.

So, if you are looking for a long lasting and well designed airsoft gun which gives a realistic feel, this one is for you. Its performance will undoubtedly going to impress you!

2. FN Soft Air Scar – Best airsoft guns under $50

Soft Air FN SCAR is one of the least expensive airsoft guns. It has two versions. One is semi/full auto electric and another is spring loaded. The spring loaded version is less costly than the electric one.

FN Soft Air Scar - Best airsoft guns under $50
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  • Shoots at a speed of 260 FPS with 0.20g BBs.
  • The stock with front foregrip can be folded and extended.
  • Includes front slight and rear flip up sight.
  • The magazine can contain 200 BBs at once.
  • The package includes a battery and a charger.


  • Compact design.
  • Made of durable plastic and polymer.
  • Good FPS considering the price.
  • Pretty good accuracy.
  • Good looking.
  • Removable classic folding iron sights.
  • Decent power.


Lower accuracy than most other guns in the list.
The vertical grip in front side is wonky a bit.


Question: Does the package include a scope?
Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: What size of BBs suit it most?
Answer: Usually 0.20g BBs suit most with it.

Question: Does a M4 magazine fit with it?
Answer: Yes, it does.

If you are a newly involved player in the game or searching for a cheap but good quality airsoft rifle, then Soft Air FN SCAR will be a wise choice. In my opinion, this is the best airsoft gun for beginners. Grab it and surely you’ll love it!

3. Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit

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4. Glock Gen 3 G19 .177 Caliber Steel Bb Pistol – Best airsoft pistol under 100

Glock Gen 3 G19 .177 Caliber Steel Bb Best airsoft pistol under 100
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Soft Air Thompson M1A1 AEG – Best full metal airsoft guns

The Realistic Thompson Replica Gun. Soft Air WW2 Thompson M1A1 Metal Replica was specially made for WW2 lovers. You’ll not get a better option than this, if you are a WW2 scenario games lover. This full metal replica gives you a realistic feel and the wood accents are EXCELLENT in a word!

best airsoft guns
Best airsoft guns
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  • Laser Carved Thompson and property of US Army trademarks and serial numbers made the gun ultimately realistic.
  • Gears are made of steel and the gearbox is made of metal.
  • Hop-Up can be adjusted and can be set in two different modes: full automatic or semi automatic.
  • Includes a stick shaped magazine which can contain 380 rounds.
  • There is tactical sling included in the gun.
  • An 8.4 volt battery and a charger is included.
  • Can shoot up to 380-400 FPS with a 0.20g BB, and 14 Rounds Per Second.


  • Premium quality wood grain finishing.
  • High capacity magazine.
  • Adjustable hop-up.
  • Shoots at a high speed.
  • Impressive accuracy at both short and long ranges.


  • May show lacklustre performance with lightweight BBs.
  • The battery may be damaged if it’s kept empty charge.
  • The charging handle may break down if it’s not handled carefully.


Question: Is the wood real?
Answer: No, it’s made of durable plastic.

Question: Where is the battery located?
Answer: The battery is located in the stock of the gun which is also known as butt.

The Soft Air WW2 Thompson M1A1 Metal Replica is going to cut a good number of dollars from your wallet. But if you are okay with this price and want to experience a premium feel of realistic WW2 airsoft guns, then I HIGHLY recommend you to go for this one.

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 – Best airsoft gun for professionals

ASG manufactured CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 airsoft gun as one of the best airsoft guns which is also invented and developed them. The gun lets a player to have an experience of the real EVO 3 as much as possible. Evo 3 airsoft gun stops shooting when its magazine runs out of BBs. The internal parts of the gun is well built with some extra stuffs that allow some advanced functions.

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Airsoft Gun
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  • Velocity of the gun can be changes easily.
  • Energy of the gun is 1.4 joule.
  • There’s a 4-position fire selector with genuine 3-shot burst in the gun.
  • Uniquely designed gearbox.
  • Has an empty magazine detector by which the gun stops automatically when the magazine runs out of pellets.
  • It has some parts which are CNC machined.
  • Shoots at 385 FPS.


  • 3 shot burst fire option.
  • Allows you to shoot at a high speed.
  • Unique design.
  • Detachable stock.
  • Perfect balance of weight.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A suppressor or a tracer can be set easily.
  • Very quiet.


  • Doesn’t come with a battery or a charger.
  • Expensive.
  • Not perfect for kids or beginners because it’s made of complex electronic parts.
  • The magazine is a low capacity magazine. Replacing it with a high capacity magazine is recommended.


Question: From where can I purchase the spring of the gun?
Answer: Almost every pro-shops sell them.

Question: Which BB size works best with the gun?
Answer: I recommend 0.25g BBs.

Question: What battery and charger should I use?
Answer: Usually people use 7.4 volt Lithium polymer battery but you can also use a 11.1 volt Lithium polymer battery for long lasting performance. And a lithium polymer battery charger as well.

The ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Airsoft Gun is a well manufactured gun with high quality materials. The gun may seem a bit expensive, but it’s worth its price. If you are a professional player and looking for a good airsoft gun for hard competitions, The ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Airsoft Gun is the way to go!

BBTac BT-6805a Mini AK47 – Best CQB airsoft guns

Airsoft players who love indoors playing, BBTac BT-6805a Mini AK47 is a perfect choice for them. Why? Because this is a smaller replica of the compact version of the AK47, which is known as AK74u and is used in Russian special forces. The main distinction is in size.

BBTac BT-6805a AK47 Beta 6805 Fully Automatic Machine CQB Airsoft Electric Gun
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  • Metal made electric airsoft gun.
  • The rail interface system is flat.
  • The grip of the pistol is rubberized.
  • Metal made magazine wich contains 250 rounds of BBs.
  • The gun is made as CQB style.


  • High accuracy level.
  • Smooth design.
  • Good balance of weight.
  • Rubberized grip helps to hold the gun more comfortably.


  • Might cause stuck issues if not managed well.


Question: Does the package include a battery and a charger?
Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: What is the weight of the gun?
Answer: The gun weighs 7.65 pounds.

BBTac BT-6805a Mini AK47 is perfect for those who are CQB fans or who are willing to take a small but efficient gun. As it is tiny in size, it’s easy to move and shoot. Newbies can also try it as an entrance to the game!

Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG – Best rated airsoft guns

Thompson is one of the less known guns in American history. But the replica “Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun” which is replicated by Soft Air is an AWESOME addition in the list of the best airsoft guns. It works well BOTH in short and long ranges.

Soft Air Thompson M1A1 AEG
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  • Can shoot at a velocity of 426 FPS.
  • Body is fully made of metal.
  • Works well with both 0.12g and 0.20g BBs.


  • High accuracy.
  • High FPS.
  • Adjustable sight.
  • Stylish design.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Drum magazine can be a matter of distress if it’s not lubricated well.


Question: How long does the charge of the battery last?
Answer: It’s expected that almost 600 BBs can be fired before the battery’s going to slow down.

Question: Does the gun comes with a battery and charger?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a battery and a charger.

The Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun is going to be the perfect choice for you if you are searching for a close-quartar gun that works well both in short and long distances. Although it’s heavier when comparing with other airsoft guns in the market, but it will give you a good feedback if you can make a good use of it.

Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 – Best airsoft pistol under 100

Imagine, you are playing airsoft games in the close quarters and unexpectedly your primary gun is going to have a problem. At this time, if you have a secondary gun with some good features and impressive performance, it will be easy to come to an end of the game successfully. The Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol gets perfectly the place for that secondary gun.

Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol
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  • 6mm airsoft pistol with blowback feature.
  • Semi-automatic system.
  • The full body of the gun is made of metal with a comfortable hand grip.
  • Shoots at a speed of 344 FPS while using 0.20g BBs.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Smart design.
  • Great balance of weight.
  • High power gun.
  • Blowback feature made it a fun to shoot with the gun.


  • Uses more CO2.
  • It’s tough a bit to load.


Question: How many rounds of BBs can be shoot before changing CO2 again?
Answer: About three mags or almost fifty shoots.

Question: Are the gripes removable? Can they be replaced with the real one?
Answer: Yes, the grips are removable and can be replaced with the real one.

We highly recommend the Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol to those who loves to keep a secondary pistol with them as a backup while playing with a primary one. The realistic feel will give you a very good experience.

Taking a deeper look — what is an airsoft gun?

Usually, the replica form of real weapons that discharge non-metallic round shaped projectiles as the real weapons do are called airsoft guns. The main reason of its being so popular is that they are similar to the original steel weapons. While you are comparing the cheaper airsoft guns with the real ones, you may get the differences. But, whenever you go for the expensive airsoft guns, it will be tough to differentiate between the replica and the real ones. Sometimes, the higher quality airsoft gun manufacturers take license from the original gun manufacturers for replicating the guns mechanism.

Similar to the real armaments, airsoft guns have various shapes and sizes. You can choose what to buy: the long ranged snipers or the modified handguns!

Variety of airsoft guns:

As we said before, the airsoft guns have various shapes and sizes. Disregarding your playing style, range or expertness, it can be said that there is a gun which fits with your choice most. Usually, Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) are mostly used in typical airsoft fields. It’s known to us that a real assault rifle fires off multiple rounds by a single pull in the trigger. An airsoft works in the same way an assault rifle does. In an airsoft rifle, there’s a gearbox system which lets the gun to fire off a certain number of BBs with only one pull in the trigger.

Usually, AEGs have three firing options. They are: single fire, burst fire and automatic fire. There’s a few number of airsoft guns which are fully automatic. In that guns, the BBs are fired in a fast circle and the mechanism is continually engaged by the motor in the gearbox.

There is another type of airsoft guns which is operated by gas. Some of the gas powered guns supposed to be the real guns, as they have blowback system. Almost all highly serious players uses an AEG as a major gun and a gas powered airsoft gun as the minor gun.

There’s one more type of airsoft guns, which is less used and known as spring powered guns. These are less powerful in comparison with the AEGs or gas-powerd guns. Professionals use spring powered guns rarely. These are less expensive and needs to reset the gun manually after every shot.

Why you should choose a high-quality airsoft gun?

You may choose a cheap airsoft gun if you want to spend less dollars on it. It’s going to save some dollars from your pocket as the BBs of these guns are also cheap. Those cheaper BBs are light in weight and also made from lightweight materials. These may go out of your firing path due to wind or distance.

You can perform a game with a low quality gun but that can’t ensure your win in the battle. Because, besides your skill, your guns features and ability mostly determines your chances to to win or lose a battle. That’s why you should go for a gun that is high speedy, highly accurate and ensures jam-less shooting. You may save some money by choosing a cheap gun but in the long run, your performance in the battle will certainly be unsatisfying.

Who makes the best airsoft guns? Best airsoft brands.


You should look at the features of the gun you are desiring to buy. Features will determine which gun is going to be the best airsoft gun for you. If the features match with your choice, then you should purchase a gun.


FPS means feet per second which is one of the basic features that you should consider while buying an airsoft gun. It determines your guns shooting speed. If your projectiles speed is slower, your chances to win the game is lower. The more higher FPS of a gun means the gun is more accurate. FPS of guns is limited at a certain level to avoid unexpected injuries to the players.


The chances of your winning in any airsoft game is mostly determined by the accuracy level of your airsoft gun. FPS and accuracy are complements. In almost every case, the faster a gun shoots, the more accuracy it will have. There are also some more factors to make a perfect shot, such as distance, windage, ballistic drop etc. Sights are also an important factor. Remember to have a look on your next gun’s sights if they are adjustable or not. Sights are very useful to keep your BBs on target.

Airsoft battles take place in a shorter range than the real firefights. So sights aren’t that much important. Having a gun with high accuracy is more important because you get a very short time to shoot. The inner barrel length of your gun also plays a vital role to determine your guns accuracy. A longer inner barrel means your gun is more accurate and a shorter barrel means the gun is less accurate.

Metal Gears

Which gearbox should you choice? It’s obvious that a plastic gearbox will last for a short time. But on the contrast, a metal gearbox is durable and lasts more than a plastic one. Even if the least costly metal gearbox of the market lasts more than any plastic gearbox.

Gun Type

What type of gun you go for is the most important thing while you buy an airsoft gun. It’s totally dependent on your playing environment. If you play in the forest area, you should go for snipers, DMRs or long range rifles. Usually rifles are used to shoot at a higher FPS, but their fire rate is not so high. In long range battles, the result is determined by accuracy, not the quantity of BBs.

On the contrast, in indoor airsoft games, weapons with shorter barrels, grips and stocks suit most. SMGs are smaller than rifles, that’s why these guns perform best in indoors. They have high firing rate but low accuracy in higher ranges. These guns works best in 30 feet range.

Rail systems and accessories

The guns that have rail system are one of the best airsoft gun types. Having a rail system in your gun means you are able to attach many extra parts such as optics, flashlights, grips etc. in your gun. You can do far better in the game if you have a gun with rail systems and accessories.

The Final Words

We’re expecting that we’ve tried our best to help you with a list of reviews of the best airsoft guns available in the market. We hope that this guide will help you to make a perfect decision on which airsoft gun suits you most. Just keep your passion and style in mind while playing. Happy firing!

Quick disclaimer: Almost every model of airsoft guns are mostly designed as the real armours, and while many of those guns have the safety stripe on the barrel which is not always evident. Make sure you are taking care while you are transporting your weapons. Because it’s very easy to misunderstand these guns with the real guns. As the BBs of these airsoft guns are smaller in size and have a high velocity, it’s very important to wear a mask and goggles for the safety of the eyes.

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