7 Best Airsoft M4 gun reviews 2019

Last updated on April 11, 2019

We understand you are looking for the Best Airsoft M4 guns. And we are not mixing our reviews with M16 or AR 15. We have reviewed only couple pure M4 airsoft guns for your preference.

tippmann arms m4 Airsoft Gun Made in The USA

The Trippmann Arms M4 Airsoft gun comes with a full-auto gas powered airsoft gun. The gun doesn’t require any battery.

The gun allows you to have a realistic experience and charm you with some incredible features. Its flip-top break down system is similar to a real gun.

best airsoft M4	under 300
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  • The gas can be used in multiple ways. By CO2 cartridges or by remote line adapter.
  • The fire rate can be adjusted from 8 RPS to 15 RPS.
  • The velocity also can be adjusted from 300 FPS to 400 FPS. (Using 0.20g BBs).
  • No battery required.
  • Low maintenance – no gear box.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The recoil is very catchy.
  • CO₂ capsules, paintball CO₂ tanks, or HPA tanks can be used in the gun either with or without a remote line.
  • Extremely realistic feel.


  • A bit pricy, that’s why it might not affordable to everyone.
  • The hop-up can be inconsistent in some rare cases.


Q: Does the package include a magazine?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: What is the barrel length of the gun?
A: The barrel is 14.5’’ long.

Q: Are the controls similar to a real AR-15?
A: Yes, its very similar to a AR15. However, the body is polymer not metal. And hence it is little lighter.

Q: What mm bb should I use with it?
A: Standard 6mm airsoft bbs.

Experts who are looking for a versatile M4 airsoft gun and eager to invest dollars on a best quality gas powered M4 airsoft gun can have a try with the Trippmann Arms M4 airsoft gun. It’ll be a good choice indeed.

Soft Air COLT M4 CQB Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun, Black

The Colt M4 CQB Full Metal RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle is the M4 version of very well known brand ‘COLT’ and it is also licensed with COLT markings. It is a high-end powerful Airsoft M4 rifle which is operated by a rechargeable battery. (Battery and charger included)

As the rifle is made of metal, it is heavy in weight but gives a charming experience while playing with it. The rifle has rear iron sight that you can adjust or remove depending on your choice.

best airsoft M4
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  • Officially Licensed and trademarked by COLT M4 CQB AEG
  • One piece metal outer barrel with upper and lower receiver
  • Steel gears
  • Metal gearbox
  • CNC machined R.I.S. Hand guard
  • Metal 350 round magazine
  • Removable metal rear sight
  • Adjustable 6 positioned crane stock
  • Battery powered, 1100mAh 8.4 volt rechargeable battery and charger included


  • No extra noises
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely accurate
  • Easily upgradeable and easy to find replacement parts
  • Real look and weight of a M4


  • Probably you should use a 9.6v or even 11.1v battery.
  • The orange tip is huge to get you spotted. Its recommend to paint it dark

Overall, the gun can be taken in any airsoft battlefield. If you are usual to the airsoft game and looking for a great quality CQB gun at a medium price, then I would recommend this one to you.

DBoys full metal M4 s-system RIS AEG Rifle

This AEG rifle has many high-end features within a reasonable price tag. Full metal body, including the entire front and top rail system. Adjustable stock is made of durable ABS plastic. A vertical fore grip is attached to the bottom rail on the RIS. Adding optics is easier as the rear sight is a flip up sight. Overall, great value whether you’re a novice or an expert.

best airsoft m4 under 200
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  • 300 Round High Capacity Magazine
  • Full Metal Body,
  • RIS and V2 Gearbox
  • Safe/Semi/Full Auto Modes
  • Battery and Charger included


  • Compact design.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Decent barrel length.
  • Can be modified easily.
  • Rail panels are removable.
  • Very accurate.
  • Metal made body.


  • It doesn’t contain any trademark.
  • Hand guard is made of alloy.


Q: Is the upper/lower receiver, barrel, and buffer tube all metal?
A: Yes, all metal except the grip. 

Q: Is the grip removable?
A: Yes.

DBoys Metal RIS M4 Airsoft AEG is a good choice for those who are looking for a good M4 airsoft gun within an affordable budget range.

G&G Airsoft combat machine m4 raider high-performance full metal gearbox aeg rifle

The G&G Airsoft M4 AEG Combat Machine Raider CQB RIS is a replica of Combat Machines. All the major parts such as front rail, the stock of the gun are made of high quality plastic and the minor and complex parts like the stocks pipe, the tactical sling attachment points, the magazine casing are made of metal.

Low price, compact design and lightness in weight made it a best quality M4 airsoft gun.

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  • Electric powered gun.
  • Receivers are made of ABS plastic.
  • Two firing modes: Semi-automatic and full-automatic.
  • Fires at 320-350 FPS with 0.20g BBs.
  • Full metal gearbox.
  • Adjustable hop-up system.
  • Inner barrel length is 230mm.


  • The stock is adjustable.
  • Contains an ergonomic motor grip.
  • High capacity magazine (450 rounds).
  • Extremely lightweight airsoft gun.
  • High accuracy level.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Lacks a rail system.
  • Doesn’t show excellence in long range.


Q: Which battery should I use?
A: 9.6 Volts Nunchuck battery.

Q: Does the package come with a battery or a charger?
A: No, it doesn’t include a battery or a charger.

Q: Which ammo should I use?
A: 0.20g or higher models suits most. 0.20g is recommended.

Probably, G&G Airsoft M4 AEG Combat Machine Raider CQB RIS is the best M4 airsoft gun within its price range considering performance and durability. It’ll be a wise choice for players who are looking for a good high end airsoft gun in a low price.

Soft Air Firepower M4 A1 electric airsoft rifle

For entry level airsoft players, the Firepower F4-D M4 is a notable gun with some good features. There’s a RIS system with 4 rails on it which allows you to modify or add some accessories such as lights, lasers and Foregrip. Now, the thing is, all these accessories are included in the package.

best airsoft aeg on the market
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  • The airsoft gun works in full auto mode.
  • Shoots at a speed of 200 FPS with 0.12g BBs.
  • Includes a tactical flashlight with the gun.
  • Includes laser aiming module.
  • Comfortable forward grip.
  • The gun holds almost 500 BBs at once.


  • Good quality materials.
  • Beginner-friendly gun.
  • Nicely designed.
  • Extremely low price.


  • The gun is not highly long-lasting if not maintained properly.


Q: Does the package include a battery and a charger?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Which BBs do you recommend for this gun?
A: We recommend 0.12g BBs for this gun.

Q: Is the stock adjustable?
A: Yes, it is.

As this is a M4 gun for beginners, this can also be a good choice for the practice session of the pro level players. You can modify it with the materials you like. If you are looking for an airsoft M4 gun at a super low price, GRAB THIS!

M4 Viper MK5 AEG Full Auto Long Range Airsoft Rifle

M4 Viper MK5 AEG Airsoft Rifle by Black Ops is a competitive, solidly constructed AEG that looks great and shoots much better. With fiber optic flip up sights, a free-floating, speedy release rail system, along with a flexible crane stock, this rifle is ready for battle straight from the box. Having a lightweight receiver designed for durability, and internals intended for precision, the M4 Viper Mk5 produces around 420fps with .12g BBs, also contains a 8.4v 1100mAH battery. The M4 Viper Mk5 is also a good platform for updates and customization, compatible with the majority of M4 internals and with lots of rail area for optics, grips, lighting, and additional accessories.

best airsoft assault rifle
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  • 5th generation M4 design with full length ergonomic hand-guard
  • Durable light wight construction
  • Quick release rail system
  • Low profile fiber optic flip up sights
  • Adjustable crane stock
  • Shoot upto 420fps with .12g BBs
  • Includes upgraded steel gears


Q: Is it a semi automatic or full auto?
A: It has both semi and full automatic settings.

Q: Is it plastic or metal gun?
A: Plastic outside but metal gears.

Q: Battery and charger included?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the fire rate?
A: 420 FPS

BBTac M83 Full and Semi Automatic M4 Electric Airsoft Gun

Here’s a M83 that’s a M4/M16 replica airsoft rifle from BBTac. It’s a light weight gun assembled out of durable ABS plastic. This makes it effortless to carry and move around. There’s a flexible LE stock in addition to removable barrel extensions to transform it to some CQB design airsoft rifle. It comes packed with accessories like a flashlight, foregrip, detachable carry handle and red dot light scope. There’s a adjustable hop up, has semi automatic, full-auto, and security settings. It fires in roughly 250 FPS with 0.12gram 6mm BBs. In general, this rifle is excellent for backyard wars or target practicing. It’s a great selection for beginners to have a sense of airsoft, but don’t wish to invest hundreds of bucks in the beginning.

best airsoft m4 under 200
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  • Replica M4/M16 airsoft Gun
  • Full size or remove barrel extension for CQB
  • Light-weight airsoft Rifle
  • Removable carry handle and flexible LE stock
  • Has semiautomatic, full auto, and security features
  • Flexible hop up and shoots roughly 250 FPS using 0.12g 6mm BBs. 200 FPS with 0.20gram BBs


  • Hop up system works well
  • Long battery life and not drained when you are not using it.
  • Shoots well for CBQ


  • Plastic gearbox
  • This is a beginners gun, you can’t expect this to take to a competitive field
  • Flashlight may be not that great

We are sure this hand picked bast airsoft M4 guns will help you to choose the best one for you without confusing you. Let us know your feedback in comments. Will appreciate.

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