8 Best Airsoft Pistol 2020

Last updated on April 21, 2020

Airsoft is a fun game to play and rifles are great, but going in only with rifles can be a problem too, particularly when you face a close combat fight situations. And so you need the best airsoft pistol.

No matter how much you try to use rifle or make it suitable for you, whenever you try to peek and fire, you will end up showing a huge portion of your body.

That’s where an airsoft pistol comes in handy, just have one with yourself and you’re ready for those CQB situations with a much faster movement and draw than a rifle.

If you are a newbie, airsoft pistol may not be an essential part of your airsoft gear and you may find it comfortable with going in with rifle, keeping it simpler, learning the basics at the first place.

If you want an inexpensive and alternative weapon, airsoft pistol can be the one for you. You will not get the same performance as an airsoft rifle, but combine it with an airsoft rifle, you will get the best result possible.

Bestseller No. 1
Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol
  • 15-shot, .177 caliber BB air pistol
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 not included)
  • Shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 410 FPS
  • Integrated Weaver rail for easy mounting of accessories

Now as we’ve informed you all about the importance of an airsoft pistol, you’ve another tricky decision to make, which airsoft pistol you’re going to get.

At the end of this article, we hope to help you with the answer to this lifelong question. Let’s have a look at our list of Best Airsoft Pistol first.

1. Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol – Best Airsoft Pistol Overall

The best beginner airsoft pistol that is equipped with exceptional features and which won’t break the bank is the Crosman Stinger P311 airsoft pistol. It is a great choice to consider which is also considered as one of the best spring powered airsoft pistols.

The Crossman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol has a beautiful design and is a useful weapon. It is lightweight and has remarkable shooting power.

One of the cool features of the Stinger P311 is the hammer. Most airsoft pistols doesn’t have hammers, but lately Crosman has been incorporating them into their pistols, adding to the realism.

This pistol has a 6mm caliber rifle with a 12-shot, and it comes assembled with the magazine in the grip. It also includes instructions on how to use it safely.

This is a great sidearm for both target shooting and airsoft matches. Like most pistols, it can only be used within the 30-40m range. But its high FPS gives it an edge over the other.

Best Airsoft Pistol
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  • Caliber of 6.0 mm
  • FPS of 325
  • Spring powered
  • 12 shot easy-to-load magazine
  • Smooth bore barrel type

Overall, it’s a great inclusion to the world of airsoft. May be not the most accurate one, but it’s quite powerful, lightweight and best airsoft pistol under 50. We’d recommend it to anyone looking for a nice sidearm or a introducing airsoft pistol at a low price.

2. Colt 1911 Co2 Airsoft Pistol – Best CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The Colt 1911 is a world famous pistol first introduced in the year 1911 by the famous manufacturer Colt and it is still quite a popular pistol, and even used by the military and many law enforcement agencies all over the world. Remarkable design and efficiency made the model quite known to the users.

The Colt Soft Air 1911 Airsoft Pistol is a remarkable replica of the original Colt 1911.

This 1911 is great for casual backyard plinking and introducing younger gun enthusiasts to the sport of airsoft.

The strong heavyweight plastic adds durability and offers a realistic feel.  The lower rail allows for laser or flashlight attachments. A two-stage safety operates just like the Real steal firearm.

A modifiable Hop-Up permits the consumer to help make precise modifications to receive one of the most precision out of the Colt 1911 pistol.

This CO2 airsoft pistol comes with all the design aesthetics of the original Colt, including a full metal slide, full metal frame, a full metal barrel, a functional hammer, a safety switch, superb blowback functionality, and many more features.

Best CO2 Airsoft Pistol
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  • Sturdy polymer construction
  • Semi-auto
  • 13 round magazine
  • Removable BB clip
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Manual safety
  • FPS of 385
  • Accessory adaptable

This semi automatic airsoft pistol will cost you around 100 bucks and is a great addition for collectors as well as combat enthusiasts. Load up the magazine and hit the range!

3. Taurus PT111 Spring Pistol – Best Spring Airsoft Pistol

With incredible accuracy and aim, the Taurus PT111 airsoft pistol features everything you need from a traditional airsoft pistol at a fraction of the cost.

This is a spring airsoft pistol version of the original Taurus Millennium PT 111 compact pistol. This is great for beginners and is inexpensive.

This compact PT111 pistol by Taurus is easy to carry and conceal in the battlefield and features the same trademark Taurus engravings.

It is a spring powered pistol which doesn’t need to use CO2 or batteries to work. Instead, it has BAXS hop-up unit which aids in long range shooting accuracy. It also shoots at a velocity of 180 fps.

Each magazine holds 20 rounds of .12 airsoft BB pellets, putting it ahead of its competitor in terms of capacity.

Best Spring Airsoft Pistol
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  • Spring powered
  • Caliber of 6mm
  • ABS polymer construction
  • FPS of 180
  • 20 rounds magazine
  • Semi-auto
  • Functional safety and slide
  • BAXS hop-up

There are very limited number of airsoft pistols which are of such high quality at such cheap price. If accuracy and reliability are what you need in an airsoft pistol count on the Taurus PT111 to deliver!

4. Umarex Beretta 92 FS Electric Airsoft Pistol – Best Electric Airsoft Pistol

If you’re sick and tired of having to cock the pistol every time you want to shoot then it’s time to go electric and what can be a better electric pistol option than the Umarex Beretta 92 FS blowback airsoft pistol!

This 92 FS airsoft pistol is an officially licensed replica of a real Beretta 92FS. This is lightweight and has the same trademark engravings as its real firearm counterpart.

This airsoft pistol features electric semi-auto blowback firing and a good shot velocity of 150 FPS. It features a durable metal barrel and a 16-round drop-free magazine for less frequent loading and longer shooting rounds.

This is a concealable and very easy pistol to carry in the battlefield powered by 4 AAA batteries.

Best Electric Airsoft Pistol
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  • ABS polymer build
  • 16 round magazine
  • Electric blowback
  • Semi-automatic
  • Metal inner barrel
  • Press-in safety

Whether you shoot for sport or for fun, this Beretta 92FS Airsoft Pistol in Black is the pistol you should have with you. It’s one of the best electric airsoft pistols makes a fine addition to any air pistol collection.

5. Crosman CO2 Full Auto Blowback Airsoft Pistol – Best Full Auto Airsoft Pistol

If you’re new to airsoft pistols or teaching a youngster about firearm safety, the Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol is a great choice to start with.

From the full-metal body to the realistic blowback action and reloadable magazine, the PFAM9B looks, feels and performs like a real pistol without the high-end ammo cost.

This full auto airsoft pistol is perfect for practicing your handgun shooting skills, considering its full-auto and blowback features.

The full metal construction and slide deliver realistic weight and the comfortable checkered grip will leave you wanting to shoot all day.

Best Full Auto Airsoft Pistol
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  • Full-automatic
  • 20 round BB magazine
  • Full metal frame and slide
  • FPS of 400
  • CO2 powered

If you’re tired of dealing with airsoft pistols with semi-auto features, this is the best choice for you and its well worth the price. It functions like a firearm, it looks like the firearm and even takes down like the firearm. And who doesn’t like the realistic look?

6. Umarex Glock 19 Gen3 Airsoft Pistol – Best Glock Airsoft Pistol

Get a realistic look and feel during your next airsoft game with the Umarex Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol. This particular one is patterned after their Gen 3 model.

Based on one of the most popular pistols of all time, this Glock 19 airsoft pistol is sure to impress and take the place of a trusted sidearm among airsoft enthusiastic or tactical trainers who want to cut ammo costs at target practice.

The Glock pistol is one of the most widely used and easily recognized pistol ever. With a build adaptable to airsoft, this Glock airsoft pistol houses 19 rounds inside a single magazine and launches it’s BBs at a speed of 290 FPS whenever you pull the trigger.

Its responsive blowback feature only adds to the realism this replica features. Each of these Glock 19 pistols features officially licensed Glock logo across its metal slide, interchangeable modular grips, and the distinctive Glock safety trigger.

In case you want to use your own glock sight, its fixed white-dot sights can be removed with no modifications necessary.

Best Glock Airsoft Pistol
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  • Functional trigger safety
  • Slip resistant grip
  • FPS of 290
  • Metal outer barrel
  • 19 round magazine
  • Adjustable hop-up

You can use this green gas airsoft pistol to practice your range skills or clear rooms in close-quarter airsoft combat! You’ve waited a long time for the Glock and Umarex has delivered!

7. WG 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol – Best 1911 Airsoft Pistol

A signature release by WG, this 1911 airsoft pistol maximize the efficiency of a “non-blowback” at an amazing price tag.

Although this M1911 can win your heart just for its fun to shoot, it’s more appealing to many airsoft players because of the balance and lightweight this pistol offers, which is completely identical to the real thing.

This semi auto airsoft pistol is fully capable of hitting targets at up to 500 FPS when loaded with .20g BBs and this particular type of BB is also recommended if you want to achieve the maximum optimal accuracy and shoot like a seasoned sharpshooter.

Each single magazine that comes with this pistol can hold 16 rounds of ammo. The pistol is extremely well designed and has a very sturdy construction, credit goes to its full metal slide and barrel.

Under the pistol’s barrel, you will find a railing system which you can use to attach functional add-on like a laser sight or torch for a huge boost in precision and coolness sector.

Best 1911 Airsoft Pistol
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  • FPS of 500
  • Semi-automatic
  • Adjustable hop up
  • CO2 powered
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Full metal slide
  • 16 round magazine
  • Textured anti-slip grip

For those looking for one of the best non blowback airsoft pistol, this handgun does it all with an awesome 450+ FPS and its beautiful exterior construction, finish and realistic weight.

8. Umarex Walther P99 Blowback Airsoft Pistol – Best Blowback Airsoft Pistol

The Walther semi-automatic P99 CO2 Blowback Pistol from Umarex is one of the most realistic CO2 blowback pistols available on the market right now.

This is actually a good pistol for beginners to practice primary aiming methods and other handling basics.

Pistol’s slide as well as magazine both are made of metal, and with the CO2 canister thrown in, handling-wise, the Umarex Walther P99 is one of the best airsoft pistol.

This premium blow back semi-auto airsoft pistol has the signature Carl Walther trademarks marked both onto the slide and the signature textured pistol grip.

This pistols is considerably good when it comes to short range combat and if your aiming is decent enough, you can manage to accurately hit a target with this model from 105 feet or less.

Best Blowback Airsoft Pistol
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  • Semi-auto
  • Built-in hop up
  • Front weaver accessory rail
  • FPS of 320
  • Metal slide
  • 15 round magazine

If you ever wanted to get a Budget-friendly pistol that is quite powerful, accurate, sturdy, and comes with a realistic blowback feature, then this is the model you should definitely own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are spring airsoft pistol?

The Airsoft Spring Pistol works by triggering the slide, that is, you pull it back and fire. This mechanism is very simple and efficient.

Airsoft spring pistols are airsoft guns that need to be triggered manually with each shot. Some more COMPOSITE models are used in games, but, the main destination of use is in the practice of sport shooting, as leisure.

Its mechanism is simpler than AEGs (Airsoft Electric gun) in general they are lighter and have a more affordable cost. They vary in many aspects, from models, internal and external finishing, speed, size and weight. There are model springs recreating almost all models of real weapons; Pistols, Revolver, Rifles, Shotgun, etc.

The firing of this type of airsoft is mostly weak, there are models with stronger shots, intended for airsoft games. This difference in power and speed in the shots is basically the internal parts that each piece of equipment contains.

How airsoft pistol works?

Can airsoft pistol kill?

An airsoft gun is unlikely to kill. It can take out an eye or pop an eardrum if you are not careful or not covered with protected gear.

However, the results will be different and you will need to visit emergency room if you use steel BBs with a powerful airgun! Don’t try this!


We hope our list here will be helpful for you. We have chosen some solid pistol for airsoft to make your purchase decision easier.

When you have an enemy closing in, there is nothing better than a pistol. Pistols are light and small which makes them the perfect choice for corner peek or shoot duels. Pistols gives you unrivaled mobility which no other weapon in this game can provide.

Most of the rifles we picked in this list is upgradable in some ways. As you know all about airsoft pistols now, only thing left to do here is to train. Practice loading and drawing to increase the mobility and get the maximum your pistol has to offer.

With these best airsoft pistol in your holster, you’ll be ready to dominate in the close combats which is pretty common in airsoft.

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