5 Best Airsoft Helmet 2021

Last updated on March 19, 2021

Think about your own safety, specially when you are in the middle of a friendly airsoft game. Best airsoft helmet can save you from a serious injury.

Airsoft sports are harmless and involve no real danger to the player only if he is wearing adequate protective gear permanently during the game. Tactical helmets made out of steel mesh are the basic security items that one must own prior to going at a match.

There are many helmets currently available on the market, so to help you make up your mind, we have gone through many reviews, comments and opinions expressed by airsoft enthusiasts, and product specs. Tactical helmets are the oldest form of personal protective equipment, have been worn by the Sumerians in the 17th century BC. Why people use tactical helmets? Because you cannot eliminate or minimize risks without taking protective measures.

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This article is about high quality helmets from different renowned brands.

Best airsoft tactical helmet - Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet Check Price
Best quality airsoft helmet - Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet & Protect Ear Foldable Double Straps Half Face Mesh Mask & Goggle Check Price
Best cheap airsoft helmet - OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet with NVG Mount and Side Rail Check Price
Best airsoft fast helmet - ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet with Visor Goggles Version DE Check Price
Best tactical helmet with visor - AIRSOFTPEAK Tactical Military Airsoft M88 PASGT Kelver Swat Helmet with Clear VisorCheck Price

Compare with the in-depth reviews of best rated airsoft helmets of amazon. Helmets with Mask. Helmets with Protective Visor. Best helmets provide the right amount of head protection and breathability without affecting performance. Have a look at some of the best products. Helmet for beginners and veterans. Helmet Cover, Helmet Bag, Helmet Carrying Pouch. Detailed buying guide included.

1. Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet –  Best airsoft tactical helmet

Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet, Black
  • Lightweight, Hard Shell Design
  • Removable and adjustable internal padding
  • Velcro panels on right and left for Morale Patches, Nameplates and IR/Reflective Tabs
  • Polymer Construction

Close range live fire tested…!

By OmLord

Helmets seem to be all the rage these days on the field and the Ops-Core FAST Bump and tactical helmets fashioned after it is a popular choice. The Raptors Airsoft RTV helmet is one of the preferred airsoft helmet for the money. It’s easy to adjust and pretty comfortable. The adjustment options are limited to the straps and some removable/adjustable internal padding which seems to allow it to fit a variety of heads.

best airsoft tactical helmet
Check Price in Amazon

This specific helmet is right on target for the airsoft enthusiast who wants the look and functionality of a real helmet at a low price point. The fit and weight are good, but the NVG plate may be a little delicate if mounting up a weighty system. For a tactical helmet in this price range it’s got a lot going for it.

The front mount also allows you to attach a lightweight flashlight or GoPro camera for videos of your biking. Although this is not a ballistic helmet, this can really protect your head from bushes, rocks etc.

The RTV comes with all the bells and whistles you might want, like authentic styling, adjustability and rail connectors for accessories, but the big difference between this tactical helmet and the real thing is this airsoft-only helmet is in tune with any airsofter’s budget.


  • Hard shell design for more head protection
  • Product dimension is 7.5 x 2 x 4.5 inches
  • Lightweight, it weighs only 1 pound, easy to carry
  • Polymer construction ensures durability
  • Helmet with side rail


What can it mount?

It will allow you to mount night vision, go-pro camera system and the side mounts will let you use several different communication setups.

Would this fit a minor?
It might be a little lose but should fit.

Does it include googles?
No, It doesn’t.

Does it work with ear protection?
Yes, it does.

Could you wear a paintball mask with this?
Yes, you can.


  • Lightweight, it weighs only 1 pound, easy to carry
  • Very comfortable
  • Well balanced design
  • Low cost
  • Authentic looks
  • Self adjustable sponge padding inside the helmet


  • Questionable NVG mount
  • Straps could use some finer adjusting points
  • No face protection
  • There are few sizes available, so make sure that you are buying the right size.

Finally it’s a very good choice to go with for beginners, and the number one choice for you. You will not regret buying this.

There is a newer model of this item:

Tactical Crusader Lightweight Tactical Helmet
  • Light weight design
  • Includes tactical rails
  • Ventilated for added comfort
  • Fully adjustable

2. Jadedragon PJ Tactical Helmet with Face Mask – Best quality airsoft helmet

Highly adjustable and fashionable

By Khaled Al-Suwaidi

Next on the list, we’ve got yet another face mask that manages to win our hearts. It’s the Jadedragon tactical helmet and it’s widely considered as one of the best budget face masks you can buy. It has 360 all-round protection, very comfortable and adjustable and holds up great while in game.

best quality airsoft helmet
Check Price in Amazon

Also, the Jadedragon helmet and mask is thermoplastic polyurethanes material of the lens is polycarbonate. At the rear of the helmet is a dial knob which allows for easy side adjustments. Being one of the few ‘one size fits all’ tactical helmets, we really recommend this.

We found that the mask is good, coverage of all major areas is good, should be fine in game combat. The goggles fit securely and tuck nicely behind the face mask. Many customers have used the mask for more than a few months without any issues, and it shows no sign of giving up.

High-end for airsoft

By Jacob Wolf

It’s also suitable for those looking to fix their night vision system, it comes with an embedded night vision mount. In addition to this, there is also a bungee retention cord which is easily accessible for fastening your devices securely.


  • Includes mask, goggles and a set of accessories.
  • Embedded night vision mount
  • Compatible with other equipment
  • Includes rear knob for head size adjustment
  • Airsoft full face helmet with half face mesh mask


Is the mask removable?
Yes it’s removable

Does it have different size option?
No, it doesn’t but its adjustable

Can it be used for paintball?
Yes it would work

What’s the mount of the front called?
That’s Shroud

Are the goggles shutter-proof?
Yes, it is.


  • Easily adjustable head circumference
  • Easy to maintain and easy to carry
  • Good pricing
  • It’s got a lightweight and durable design
  • Helmet with side rails for fitting your equipment


  • It may take some time to get the adjustments right

If you’re after a portable tactical helmet with mask, I’d really recommend the Jadedragon PJ

3. OneTigris MICH 2000 Style Helmet – Best cheap airsoft helmet

OneTigris is one of the well-known tactical gear manufacturing brand in the market. They are famous for their quality works and they wish everyone enjoy their life in the outdoor activities. This time they offer MICH 2000 helmet

Starting with the design and build quality, you’ll be having durable ABS plastic which is lightweight and should not fatigue you whatsoever. However, as much as it is going to protect you during airsoft, it’s not to be used for bullet protection

best cheap airsoft helmet
Check Price in Amazon

It has many incredible features. Its non-frosted appearance will influence you to love this product at first sight. There are seven pieces of internal sponge padding, makes more comfortable wearing. It also has adjustable suspender straps and neck padding for best fitting.

This tactical helmet with side rails allows you to mount your flashlight or night vision device among other gear quite easily for utmost convenience.

You’ll also be getting fully adjustable suspender straps. You can adjust them to 4 different locations and end up with a fit that’s suitable for almost all users.

As for the head circumference, it should fit perfectly for anyone with a 56-61cm measurement.


  • Lightweight (weighs about 665g) and cheap
  • Head circumference is 22″- 24″
  • 7 pieces self adjustable sponge padding inside the helmet
  • ABS engineering plastics for durability
  • Helmet with side rail design for adding more accessories


Are those rails removable?
Yes they are

Does the mount fit a go pro?
Yes it does

Can you put a helmet cover on this?
Yes you can

Does the velcro come pre-attached?
Yes it does

Does it come with the ear protection pieces?
It has built in ear protection pieces.


  • Self adjustable sponge padding inside the helmet for more comfort
  • Perfect helmet for paintball/air-soft games
  • Great for air-soft or paintball games.
  • Comes with adjustable suspender straps for a perfect fit
  • Accessory rail connectors for utmost convenience


  • Helmet railing does not grip a headlamp perfectly.
  • This helmet is not for real combat situation.
  • The screw holding the chin straps will need to be tightened more

If you are planning for a cosplay or air-soft or paintball game with your friends, take this helmet, it will not disappoint you.

4. ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Helmet – Best airsoft fast helmet

This multifunctional fast helmet is not only for airsoft activities, but you also can use it for cycling. It comes with some incredible features including sliding goggles to protect your eyes, just remember to pull down before game

It has also Integrated NVG mount which is compatible with most GoPro NVG style mounts. There is also enough Velcro to attach patches or nameplates

Best airsoft fast helmet
Check Price in Amazon

Now here’s something you won’t get on just any typical tactical helmet. Considering it has sliding googles with a multi-functional card, you’ll also be able to protect your eyes.

Even better, this makes it suitable for use in other activities; besides tactical activities such as airball, you can use it for cycling.


  • Internal dimension is 6.69 (17cm) (W) x 8.66 (22cm) (L) inches.
  • Helmet with side rails allow fitting of additional accessories
  • Includes sliding goggles with a single multifunctional card
  • Includes sliding goggles for eye protection


Will a paintball mask fit with it?
Yes, a paintball mask will fit.

Does it come with straps?
Yes it comes with a chin strap

Would this helmet be compatible with a gas mask/facial mask?
I think so.

Is it possible to wear this with a full face mask?
Yes it is

Is it adjustable?
Yes, it is

Is it adjustable?
Yes, it is


  • Made out of heavy-duty polymer
  • Well balanced
  • Stylish design
  • Side rails fit the variety of accessories
  • Adjustable headband for the right fit
  • Lightweight, weighs about 600g


  • It’s only suitable for small heads
  • NVG mount is not included

Considering its low price, overall it would be a great buy for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

5. Airsoft M88 Swat Helmet – Best tactical helmet with visor

This Airsoft M88 helmet is made of high-quality ABS plastic. This is one of the cheapest yet durable airsoft paintball helmet with visor in the market. It has come with some incredible features that you will be impressed with this helmet

This Tactical Helmet is not heavyweight and comes in one size that fits most. It is about only two pounds. Its adjustable chin strap is incredible. If you can adjust the chin strap properly, you will feel more comfortable.

Best airsoft helmet with visor
Check Price in Amazon

Padding inside the helmet has adjustable belts in a webbing that fits on your head perfectly.


  • Fits for head circumference about 22-25 inch
  • Comes with a detachable clear visor as a face shield
  • Customizable with facemask
  • Cool tactical helmets with adjustable chin strap for more comfort


Is it strong enough to be used as a bicycle helmet?
Yes it is

Does the plastic face cover come off easy?
No it doesn’t, if you attached it correctly

Does it have size options?
No it doesn’t, but it’s adjustable

Can this be used for paintball?
Yes it can be

Is the visor removable?
Yes, it is.


  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Durable & Comfortable to Wear
  • Perfect helmet for air soft and paintball players
  • Comes in black
  • Simple and fashionable design
  • Lightweight, weighs just over 2 pounds
  • Wide Range of Application


  • Padding is not included
  • As it is a replica, it does not provide ballistic protection

If you are planning for paintball or air-soft game with your friends, take this, it will work perfectly.

Exclusive Airsoft Helmet Buying Guide

Yes we will be the first to admit that a tactical helmet can be a bit pricey, but this is not the time to sacrifice quality for the price. Your helmet is responsible for protecting your brain, after all.

With that in mind, there are a few features you’ll want to consider and pay special attention to when choosing an tactical helmet.


Would you be willing to use a helmet that doesn’t fit your head to a tee? We doubt you would because all those special features and eye, ear, head protection wouldn’t be worth it if it keeps falling off or if you have to hold it in position all the time.

You need to be focused while in the middle of an airsoft field and buying a helmet that isn’t comfortable will definitely be a distraction. Before committing to an helmet, make sure that it is properly-padded and that the paddings can be removed so you can adjust it to fit your head.

Also, ensure that they come with adjustable chin straps so you can hold the helmet still regardless of the kind of movement you make in the field.

Weight is also something you must consider because while the more realistic models look really great, they tend to be heavier and pricier for that matter. Though the lighter ones may not look as cool, they are equally safe and won’t tire you down easily much as the heavier ones would.

Do take note too that when we talk about weight, we’re just referring to the helmet itself. It will get heavier with additional attachments added to them.


The first, and probably the most important thing to consider is budget. How much are you willing to spend on an helmet? While each of them has their own level of protection, it’s the additional features that usually dictates the price.

You’ve got the very basic ones which are the most affordable and then you’ve also got the more advanced and versatile ones that come with a host of other features like additional pockets and other accessories.

If you have a small budget, basic helmets specifically made for airsoft should be enough but if you’re looking to use the helmet for other sports and purposes, it would probably cost you a little more.


If you are the adventurous, outdoor type then you’ll probably need the helmet for more than just playing airsoft. You’ll probably need it for biking, kayaking, or even hiking as long as you can fit all the accessories you need into it like flashlights and night vision goggles, just to name a few.

If you like to document your adventures then you’ll need a helmet that allows cameras to be attached to its body. Most helmets today do have all these compartments you need but then again, there are also some that were made specifically for the purpose of protection without the added features.

What’s your purpose?

Much of the decision you’ll make boils down to one simple question: What’s your purpose? What are you going to use it for anyway? Is it to look good or be protected? Do you need it for other sports or just for airsoft?

These are very important questions to answer because not every helmet comes packed with all the features you’re looking for. There are tactical helmets that come with an integrated face mask or goggles that are designed to be worn as one piece for the ultimate protection.

Also there are those that come without the accessories mentioned but allows you to attach one. There are even those that allow for ear protection. It really all comes down to how you intend to use it.

Build Material

There are basically two materials that are used to make tactical helmets, plastic and steel mesh. Plastic may be a good selection for many players and offers superior protection from Airsoft projectiles. It’s usually light-weight, however, doesn’t breathe all that well, therefore, it has to be adequately aired so as to make sure that you just aren’t uncomfortable.

It will usually give complete protection, even a BB shot shattering against it’s unlikely to really touch your face. If you’re fidgeting with high-powered airsoft guns, then plastic is unquestionably the way to go.

Steel mesh offers nice protection from individual hits, though there’s some risk of fragmenting upon impact once hit with a strong airsoft gun. The fragments are going to be traveling at a lower rate once impact, however, and shouldn’t cause an excessive amount of harm beneath.

Mesh is usually thought to be inferior in protection to plastic, For the foremost half, however, it’s still a solid alternative.

Accessories & Other Features

Your helmet should be comfortable enough that you’ll actually want to wear it. That means it should fit properly, not be too heavy, and not rub uncomfortably. It should also have a secure retention system that will keep it firmly in place, even against a strong impact.

You’ll want to make sure your TAC helmet can be used with any accessories that you’ll need to use. Choose a helmet of whatever color you’ll need the most. You can always spray paint the helmet or use a cover if you need to change the color.

Tight Fit

The most important point is something not many might be aware, it is actually the tight fit that a helmet offers to check whether the helmet fits you well. You need to wear the helmet and try nodding your head and if the helmet moves that means the helmet is loose and the likelihood of it coming off in a game is more so don’t think that a helmet is uncomfortable when it offers a tight fit it does ease out with time but at the same time don’t buy yourself a very tight helmet such that you cannot breathe properly inside so the helmet you buy should offer a proper snug fit.

Outer shell of Helmet

The outer shell of the helmet needs to be made of solid lightweight material like polycarbonate such that it can sustain the impact of pellets while not wearing you down with its excess weight. You might find tactical helmets in the lesser price range but in our opinion cost or money shouldn’t be a factor when life is at stake. We end up spending so much on airsoft guns, outfits and all but when it comes to tactical helmets we kind of hesitate thinking they are way too expensive. So our humble request is to pay that excess amount and let it be a one-time investment because it is ultimately for your safety.

Ventilation System and Visors of the Helmet

The last point is the ventilation system, The helmet should offer adequate ventilation ports all around for you to breathe easy and also ensure you don’t feel suffocated inside. The visors of helmet should be scratch resistant as well as fog resistant since it’s very important to have a clear vision in an airsoft game.

Strength, utmost comfort, fit and affordability with the best durability. This simply sums up all the top high quality helmets we’ve reviewed. With our review of the top 5 tactical helmets accompanied by an in-depth buying guide, there is no way you could possibly go wrong in your selection.

In order to take care of your helmet and to use it to its fullest extent there are some tools you may need and here we covered 5 items that will help you to take care of your helmet.

Helmet Accessories

1. OneTigris Multicam Helmet Cover

OneTIGIRIS helmet cover is one of the best covers available in the market with its many great features, a product that can make your helmet look like a new one for a long period of time. Made out of 500D Cordura Nylon (USA Material), this cover will ensure style with proper protection for your helmet. Designed in a multicam pattern for that classic style and camouflage in the field, this cover can make your helmet stand out. Upgraded MOLLE & hook-and-loop system with cross-bungee cords will provide the right fitting and will make sure that it doesn’t get loose easily. Simple installation and easy removal without having to take off NVG, makes it a perfect choice for beginners as well as veterans.

2. Helmet Chin Strap

Tactical helmets require unique chinstraps and retention systems to allow the user to comfortably wear a helmet. Even more important is keeping the helmet in place with added accessories such as night vision optics. Chinstraps play a vital role in this. The CS Force chin strap is fit for most ordinary types of military helmets, such as Fast/MICH/ACH/IBH airsoft helmets, Kevlar helmets, tactical bump helmets and a great alternative to the issue helmet chin strap. Comes with X-NAPE suspension system to improves security and portability, it’s the perfect one for all kinds of use. Made of high quality ABS plastic & nylon it’s a durable chin strap that will surely last long. Adjustable buckles on the strap allow adjusting the tightness with one hand, making it perfect for any kind of head size.

Helmet Chin Strap 4 Points for Tactical Fast/MICH/IBH Kevlar Bump Helmets, X-Nape Helmet Suspension System with Bolts and Screws Tan
  • 【Universal Fitting】-- The helmet chin strap fit most ordinary helmets, such as Fast/MICH/IBH airsoft helmets, Kevlar helmets, tactical bump helmets.
  • 【High Quality Material】-- This helmet chin strap is made of high quality ABS plastic & nylon. Special nylon design provides air permeability and durability. Padded protective leather chin cup and nape pad.
  • 【Stable Suspension System】-- X-NAPE suspension system improves security and portability.
  • 【Fully Adjustable Buckle】-- Adjustable buckles on the chin strap allow you to adjust the tightness with one hand.

3. Tactical Airsoft Helmet Pads

Here’s the deal: Anyone who had issues with helmet pads knows the fatigue, hot spots, and overall discomfort caused by poorly designed combat helmet pads. Now Supspy’s Comfort PLUS Ballistic Helmet Pads not only bring a new level of comfortability but protection as well. With 2 layer system inside the pads, it gives the feeling of softness and utmost comfortability. The first layer designed for added blunt and impact resistance. While the second comfort layer is comprised of a proprietary memory foam layer that provides all-day comfort. The pads are then covered in moisture wicking fabric. Want to know the best part? These helmet pads fit FAST, MICH, and ACH or ECH helmets.

Tactical Airsoft Helmet Pads FMA Internal Foam Protective Cushion Accessories Liner System for Fast MT MICH IBH AF ACH Outdoor Airsoft Helmet
  • This Tactical helmet Pads are Perfect for Fast MT/ACH/MICH/IBH/AF/ACH/PASGT Airsoft Helmet.
  • Double-layer design, Upper cushioning structure, Bottom support structure. Make you feel soft and comfortable
  • Made of high quality EVA foam material, which is comfortable for long time wearing.
  • It comes with Burr stickers that you can install as needed.

4. Airsoft Tactical Helmet Counterweight Pouch

This helmet counterweight pouch is ideal for those trying to offset the extra weight typically associated with night vision devises on tactical helmets. This Supspy counterweight pouch is designed to secure firmly to tactical helmets that utilize a through bolt retention system in the back of the helmet with a 500D Nylon and durable artificial leather build. Comes with five 50g counterweight it also features velcro to help secure it firmly in place in addition to being bolted down.

Supspy Tactical Helmet Counterweight Balancing Weight Bag Tactical Helmet Accessory Pouch with Five Counter for OPS Fast BJ PJ MH (DE)
  • Used to balance helmets when using night vision goggles.
  • Total system weight 300g. Each of counter balance weight is about 50g and can adjust as needed. This counterbalance weight bag can also be used for battery storage.
  • Made by 500D Nylon and durable artificial leather. Available in 3 different colors. (Black, DE, Multicam )
  • Perfect for FAST BJ PJ MH and other FAST tactical helmets.

5. Helmet Bag

Measuring 23 x 19 inches, the Tuff Guy helmet bag is the perfect size to fit all helmet sizes. It is a quality helmet bag with a sleek modern construction to look fashionable. The bag features a reinforced bottom for added protection and inner fleece lining. There is a buckle opening function for easy access of the helmet. Made of high-performance fabrics, it also features water resistance to keep personal items safe under rain. The black colour and simple design looks great and makes this bag a worth buy.

Helmet Bag, 23" x 19" Made of Strong Lustrous Water Proof Ballistic Nylon with Locking Drawstring.
  • Extra Large 23" x 19" Water Repellent Soft Ballistic Nylon Bag.
  • Made heavy-duty drawstrings with closing Buckle for easy closing, hanging, and carrying helmet easily.
  • High-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs.
  • Great for protecting all types of helmets for traveling and storing.

These are the five must have things according to our research to keep your helmet in good condition.


Airsoft can be a highly competitive sport that requires lots of protection to be safe from injury. Do your research and truly understand your personal preferences and you’ll find the best helmet to maximize your safety on the battlefield. We also added some accessories and airsoft headgear for you to make the best setup. Every airsoft enthusiast should invest in the helmet at the core of this approach.

This article covers almost the entire list of options, ranging from amateur to high-end helmets and other options. We cannot say that this is the list of the best airsoft helmets but we have tried to discuss nearly possibly the best helmets in this segment. There will always be opinions but we have tried our best to find the best helmets in the airsoft industry.

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