5 Best Earplugs for Swimming 2020

Last updated on March 29, 2020

Best earplugs for swimming can help you prevent the discomfort of water trapped in your ear canal or, worse, “swimmer’s ear” – an infection that’s often caused by water trapped in your ears.

Swimming is a great away to keep your body active and works as an exercise that wakes up your whole body, allowing you to enjoy a healthy a fit life.

However, there is one thing that isn’t so great about swimming, – the water getting into your ear.

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  • HIGH QUALITY – Long lasting, durable silicone will not deteriorate like similar earplugs made of plastic. Washable, reusable and latex free.

Best Earplugs for Swimming

Putty Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs - The Best Swimming Ear Plugs - Block Water - Super Soft - Comfortable - Great for Kids - 3-Pair PackCheck Price
Mack's AquaBlock Swimming Earplugs - Comfortable, Waterproof, Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs for Swimming, Snorkeling, Showering, Surfing and BathingCheck Price
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Everyone who spends a lot of time swimming or in the water are familiar with the problem of trapped water inside their ear.

You get done swimming, surfing or spending time in the water and just get that all much common discomfort in your ears. This is the point where earplugs for swimming comes in.

This review article will cover some of the best type of earplugs for swimming available on the market and tell you about what it is you should look for in these best product. Let’s have a look!

1. Best Earplugs for Swimming – Putty Buddies Swimming Earplugs [Recommended]

Perfect bath time companion for kids with tubes!!!!!

By Whitney – Top Contributor: Baby

Putty Buddy is a very common name in earplug industry with years for experience and this product from them is one of their most effective ones.

First of all, it has a very minimalistic design and offers different color combinations to choose from which we know many people will like.

These earplugs are made of soft moldable silicone making them perfect for bathing and swimming. They’re also very easy to use and mold into the ear.

Best Recommended Earplugs for Swimming
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These Putty Buddies ear sticks are manufactured with unique Flo-Tek silicone formula so they float easily on the water so there is no chance of losing it.


  • Excellent fit for kids
  • Comes with three pairs
  • ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL design
  • Amazing moldable swimming ear plugs
  • Different color combinations available
  • It is floating so there is a low chance of losing it


  • Very Sticky earplugs for swimming
  • Molding at first can be tricky
  • No extra hand band

Perfect for people with ear problems and tubes. This earplugs for swimming are from a famous manufacturer and you can definitely rely on them.

2. Best Rated Earplugs for Swimming – Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs

Pre-molded and reusable, this earplugs from Mack is guaranteed to provide every bit of security you need for a safe swimming session. They are easy to insert and give you the feeling of safety just when you plug it.

The main reason behind choosing this earplug is that they perfectly maintain the pressure balance and does not allow water to let inside your ear canals. In addition, it has a range of usage like bathing, showering and participating in water sports besides normal swimming.

Best Swimming Earplugs I ever used

By John Christie

With a triple flange design, this earplug for swimming is made of ultra-soft and comfortable silicone so that it doesn’t generate any uncomfortable friction between the earplugs and the skin of the ear. It will not deteriorate after a long time use like most earplugs made of plastic tends to do.

Best Rated Earplugs for Swimming
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This pack includes one pair of earplugs which can be reused after washing. There are easily affordable, which makes it a perfect choice for swimmers.


  • Washable and reusable swimming ear plugs
  • Unique Flex Stem
  • Triple flange design
  • Pre-molded silicone
  • Carrying case included


  • May be a little big
  • Uncomfortable when removing

All in all, we would say that these earplugs have all the features of a good one. You shouldn’t expect miracles, but they are quite good at doing what they are supposed to, and one of the best cheap earplugs for swimming.

3. Best Reusable Earplugs for Swimming – Every Cares Swimming Earplugs

These earplugs for swimming from Every Cares can be your perfect companion for all kind s of water activities like bathing, swimming or diving.

They are made as reusable and features a tree like design that stops water from entering your ear canal with different layers and keep your eardrums dry.

Made out of flexible and pliable medical grade BP free silicon, this earplugs are super comfy, fits your ear perfectly and very east to insert and remove.

Best Reusable Earplugs for Swimming
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They are not corded but instead there is a little storage box included with the package for carrying them. There are multiple color options to choose from to besides the standard blue.


  • BPA free medical grade silicone earplugs for swimming
  • Storage case included with these swimming ear plugs
  • Tree-design for better protection
  • Minimized leakage


  • Not for people prone to infection

With a unique treelike design and multiple color option, this is the perfect protection for both adults and children.

4. Best Children Earplugs for Swimming – Hearprotek Swimming Ear Plugs

This is a set of swimming earplugs for both kids and adults from Hearprotek to keep water out of your ears as you swim or take a bath.

This earplugs are designed ergonomic to fit snugly inside the ear and lay flat against the outer ear unlike other flanged models. This gives you total water resistant fit and protects your ear from swimmer’s ear.

Made out of soft silicone, this earplugs are super comfortable to insert and remove. With these earplugs, you will not face any kind of itching, scratching or irritation in the ears.

These earplugs offers three different color variations which will make you stand out and identifiable whether or not you have your earplugs in ears or not.

Best Children Earplugs for Swimming
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Furthermore, the earplugs for swimming come with a handy reusable case which enables you to carry the earplugs easily and put them to storage to protect them from dirt or loosing.

We are pretty much sure that you will love this earplugs but in case you don’t, there is a money back of 30 days and 12 months replacement warranty. 


  • Ergonomically shaped swimming ear plugs
  • Comfortable & safe earplugs for swimming
  • Different color options
  • Storage case included
  • 30 days money back and 12 months replacement warranty


  • Bit difficult to get seated into ear properly
  • May fell of sometime

For everyone who has sensitive ears and is prone to infections, get this ear plugs. You will not regret getting this pair.

5. Best Waterproof Earplugs for swimming – TYR Silicone Molded Swimming Ear Plugs

These silicon molded earplugs for swimming from Howard Leight are another great choice for keeping water out of your ears.

The earplugs feature a hollow stem which ensures minimal hearing disruption while swimming. Made of premium silicon these earplugs are highly comfortable while inserting or removing.

Built to protect your ear from entering water, the TYR silicone swimming earplugs are specially made to fit left and right ears and comes a carrying case for easy travel and storage when an individual is out.

Best Waterproof Earplugs for swimming
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One size fits all, which means you don’t have to worry about the whether the user is a child or adult.


  • Hollow stem
  • Minimal hearing disruption while swimming
  • Specifically designed for left and right ears
  • One size fits all
  • Storage case included with these earplugs


  • Hearing is not great
  • May hurt a little after long use

Overall, these are a safe choice from a renowned brand, so you know you are getting your money’s worth.


More so than our best earplugs for swimming review here, the earplugs you should choose should depend on your priorities. Look matters for some people, some just look for more effectiveness where some people wants the best products no matter the budget. These are the ultimate factors that play the deciding role in which earplug you should go for.

By keeping all of those priorities in mind, our review will give you a proper idea about asking the proper questions and knowing which features you should look for in a pair of good earplugs for swimming for a safe and fun swimming session.

These earplugs are ideal for any water activities like diving, surfing or just normal swimming and very reasonably priced too which makes them good for your wallet.

We hope that with the help of this article you will find the right pair of earplugs to fit both your ears and your swimming needs.