7 Best airsoft sniper rifle 2020

Last updated on April 1, 2020

The reason behind why we need best airsoft sniper rifle is that close combats are not always the best way to defeat your opponent and long range shooting can drastically change the game sometime.

So first of all, what is an airsoft sniper rifle? It is basically a single-shot gun that fires BB lead over long distances of about a hundred yards away and eliminates enemy with a single blow.

While the most important key to become a successful and constant airsoft sniper is experience, the second most important are selecting a rifle that fits your playstyle, and we’ve taken the time to list seven excellent products in this article that may just work fine for you.

SaleBestseller No. 1
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 - Bolt Action Powerful Spring Airsoft Gun, Extreme Powerful FPS with .20g 6mm BBS
  • POWERFUL SPRING LOADED - Highlt Detailed Airsoft Sniper Rifle and Shooting Powerfully with .2g BBs
  • HIGH QUALITY BUILT - Airsoft gun replicas with detailed finish and ABS polymer construction to reinforce platform
  • PRECISION MADE - Precision machine made shooting longer distance with added stability and precision
  • FAST LOADING - Airsoft guns using Clip for fast and simple reload for quick turn around

1. Best beginner airsoft sniper rifle – Double Eagle Field Marksman

“It’s just a great gun” – By Nazar Nabaty

Amazing gun with good fps. A nice good quality heavy gun. Hits hard.

Check Price in Amazon

“Very well built very durabul very powerful on the box …” – By Brent


  • High strength ABS polymer stock
  • Full metal barrel, bolt and trigger
  • Velocity: 400-420 FPS with .20g BBs
  • Adjustable hop up system
  • Front rail mount for bi-pods and other accessories


  • Looks and feels great
  • Durable
  • 1:1 ratio to real rifle.
  • Heavy bolt study action.


  • Short range 25 to 30 feet accurately. After that you need to learn how to curve a round further down

Great gun. Purchase the other stuffs like the scope and bipod. It is a very good weight and it definatly doesn’t feel cheap. You will love all aspects of Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

Overall great purchase. Recommend for someone who is new to airsoft.

2. Best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle – BBTac M61

“so I am not the best person to review this” – By Dan the Man

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 – Bolt Action Powerful Spring Airsoft Gun, Extreme Power Accurate Sniping with .20g 6mm BBS Ammo. It is very realistic looking. The bolt feels solid.

Check Price in Amazon

“The firing mechanisms great. the clip the stock and the scope not so much.” – By Seth beckwith


  • Highly detailed and high quality built airsoft sniper rifle
  • Shooting Powerfully at 420-475 Fps with .2g BBs
  • ABS polymer construction to reinforce platform
  • Precision machine made shooting longer distance with added stability and precision
  • Airsoft guns using Clip for fast and simple reload
  • Bolt action to load and release on shooting with real feeling for authenticity


  • The barrel and everything that involves in the gun’s operation is metal.
  • Comes with a scope that is pretty accurate up to 50 feet or so.
  • It is not loud.
  • The actual firing mechanisms work magnificently.
  • Easy to function, bolting the gun is easy

Another variation you can check:

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 – Bolt Action Powerful Spring Airsoft Gun, Extreme Powerful FPS with .20g 6mm BBS

You will love this gun! Shooting is accurate. The FPS is perfect for local airsoft fields. The airsoft gun looks great.

3. Best L96 airsoft sniper rifle – UKARMS 300 FPS

“This gun is very good for its price” – By Janet Keenan

300 FPS – L96 Airsoft Gun Sniper Spring Powered Rifle Gun with Scope (Digital Camo)

Check Price in Amazon


  • Spring powered digital green camo Pattern!
  • Full Scale Sniper Rifle. Over 3 Feet Long.
  • Velocity (FPS): 300 with 0.12g BB’s
  • Reinforced High Strength ABS Polymer Body.
  • Heavyweight Rear Fixed Stock Ergonomic Stock w/ Thumbhole.
  • Top and Bottom RIS Rail System to Attach accessories like Folding Bi-Pod Red Dot Aiming Scope
  • Comes with 8 Round Rifle Magazine


  • Very good gun for its price.
  • Accurate and powerful.

Don’t use low quality bbs as they will jam up the gun.

4. Well full metal MB08 airsoft sniper rifle

“Not completely full metal, but still amazing.” – By Ernesto Mercado

Check Price in Amazon


  • Bolt Action
  • Folding Stock
  • Scope and Bipod Included


  • Operation: Bolt Action
  • Build: Aluminum Outer Barrel/ Fiber Polymer Handguard
  • Firing Modes: Single Shot/ Bolt Action
  • Muzzle Velocity: 470 – 480 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
  • Magazine: 24rd Capacity
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Overall Length: 37″ in. / 45″ in. (Retracted / Extended)
  • Scope: 3-9×40 RIFLE SCOPE w/RINGS
  • Bipod: Fits All MB Series

5. Well L96 spring sniper airsoft rifle

The best l96 airsoft sniper rifle. The L96, made by Accuracy International, is one of the most well-respected and loved rifle series in the world for professional marksmen and also in airsoft industry.

The WELL replica may not be made with the same care, precision and material but it’s a very good sniper rifle for the price, and in this particular package we mentioned here, even includes a cheap scope and bipod, both good enough to give you service until you find something more to your liking. This spring-powered metal sniper rifle is sleek, accurate and easy to load.

Check Price in Amazon

This is a bolt action sniper rifle with a realistic feel and weight. The MB440 offers some fantastic features over most other airsoft sniper rifles, too – the long barrel improves barrel rigidity and cuts down on resonance, while the folding stock allows you to transport the rifle in a more compact form with ease.

The realistic well build magazine is nice too, although some users have expressed concerns that the feeding fin may get damaged over time. To overcome this problem, fortunately, the rifle supports TM L96 upgrades, which are fairly common and well-priced.


  • Spring powered metal bolt action
  • Well velocity
  • Muzzle velocity of 450 feet per second
  • BB capacity of 23 rounds
  • Best l96 airsoft sniper rifle


Q: Does it come with a speed loader?

A: No, it doesn’t

Q: Can it be set up for left hand rifle?

A: No, it’s only right handed

Q: Is this electric powered?

A: No its spring powered


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable body and externals; a good platform for future upgrades
  • Takes L96 upgrades
  • Hop-up adjusts with an easy-to-access dial adjustment on the bottom of the frame
  • Realistic magazine
  • Folding stock
  • Fluted barrel and clamp-on flash hider


  • Included scope is fairly hit-or-miss
  • Accuracy requires a fair amount of scope adjustment
  • Assembly required

2. Wellfire APS SR-2 Spring Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Runner up

This is another sniper in our list, Wellfire APS SR-2 Spring Action Sniper, that will take your sniper game to the next level. As the name goes, spring airsoft rifles use the power generated from the spring to fire a projectile out of the barrel.

They work on mechanical power, meaning that the user must cock the gun after every round is fired. Spring-powered guns are always straightforward, simple to use and can be very fun to shoot. With its fantastic performance, it’s one of the best spring fed rifles out there with its bolt operation and its one-piece full metal barrel.

The mostly metal build of this gun makes it one of the best sniper rifles for players around the world. The Wellfire APS SR-2 has full metal made, tight bore barrel so it can produce long range shooting with ultimate precision and last for years to come. It has a small orange tip at the end to separate airsoft gun with the real firearm.

This gun has a very realistic weight so you don’t need to worry about banging it around a little when you are running, crawling or jumping to your next cover. It has some other amazing features, including polished black ABS polymer finish, FPS output of 470 and an adjustable hop-up system.

470 fps wellfire aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle mb06a(Airsoft Gun)
Check Price in Amazon


  • A 27 round magazine
  • Scope with a 32mm optical and 3x-9x magnification zoom
  • Side mounted adjustable nobs for elevation and wind age adjustment
  • For additional attachments, a 20mm tactical 20mm
  • 470 fps best spring airsoft sniper
  • Metal internals with plastic exterior


Q: Does it have a hop up?

A: Yes, it has

Q: Does it sell spare mag separately?

A: No, it doesn’t

Q: Does it have speed loader?

A: No, It doesn’t


  • Mostly metal and sturdy construction
  • Accurate shooting
  • Silent
  • Collapsible stock
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Durable steel barrel
  • Convenient Picatinny rail
  • Best airsoft sniper scope
  • Eye-opening adjustable bipod


  • Needs scope
  • No iron sights

3. UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle – Editor’s Choice

This one here is a classic looking sniper rifle that you may see in lot of movies or series. The included bipod really help you steady your barrel insuring you hit what you want to hit from a very long distance, not all manufacturer provide that.

This full-sized, bolt-action pellet rifle has a zippy velocity of 460 feet per second, which is one of the highest number out there, a BB speed loader and non-slip steady grip. To get the details and to have a clear shot from long distance at your intended target, you’ll want to add a scope, though.

You can add the scope of your choosing to the top rail, which is made of metal. The bootstock coming with the gun itself help bring the gun back towards you, increasing the comfort and view through your sight. So, attach a scope and the bipod featured in the box, both help tremendously when you are shooting from long distances.

Other accessories that supports this rifle help you fine-tune the comfort of your rifle against your body too. This is also one of the most expensive airsoft sniper.

UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle, Black
Check Price in Amazon


  • 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • Has a speed of 460 FPS
  • Capacity of 25 rounds per mag
  • FPS of .12 g BBs
  • Picatinny rail for adding a scope
  • 6mm caliber
  • Reinforced safety
  • Non-slip grip with UTG sling
  • BB speed loader
  • Integrated front and top scope rail
  • Can be used with .20g BBs for more accuracy


Q: What kind of BB’s does it use?
A: Plastic BB’s

Q: What’s the expected distance of a shot?
A: Around 150-200 feet

Q: Does it come with a bipod?
A: Yes it does


  • Comes with bipod
  • The stock is light and
  • Bipods are provided for greater stability
  • Has a long range and high power accuracy
  • Has an adjustable hop-up switch
  • Low noise firing
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not require a battery or gas to function
  • Very durable
  • The trigger is easier to pull compared to other guns
  • Very little assembly is required
  • Easy to shoot


  • No optic included
  • Scope has to be purchased separately
  • Pulling the bolt back can be difficult for the first few tries and for newbies
  • The orange tip can be a dead giveaway

4. Game Face 52004 GF529 Sniper Carbine Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle – Best for Entry Level

A feature you will see in every top rated and popular airsoft sniper rifles is a metal barrel. Having a metal barrel in your airsoft sniper rifle will give you upper hand in accuracy department what you aren’t likely to get with a plastic barrel.

This sniper rifle fires BBs at a rate of 425 fps and comes with an easy-load magazine that holds 29 rounds. This carbine (shorter than a rifle barrel) is a good airsoft sniper rifle for those who likes to play by changing location very often. Long barrels does a lot of help with accuracy, but if you can get closer to your target, you are much more likely to hit your target.

The shorter barrels can help with maneuverability in the field while still providing you the accuracy you need to take the shot. A carbine barrel is a good feature for many shooters. You get the same features of the rifle you know and love, but moving around with this one is way easier.

Snipers can be proven to be heavy which can really distract you on the field. A carbine can make all the difference in that type of situation.

Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle 6mm BB 52004
Check Price in Amazon


  • 1 piece precision metal barrel for improved long-range shooting
  • Easy to load magazine holds 29 rounds
  • Spring powered airsoft sniper rifle
  • 6mm Airsoft/up to 425 FPS
  • Dual Picatinny accessory rails
  • Adjustable hop-up system


Q: How long is the gun?
A: About 3 Feet

Q: Is the hammer replicable?
A: Yes, it is

Q: Does it fire metal or plastic BB’s?
A: It fires plastic BB’s


  • 29-round magazine
  • Speed loader and cleaning rod included
  • High quality and Performance tested
  • Reliable name is Airsoft accessories and equipment
  • Never jammed
  • Light Weight Airsoft Rifle


  • No bipod included
  • No optic included

5. BBTac BT-96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This entry is from one of the finest manufacturers in airsoft market, the BBTac. It has a muzzle velocity that ranges between 450-460 FPS and comes with an easy reload magazine whose capacity is 24 rounds.

BT96 comes with a scope, rifle, speed loader, magazine, bipod, cleaning rod, sling and manual, a lot of accessories that other manufacturers surely will not offer. The in-box scope works fine, and both sides of the gun support straps, which is very helpful for carrying the gun.

It is very simple to assemble as it comes with a manual for guidance. BT96 has an affordable price range and quite convenient since it offers the features that an airsoft sniper needs. It is a durable, fully accessible, full metal sniper rifle.

The bipod is of high quality, but the scope may lag behind in quality section. You may consider replacing the scope, with a separately bought good one.

best airsoft sniper rifle
Check Price in Amazon


  • This sniper rifle comes with a bipod, speed loader, scope, rifle, magazine, sling, cleaning rod and manual
  • Shoot with BBs of 6mm
  • Shipping of this rifle is prohibited in Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C.
  • Magazine capacity of 24 rounds using 0.2g BBs of 6mm
  • Has a 44-inch length
  • It is of high-quality, durable material
  • Comes with a manual
  • Best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle


Q: Is the stand and scope included?
A: Yes, it is

Q: Does it come with a mag?
A: Yes, it does

Q: Is that a plastic scope?
A: No, the scope is made of metal


  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • The gun is of high quality
  • Most accurate airsoft sniper rifle
  • The muzzle is strong
  • Shipping and delivery is quick
  • Has a 3-9X scope which ensures an accurate shot
  • Comes with a manual that makes it easy to assemble


  • The scope may be off
  • Bi-pod connector may happen to be unsteady

6. A&K/ASG SVD – Most Unique Airsoft Sniper Rifle

You may say as we presume that the SVD is a semi-automatic rifle and how well will it perform as the bolt action replica of a semi-automatic rifle.

Well, normally you’d be right, but a little-known fact about the Russia made real-world SVD is that it has an adjustable gas block, allowing Russian marksmen to use the rifle as a bolt-action to have accuracy to the fullest extent by allowing better seating of the round and with minimum gas bleed. In that sense, it’s pretty much realistic to use a bolt-action SVD on the airsoft field!

The A&K SVD, (now distributed in the US by ASG), has been on the market for a while now, maybe ten years from now, and in that time it’s built up a cult following of users who’ve started to sell upgrade parts made especially for its proprietary system.

The A&K SVD is a heavy, tough piece of kit with an extravagantly long barrel and you know what a long barrel does. If the length bothers you, though, you always have the option to go for its little brother, the SVD-S, a shortened SVD with folding stock, also made by A&K and distributed by ASG.

Evike A&K SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Color: Stealth Black)
Check Price in Amazon


  • Long range accuracy and performance
  • Compact and slick design bolt action paintball sniper rifle
  • High Power Bolt Action Air Cocking System
  • High Strength Polymer Handguards and Skeleton Stock
  • Integral scope mount for SVD scope (scope sold separately)


Q: What’s the muzzle velocity of this thing?
A: 420 FPS approx.

Q: Is the cheek pad removable?
A: Yes, it’s removable

Q: Does it come with scope?
A: No, it doesn’t


  • Extremely cheap for an all-metal SVD
  • Upgrades available from various suppliers
  • Uses AEG springs
  • Rotary hop-up adjustment
  • Removable cheek rest
  • Long barrel
  • Realistic steel magazines
  • 60 round capacity


  • Long and unwieldy in close quarters
  • Barrel and sight have a tendency to get caught in the high brush

7. Well VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Decent Value

This pick here is so much like the GameFace Sniper Carbine we featured earlier in this article and is great for those who want a basic sniper rifle, without extra features. It has a short barrel with a high power capacity and good maneuverability shooting at 450 FPS at 0.20g BBs which is more than impressive if you ask me.

It shoots with bolt-action, meaning that you have to slide the cartridges back just like in a real sniper rifle each time you shoot. The barrel features aluminum build while the rest of the body is plastic ABS, making it lighter than it looks as it weighs unbelievably 2.5kg with a length of 45 inches. The top metal rail allows the mounting scopes for better accuracy and clear vision and the bottom metal rail is attaching bipods.

The only problem is that it doesn’t come with the scope or the bipods. Hence you may have to purchase them on your own terms. The other more basic features are like the hop-up, safety, a rubber butt stoke and two sling mounts for ease of carrying around.

Well VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Check Price in Amazon


  • Muzzle velocity of 400 FPS
  • Wide selection of market upgrades and replacement parts
  • Bolt action spring powered
  • Shortened barrel for improved maneuverability
  • Easily upgradable and regularly available parts


Q: is the bipod detachable?
A: Yes, it is

Q: Is this a real scope?
A: It is a full metal very good quality 3x9x40 scope

Q: Is the barrel metal made?
A: Yes, it is


  • Lightweight rifle
  • Shoots good out of the box
  • Low price
  • Accurate and good fps
  • High quality internals
  • Comes with sling and speed-loader


  • Not so accurate
  • No bipod included
  • Bolt can be harder to pull for younger players

Buyer’s Guide

There is just no way to deny that playing with best airsoft snipers rifles is a matter of fun and joy for those who love it. As you are here we can assume that you are probably one of them. Top airsoft sniper rifles are getting developed day by day and choosing the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market can be tricky sometime.

Did you ever think that what makes the snipers so dangerous? Why they never lose their target? Why it is important to go for the best airsoft sniper rifles to dominate the game? Well, it’s because they have a fantastic accuracy over longer distances.

Both electric, gas or spring powered sniper rifles can achieve good results, each has their own advantages and disadvantages, there are some other factor too like barrel length, material, accessories rail, and ammunition that affects the rifle’s effectiveness.

The Sniper Rifle is a most wanted by many newcomers at the airsoft field, who are raised playing video games and thinks that putting the crosshair on the body can get the job done. But in real rifles like in airsoft, there are external factors like wind, humidity, temperature, etc. that will surely affect the shot. Before buying airsoft sniper rifle we would like you to consider the following things,

Build Material

The material of the build is very important factor which should be considered for buying almost anything especially when it comes to sniper rifle, a worthy airsoft sniper rifle will always have a metal barrel. The metal barrel allows the spring to be durable and provide maximum precision in short. A durable spring means you can push the BB out at a higher velocity, with minimum drop. In simple words, we can say it will hit your target with more impact and accuracy.

Accessory Rails

Here the rail means that part of the rifle where a scope is attached. A slight magnification is beneficial, you do not need a super powerful scope, as normally airsoft fields are not as big as real battlefield. Keep in mind that you are shooting less than 220 feet, you don’t need any magnification if your target is at around 50 feet from you. But for range longer than that you must attach a scope of minimum m capacity to hit a perfect shot and accessory rails come in just at that time.


You should buy a rifle that has optics to help you in the shooting. If it does not come with optics, at least make sure whether it is compatible with them or not. You should also find out whether the rifle has rails for mounting optics. A sniper is a very special inclusion in the game, and they need a reliable rifle so that they can eliminate all the threats to the team from a very long distance with precision. All the team members depends on the sniper for the safety, because the sniper is an observer, who sees what other team members do not, while providing cover and eliminating opponents from distance. With optics, the sniper can see other snipers and all the opponents. That’s why you need to buy good airsoft sniper rifle with very good and high-quality optics, or at least compatibility.


Few of the rifle in the above list doesn’t come with accessories, some include a scope some have bipods and some have both or other required accessories for operation. Always choose the rifle that comes with accessories preferably the scope and the bipod.

Barrel Length and Material

While selecting the best airsoft sniper rifles, barrel length and material is something significant to consider. The accuracy of the rifle depends on barrel length and material also, particularly for the best airsoft sniper rifles and higher-powered guns.


This is one of the key factors that you should consider when buying the best airsoft sniper rifle in the world. When a sniper rifle is upgraded, it makes it easier for you to hit your target, because the rifle becomes more accurate, precise and impactful. Upgrading also makes your rifle more capable of hitting targets at longer ranges. More preferably, spring rifles are easily refurbished, and they are easily upgradable than other types of guns, so if you can, go for a spring rifle.

Build Material

There are two types of build material that we see in airsoft sniper rifles (plastic and metal), and both are durable material. But which material made rifle you should use actually depends on how you are going to use it,

If you are an outdoor player or a professional, then metal build material would be perfect for you, it will stay longer, no explanation needed we assume, its metal! Otherwise, a plastic one will be perfect for you and will be easy to handle and maintain.


As you have seen on the above list of the best airsoft sniper rifles, the weight of the ammo used in a rifle is very important to consider and you may have seen most of them take 6mm BB. If the ammo is too light it will not go very far and when the ammo is too heavy it would not go far either. You have to choose a plastic BB that’s a little heavier than the .20gram, but you may choose a little lighter or heavier depending on the use.


This is the core factor in all sniper rifles. Snipers need the most accuracy as the shoot from long distance. By an accurate sniper, a team can defeat their opponents easily. You should check various things that results in ultimate accuracy of the rifle include the length, the bore and the quality of the barrel. Hop-up helps to keep the gun steady and thus really helps in getting accurate shots.


Before making a decision of the rifle that you will buy, you should know the estimated amount of money you are willing to pay for the sniper rifle. Airsoft sniper rifles for sale are marvelous, but they cost differently and not always of the best quality. When you are looking for a rifle to buy, you should go for the one that you can afford with most features your budget can cover. If you’re a beginner, you should not go for an expensive one, because you can break it and you may not know how to use all those features available in a costly gun.


The classic look of a sniper rifle is enough to let people know that you know what you’re doing on the battlefield. While anyone with the money can buy a good gun, you need to back up your gameplay in team match with some real accuracy from long distance.

Knowing what you know now, you should have a better idea of what’s available, what’s the best and what’s the best considering different measures. We hope after reading this article, you can easily choose the best airsoft sniper rifles on the market according to your needs. Do your research, take time and truly understand your personal preferences, you’ll find the best airsoft sniper rifles to maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield.

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