Best Airsoft Guns Under 100 dollar 2020

Last updated on March 18, 2020

A good airsoft gun could be the deciding factor between winning and losing, especially if you’re facing an opponent who has the same skill set you have.

Airsoft guns are usually replica weapons, the only difference here is that it propel non-metallic projectiles while real firearms fire discharges real bullet.

The coolest thing about airsoft guns is that they resemble their real steel counterparts.

There are literally hundreds of different manufacturers offering different sets of benefits at different price points. Even only 100 dollars can get you a decent gun to start with.

Bestseller No. 1
Denix M1861 Navy Issue Brass Revolver - Non-Firing Replica
  • During the Civil War, the Union Army purchased almost 130,000 pieces
  • The gun was a .44 caliber, six shot, front-loader that took linen or paper cartridges
  • This non-firing replica has the handling characteristics of the original
  • Overall Length: 14 5/8"; weight - 2lbs 8oz; Barrel Length 7 3/4-inch

Best Airsoft Guns

FN Soft Air Scar Rifle – Best Airsoft Gun for BeginnersCheck Price
Lancer Tactical Gen2 Airsoft Rifle – Best Budget Airsoft GunCheck Price
UKARMS Lancer Tactical M4 Airsoft Rifle – Best Rated Airsoft GunsCheck Price
COLT CQBR-RIS Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun – Best CQB Airsoft GunsCheck Price
Double Eagle Pump Action Spring Powered Shotgun – Best Tri Shot Airsoft ShotgunCheck Price
Evike – CYMA Polymer M870 – Best Shell Ejecting Airsoft ShotgunCheck Price
UTG Multi-Shot Tactical Shotgun – Best Triple Barrel Airsoft ShotgunCheck Price

As airsoft lovers ourselves, we’re here to give you the information to make these decisions easier.

We’ll go over some of the best airsoft guns under 100 bucks to help you make an informed decision on which airsoft gear is best for you.

1. FN Soft Air Scar Rifle – Best Airsoft Gun for Beginners

Our first pick here is this amazing battery powered airsoft gun built after the famous FN SCAR-L Assault Rifle.

This fully automatic SCAR style airsoft rifle comes complete with authentic FN Herstal trademarks and is packed with features.  The gun can shoot at 300 FPS with 0.12g and discharges BBs out for as long as you hold the trigger.

The body of this rifle is constructed with a polymer lower receiver and a collapsible butt-stock that also folds, providing more stability while firing.

A tactical foregrip is attached to the front rail which makes the recoil control easier making it one of the best airsoft guns for beginners and a full rail system is built into the front of the gun which allows the player to add accessories such as laser sights and flashlights if desired. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best airsoft guns under 50 bucks.

best airsoft guns under 50
Check Price in Amazon


  • 200 round BB hoper ammo capacity
  • Extendable and foldable stock
  • Flip-up sights
  • 260 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Tactical grip


  • Fully automatic
  • Electric powered
  • Lightweight
  • Fire selector switch
  • Battery and charger included


  • You might get it hard to find a battery replacement
  • Sometimes ammo may fall out of the clip

If you’re here looking for one of the best cheap airsoft guns made today, this bad boy here definitely deserves a closer look.

2. Lancer Tactical Gen2 Airsoft Rifle – Best Budget Airsoft Gun

When you’re out in the field and you’d love a mock suppressor equipped, tight bore rifle in your load-out, the Lancer Gen 2 rifle is one of the best budget airsoft guns you should pick.

It features a stronger reinforced polymer receiver to be more durable and solid feel. It comes standard with a full metal outer barrel and an integrated mock suppressor.

The Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2 shoots at 330- 350 or 360-400 feet per second. It comes with a normal torque long type motor allowing the AEG to have 11-13 rounds per second rate of fire.

The gun itself comes with a 300 round high capacity magazine, 9.6v battery, and smart battery charger are included.

Best Budget Airsoft Gun
Check Price in Amazon


  • Can shoot up to 400 FPS
  • Full and semi-auto fire option
  • Full metal gearbox
  • 300 rounds of BB capacity
  • Front and rear flip-up sights


  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Both fully automatic and semi-automatic mode
  • Adjustable retractable stock
  • Includes battery and charger


  • Not effective in long-distance
  • Built quality is not good enough

All of these features combined make for high speed, low drag airsoft rifle that can compete with the other more expensive options on the market.

3. BBTac BT-M82 Electric Airsoft Rifle – Best Electric Airsoft Gun

BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun is an exact replica of its real-steal counterpart, SG-552-style AEG rifle, with a decent shooting velocity of 200-250 FPS along with semi or even total automobile function.

This Weapon comes with a foregrip for steadier shots, a red-dot and laser sight for zeroing in on your targets, a flashlight for lighting up those dark corners in a close combat situation and a mock barrel extension suppressor for when you are trying to be extra stealthy.

This double eagle airsoft rifle fires 6mm BBs with a 45 round magazine, which is propelled out of the gun through an electric battery-powered motor.

It also has an adjustable hop-up system, giving you the option of customizing your gun’s efficiency about distance and precision and making it one of the best electric airsoft guns.

best electric airsoft guns
Check Price in Amazon


  • Full and semi-auto firing mode
  • The adjustable electric red dot sight
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Foldable stock
  • The velocity of up to 200-250 FPS
  • 45 round magazine capacity
  • Detachable tactical flashlight


  • The high-quality sturdy plastic build
  • Full and semi-auto firing mode
  • Detachable tactical flashlight
  • Adjustable hop-up system


  • No battery included
  • Ammo runs comparatively faster in auto mode

While not for the Airsoft professional, the BBtac M82 Full-Auto makes for a good weapon of choice for an amateur for the add-ons and price.

4. UKARMS Lancer Tactical M4 Airsoft Rifle – Best Rated Airsoft Guns

Lancer Tactical is a famous gun manufacturer across the airsoft industry for delivering affordable, quality AEGs and rifle kits to the market making it easy for all kinds of people interested in Airsoft to get into the game they love and still have some bucks left.

At an extremely great price, in fact, one of the best airsoft guns under 100 bucks, Lancer Tactical has made this soft air M4 with one exact audience in mind: the new guys.

12 Rounds per second at 370-400 FPS is quite an impressive rate for any airsoft rifle and what any people will like about this rifle is that it is made from Polymer which is a sturdy plastic.

They made the internal gearbox metal so that pieces don’t break inside the rifle. The inclusion of a four-sided RIS and six-position stock enables lots of customization according to your preference and to make it truly yours which is something every player loves.

The customers also gave this gun extremely good reviews and this gun is surely one of the best rated airsoft guns on Amazon.

Check Price in Amazon


  • Gearbox version 2
  • Full and semi-auto firing mode
  • Rotary hop-up
  • The velocity of 390 FPS
  • 300 rounds magazine capacity
  • 4-sided rail interface system
  • 6 position stock


  • Authentic AR-15 feel
  • Field ready out of the box
  • Great price
  • Fully customizable & upgradable
  • Lightweight


  • Small battery space
  • Front sight not removable unless you change outer barrel
  • Some components can feel wobbly

Overall this is a great deal, you’re getting everything you need in a good airsoft rifle to be field ready. This is why we highly recommended this one of the best beginner airsoft guns.

5. COLT CQBR-RIS Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun – Best CQB Airsoft Guns

This Soft Air CQB Full Metal AEG airsoft rifle by Colt has managed to impress airsoft enthusiasts and experts alike since it first came to the market.

This Officially Licensed Colt AEG has a stylish yet durable polymer build that keeps both the cost and weight down. While the exterior is made out of polymer, the internals such as the gearbox, trigger and body pins are made of metal making for long-lasting performance. As the build quality goes, this is one of the best full metal airsoft guns out there.

This rifle is great for close combat airsoft situations and has a quad rail for mounting optional flashlights, scopes and other suitable attachments of your choice. An adjustable hop-up unit also enables the players to hone the accuracy on all of their distance shots.

Check Price in Amazon


  • The maximum effective range of 120 feet
  • 14 mm counter-clockwise outer barrel
  • Full-metal body pins
  • Full-metal trigger
  • Gearbox V2
  • Magazine capacity of 300 rounds


  • Officially Licensed COLT logos
  • Fully upgradeable internal
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Full metal Magazine
  • Stronger spring and reinforced internal parts


  • Requires good strength due to heavyweight
  • Spare magazines needed

This particular gun has been built with prioritizing durability and reasonable pricing with a package of useful features make the Colt CQBR AEG a good purchase.

Best Airsoft Shotguns

Hardcore players of airsoft always want versatility, options and a high quality weapon they can be sure is going to last. If you want an alternative airsoft gun, with no batteries and no electric whirring, we would definitely recommend an airsoft shotgun.

If you think you may have the chance to face tough CQB situations in an airsoft game, then a shotgun is one of the best CQB airsoft guns in that case.

To help you choose the best airsoft shotgun out there we’ve listed four of the best airsoft shotgun options available in the market.

The versions below are fast, powerful, and would satisfy just about anybody regardless of whether you’re looking for a gas powered or spring powered weapon.

1. Double Eagle Pump Action Spring Powered Shotgun – Best Tri Shot Airsoft Shotgun

The Double Eagle M58A Tri-Shot airsoft shotgun is a great deal when you look at its quality, design and the price tag made this one of the best cheap airsoft shotgun out there.

The lightweight and stylish design portray the imagination of the airsoft enthusiastic and the matt black body finish is both contemporary in appearance and is discrete as a sidearm in a skirmish.

With a magazine capacity of 30 shotgun rounds, you can keep on firing without stopping for a second.

With a Tri-Shot velocity of 344 to 388 FPS, it’s more than powerful enough to throw the projectiles with shoot and scoot action. Players have the option to adjust the hops too, enabling them to improve accuracy.

Just like any other ideal shotgun, this one has a tactical accessory rail, ideal for adding a flashlight or sight to the airsoft gun.

Best Tri Shot Airsoft Shotgun
Check Price in Amazon


  • The velocity of 344-388 FPS
  • Magazine capacity of 30 rounds
  • Metal triple barrel system
  • Quick cocking system
  • Double steel spring propeller


  • Adjustable hop up
  • Durable ABS Construction
  • Three-shot burst
  • Metal outer barrel


  • Pump may be a little harder than expected
  • Stock may get loose but it’s an easy fix

The classic style, as well as the robustness and ease of firing means that this can easily be considered as one of the best airsoft shotguns around.

2. Evike – CYMA Polymer M870 – Best Shell Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun

For years CYMA has been the manufacturer supreme in producing affordable, reliable and effective Airsoft AEGs, with the introduction of their line of 870 shotgun, CYMA is spreading out.

As CYMA is selling their M870 airsoft shotgun, they’ve earned a sure spot here in our list of the best-in-class airsoft shotgun at an entry level price range, beating the old UTG and Double M3 shotguns out of the competition.

Cyma has replaced some parts of ABS plastic that used to be in older models are now replace d by some sort of sturdy nylon polymer.

CYMA also offers substantially more available lengths and stock types, from pistol grips to an over folding SPAS-12 style stock. There are a ton of attachments options available, just pick the one suitable for you and clear the room with the firepower this amazing gun offers.

Best Shell Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun
Check Price in Amazon


  • Pump action tri-shot design
  • Front and rear sling swivels
  • Magazine capacity of 30 rounds
  • The velocity of 280-306 FPS


  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • Rubber butt pad
  • Authentic 870 styling
  • Good FPS for CQB
  • Uses shell-style magazines


  • Fixed hop-up
  • The folding stock is a little wobbly

This gun is incredibly durable, with its polymer construction and metal barrel. It will be right there at your side for every battle you enter. Arguably the best airsoft shotgun under 100 bucks.

3. Mossberg M590 – Best Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun

The Mossberg M590 is a very versatile, powerful, lightweight, combat shotgun featuring all these key features and turning it into a purebred airsoft shotgun within an affordable price range, making it the best airsoft shotgun under 50 bucks.

This pump action airsoft shotgun has a reputation of powerful shot velocities at a weight that won’t be a hassle to carry for extended airsoft skirmishes. The grip on this gun enables you to concentrate on your firing for an accurate shot.

The Chainsaw Mossberg M590 airsoft shotgun also features a BAXS hop-up system for maximum long range accuracy, a magazine capacity of 180 rounds with BB reservoir and a shot velocity of 355 fps.

It also has weaver/picatinny rails for scopes, flashlight or any kind of attachments.  

Best Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun
Check Price in Amazon


  • Spring-powered shotgun
  • Pump-action
  • Picatinny rail for accessories
  • Mag capacity of 180 rounds
  • Velocity of 355 FPS


  • Textured grips
  • Comes with 500 BBs
  • BAXS hop-up system
  • Functional safety


  • Hop up is not that useful

To conclude, the Mossberg M590 is a fast shooting, accurate and one of the best quality airsoft shotgun which is a good option for both target shooting and a backyard airsoft fight.

4. UTG Multi-Shot Tactical Shotgun – Best Triple Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

This amazing gun from UTG is a multi-shot combat tactical shotgun excelling in CQB situations with its fierce power and pinpoint accuracy.

Using three barrel technology each shot shoot three rounds of BBs at a velocity of 320 FPS with great power and pinpoint accuracy.

Made out of sturdy ABS plastics and metal this UTG shotgun also offers a full buttstock and pistol grip like you saw in many S.W.A.T. and tactical style shotguns in real life or in movies.

Professionally painted front and rear sites make it easy and fast to aim in any situation under even the toughest situations and using a true shotgun shell like cartridge that holds 30 rounds of BBs giving you 10 shots.

Easy-to-use and the best spring powered airsoft shotgun out there.

Best Triple Barrel Airsoft Shotgun
Check Price in Amazon


  • Triple Barrel Technology
  • Authentic shot shell cartridge
  • Velocity of 320 FPS
  • Shell capacity of 30 BBs


  • Muscle spring action
  • Full Buttstock
  • Complete with spare shell, speed loader and quality sling


  • Range is not too great
  • Doesn’t come with any spare mags

This shotgun is one of the finest airsoft guns out there with the ability to fire three shots at one time. Multi-shot capability is what you think of when you imagine a shotgun, so what’s stopping you from getting one of these?

Taking a deeper look — what is an airsoft gun?

Airsoft is achieving popularity day by day and it’s being another extreme exciting game. We realized we should do something to help the buyers who are willing to get involved in this exciting game and looking for the best airsoft guns according to their budget and needs by making good buyers guide with a list of top airsoft gun reviews.

There is a very good number of diversity of various models of airsoft guns as options, from less costly plastic guns to high-priced full metal airsoft guns which give you an extremely realistic feel. We aim to help you to find the most perfect gun which suits you most, from doing fun target practice to more sharp simulation games for more serious players.

We have the experience to handle with several numbers of various models and we are eager to share our thoughts about those airsoft guns below. By this, you’ll be able to avoid the low quality knock-offs that will break within a short time and you’ll know that you are spending your dollars in a quality gun.

Usually, the replica form of real weapons that discharge non-metallic round shaped projectiles as the real weapons do is called airsoft guns. The main reason for its being so popular is that they are similar to the original steel weapons. While you are comparing the cheaper airsoft guns with the real ones, you may get the differences. But, whenever you go for the expensive airsoft guns, it will be tough to differentiate between the replica and the real ones. Sometimes, the higher quality airsoft gun manufacturers take a license from the original gun manufacturers for replicating the gun’s mechanism.

Similar to real armaments, airsoft guns have various shapes and sizes. You can choose what to buy: the long ranged snipers or the modified handguns!

Variety of airsoft guns:

As we said before, airsoft guns have various shapes and sizes. Disregarding your playing style, range or expertness, it can be said that there is a gun which fits with your choice most. Usually, Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) are mostly used in typical airsoft fields. It’s known to us that a real assault rifle fires off multiple rounds by a single pull in the trigger. Airsoft works in the same way an assault rifle does. In an airsoft rifle, there’s a gearbox system which lets the gun to fire off a certain number of BBs with only one pull in the trigger.

Usually, AEGs have three firing options. They are single fire, burst fire, and automatic fire. There’s a few numbers of airsoft guns which are fully automatic. In that guns, the BBs are fired in a fast circle and the mechanism is continually engaged by the motor in the gearbox.

There is another type of airsoft guns which is operated by gas. Some of the gas powered guns supposed to be the real guns, as they have a blowback system. Almost all highly serious players use an AEG as a major gun and a gas powered airsoft gun as the minor gun.

There’s one more type of airsoft guns, which is less used and known as spring powered guns. These are less powerful in comparison with the AEGs or gas-powered guns. Professionals use spring powered guns rarely. These are less expensive and needs to reset the gun manually after every shot.

Why you should choose a high-quality airsoft gun?

You may choose a cheap airsoft gun if you want to spend fewer dollars on it. It’s going to save some dollars from your pocket as the BBs of these guns are also cheap. Those cheaper BBs are light in weight and also made from lightweight materials. These may go out of your firing path due to wind or distance.

You can perform a game with a low quality gun but that can’t ensure your win in the battle. Because, besides your skill, your guns features and ability mostly determines your chances to win or lose a battle. That’s why you should go for a gun that is high speedy, highly accurate and ensures jam-less shooting. You may save some money by choosing a cheap gun but in the long run, your performance in the battle will certainly be unsatisfying.

Who makes the best airsoft guns? Best airsoft brands.


You should look at the features of the gun you are desiring to buy. Features will determine which gun is going to be the best airsoft gun for you. If the features match with your choice, then you should purchase a gun.


FPS means feet per second which is one of the basic features that you should consider while buying an airsoft gun. It determines your guns shooting speed. If your projectiles speed is slower, your chances to win the game is lower. The higher FPS of a gun means the gun is more accurate. FPS of guns is limited at a certain level to avoid unexpected injuries to the players.


The chances of your winning in any airsoft game are mostly determined by the accuracy level of your airsoft gun. FPS and accuracy are complements. In almost every case, the faster a gun shoots, the more accuracy it will have. There are also some more factors to make a perfect shot, such as distance, windage, ballistic drop, etc. Sights are also an important factor. Remember to have a look on your next gun’s sights if they are adjustable or not. Sights are very useful to keep your BBs on target.

Airsoft battles take place in a shorter range than the real firefights. So sights aren’t that much important. Having a gun with high accuracy is more important because you get a very short time to shoot. The inner barrel length of your gun also plays a vital role to determine your guns accuracy. A longer inner barrel means your gun is more accurate and a shorter barrel means the gun is less accurate.

Metal Gears

Which gearbox should you choose? It’s obvious that a plastic gearbox will last for a short time. But on the contrast, a metal gearbox is durable and lasts more than a plastic one. Even if the least costly metal gearbox of the market lasts more than any plastic gearbox.

Gun Type

What type of gun you go for is the most important thing while you buy an airsoft gun. It’s totally dependent on your playing environment. If you play in the forest area, you should go for snipers, DMRs or long range rifles. Usually, rifles are used to shoot at a higher FPS, but their fire rate is not so high. In long range battles, the result is determined by accuracy, not the quantity of BBs.

In contrast, in indoor airsoft games, weapons with shorter barrels, grips, and stocks suit most. SMGs are smaller than rifles, that’s why these guns perform best in indoors. They have a high firing rate but low accuracy in higher ranges. These guns work best in 30 feet range.

Rail systems and accessories

The guns that have rail system are one of the best airsoft gun types. Having a rail system in your gun means you are able to attach many extra parts such as optics, flashlights, grips, etc. in your gun. You can do far better in the game if you have a gun with rail systems and accessories.

The Final Words

All the guns we picked above are known for delivering great performance for their budget, they truly are the best airsoft guns under 100 bucks as all of these guns are being rated at least 4.5 stars on Amazon with great reviews from the users.

Airsoft is a highly competitive and thrilling sport that requires the right sets of weapon to dominate and win the game.

No matter your playing style, there’s always airsoft guns available in the market that should fulfill your needs and there are also some quality airsoft guns available for considerably less than the going rate, specifically under 100 bucks.

We’ve picked some of the best airsoft guns under 100 bucks to choose from and give you all the information you need to make a smart decision based on your playstyle and preferences.

Take your time and decide what’s the ideal airsoft gun is for you, gear up, and get out there.

We’re expecting that we’ve tried our best to help you with a list of reviews of the best airsoft guns available in the market. We hope that this guide will help you to make a perfect decision on which airsoft gun suits you most. Just keep your passion and style in mind while playing. Happy firing!

Quick disclaimer: Almost every model of airsoft guns are mostly designed as the real armors, and while many of those guns have the safety stripe on the barrel which is not always evident. Make sure you are taking care of while you are transporting your weapons. Because it’s very easy to misunderstand these guns with real guns. As the BBs of these airsoft guns are smaller in size and have a high velocity, it’s very important to wear a mask and goggles for the safety of the eyes.

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