10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2020

Last updated on November 19, 2019

The most important piece of gear a goalkeeper needs is gloves and choosing the best goalkeeper gloves is a difficult task.

As the most popular sport in the world, it should come as little surprise that the market for goalkeeper’s gloves is filled with options and features that distinguish one from another.

Gloves help them to have a better grip during the match, as they stand guarding the goalpost.

Best goalkeeper gloves should have the ability to protect your hand from getting a hard hit and enables you to catch the soccer ball fully with the gloves on.

Now-a-days, goalkeeper gloves are easily available in various sizes and designs. The right gloves will keep your hand comfortable no matter how hard the ball hit your hand.

The quality of the gloves can have a significant impact on the performance of the goalie in a soccer game.

There are many variables to consider when purchasing the best goalkeeper gloves as they are very subjective and what works best for one person may not be the best for everyone.

There are a lot of different styles and manufacturers out there, each offering something different.

To help you make a decision, we’ve tested five of the most popular pairs and explained what sets them apart, and below that we run you through the differences, pros, cons and recommend some of our favorites.

1. Youth&Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves – Best Youth Goalie Gloves

The Youth and Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves are made with very high-quality latex material that gives the gloves extra comfort and kindness on the hands. Featuring unique finger and palm protection, as well as 9mm thickly padded latex foam, these soccer gloves offer ample cushioning guaranteed to protect the player’s palms from strong shots. The backbone finger saves system is also included in these gloves giving extra protection to fingers from the impact. Moreover, the unique positive cut design gives it a smoother appeal and makes it a trendy glove.

Youth&Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves,Strong Grip for The Toughest Saves, with Finger Spines to Give Splendid Protection to Prevent Injuries,3 Colors
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  • Tough but comfortable at the same time
  • Anti- slip, wear- resistant palm
  • Positive cut for great ball contact
  • Finger and palm protection
  • Double wrist safeguard


  • A less expensive pair of goalkeeper gloves
  • Uses a double wristband closure design for maximum security
  • Extra padding and mild finger spines
  • Hard enough to protect your fingers going backward
  • The gloves also come with extra wristbands
  • Latex material used provides a strong grip
  • They are comfortable and efficient


  • Not breathable at all
  • The flat cut does not fit snugly
  • The composite palm material does not provide the best grip
  • Finger spines are bit uncomfortable

Final Verdict

This pair of gloves certainly is worth the purchase for someone looking for practice gloves or just the weekend warrior who plays occasional pickup.

2. Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves – Best Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves

Blok-IT has produced a line of the that are very popular in the market today, promoted by the tag “Goalie Gloves to Help You Make the Toughest Saves”.

Blok-It has put forth a pair of goalkeeper gloves that are exceedingly versatile in their use but truly shine as a pair of quality practice gloves.

All fingers, palms, and back of the hand are protected with 4mm foam, and the quick release Velcro wrist support allows for security and protection at all times.

The wristband also looks sturdy enough and claims a “quick-release” feature that should be a nice touch.

Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves Goalie Gloves - Make The Toughest Saves-Secure and Comfortable Fit - Extra Padding, Reduced Chance of Injury
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  • Unisex
  • Latex grip material & includes finger saves
  • 3mm latex palm padding offers decent grip
  • Great airflow and sweat absorption
  • Not slippery


  • Lots of padding throughout, but not too bulky
  • Perfect beginners or training equipment
  • Double wrap Velcro secure closing for secure fit
  • Great price
  • A less expensive pair of goalkeeper gloves
  • Designed with a breathable material
  • It is durable and hard
  • Protects the fingers with finger protection


  • Run small
  • Hand wash
  • With only velcro closures, the glove security is minimal

Final Verdict

If you are in search and need a pair of suitable gloves for practice matches or a family game, then these gloves may work out.

3. Adidas Performance ACE Junior Goalie Gloves – Best Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves

The junior goalie gloves are all about protecting young players from high-speed balls that can result in quite some injuries.

This pair of gloves comes with latex palm that offers good grip along with durability that you can wear in all weather conditions.

These ACE gloves feature Soft Grip Pro latex padded palms which provide a slightly large surface area allowing young goalies to save shots without sacrificing ball control.

They have Fingersave spines which stiffen and resist pressure when pushed backward to make sure that ball deflection is more effective.

adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves
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  • Positive cut
  • Banded velcro wristband
  • Soft Grip Pro latex palms
  • 63% polyester and 37% polyurethane
  • Great grip, softness and durability in all weathers


  • All round palm
  • Vented wrist cuffs
  • Finger spines stiffen and resist pressure
  • Slit-wrist closure for expanded freedom of movement and easy entry
  • Provides a good and comfortable fit


  • Fabric tends to wear out
  • Palm doesn’t hold up long

Final Verdict

Best choice for your little players. These are very comfortable and keep hands from hurting with latex palm pad. What else to expect from one of the best goalkeeper gloves?

4. Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves – Best Grip Goalkeeper Gloves

Brine king Match 3X Goalie gloves are solid goalkeeper gloves that come at a relatively low price. The German latex on the palm is 3mm and 2mm on the backer.

These gloves have a backbone protection design that will help to absorb impact. The wrapped thumbs ensure that you have great control over the ball.

These gloves have laterally wrapped backhand which improves both the shape and comfort of the glove.

The unique finger rolls are crafted of bendable and strong materials that give a long term support.

Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves
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  • Breathable mesh glove body
  • Elasticized wrist cuff
  • Print embossed EVA backhand
  • New improved BACKBONE protection system
  • Backbone protection system
  • Wrapped thumb for optimum ball contact
  • Laterally wrapped backhand for improved shape and comfort


  • Super soft latex provides a good grip
  • Elastic closure for more security and flexibility
  • Great protection in key areas
  • Wrist strap provides top support
  • Great inexpensive option
  • Finger and thumb wrap


  • The wrist straps require caution when tightening them
  • They were found to wear off after short use

Final Verdict

These gloves comfort will provide a sense of ease that allows the goalkeeper’s natural talent to shine without the distraction of their equipment. This is where the Brine King Match 3X glove comes into play.

5. Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves – Best Renegade Goalkeeper Gloves

These Renegade gloves are bright and attractive, and will definitely have you stand out, but they are much more than that.

These breathable gloves are designed with both the young and adult players in mind, and they can be relied on to provide sufficient protection all the while enhancing the goalkeeper’s performance.

The Fury Series is a level-4 Champion glove that incorporates Roll-fingers, Roll-Negative Hybrid and Flat Gecko cuts for the absolute in comfort and performance. It also features finger savers for greater protection.

The fabric is protected against general wear and tear, so you should be able to get through lots of games without anything breaking, for the most part.

Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves (Sizes 7-11, 5 Cuts, Lvl 4) Pro-Tek Fingersaves -High Performance Pro Level Goalkeeper Glove, Amazing Value -German Giga Grip Palms
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  • Double wrist safeguard
  • BACKBONE removable finger save system
  • Pre-arched padded latex foam
  • Elasticized wrist wrap
  • Padding above each finger slot


  • Feels soft and comfortable
  • An air mesh body to give breathability
  • They are lightweight enough that they won’t feel heavy during the game
  • The company provides great customer service, so you can get help if you have an issue
  • The material is resistant to most forms of wear Padding above each finger slot
  • Interior space is designed to reduce sweating


  • Gloves lack thumb saver
  • Palm area may break away

Final Verdict

Overall, the balanced superior performance and durability combine to make this a fantastic choice for any goalkeeper.

6. Vizari Junior Match Glove – Best Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

Kids can also enjoy being a great goalkeepers as well when they these awesome gloves from Vizari. These gloves come with duplatex foam palm that holds the ball perfectly without slipping at all.

The makers of this gloves understood this fact very well, and that is the reason the gloves are adjusting a soft duplatex latex foam palm that not only ensures efficiently but care for the hands of the wearer.

Grip is everything for a goalkeeper and With a 3mm German latex palm, you can be sure to get the grip you need while still having the flexibility needed to catch the ball.

Vizari Junior Match Glove
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  • Top quality junior glove
  • Soft duplatex latex foam palm
  • Fully embossed EVA backhand
  • Elastic wrist closure with EVA wristband


  • Can last through a soccer season, making them a good option
  • Stitching is done well
  • Great flexibility
  • Good grip for easy ball control
  • Offer great finger protection


  • Have strong chemical smell, which can be a nuisance
  • The sizing is off, so be careful when choosing your size

Final Verdict

Decent quality, good for the price – Nice set of kids gloves, highly recommend for cost and beginner/intermediate players.

7. Valorsports Professional GK Janus Gloves – Best Flat Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

Valorsport is quite an unfamiliar name in the field of goalkeeper gloves butthey seem to deliver a good value compared to their relatively low price tag.

These gloves feature a flat cut, and this makes the gloves perfect for goalies with broad palms and who require a spacious fit.

The hand palm is made of natural latex and foam which gives good stickiness for amazing ball grip and the latex also indicates the strength and durability of the gloves.

The double-design wristband has an inner knitted elastic layer and an outer wound bandage layer ensures flexibility while at the same time, protecting the player’s wrists.

This gloves also offers five different size option and three colour.

Valorsports Professional Fingersave Adult Kid Hand Palm Natural Latex Goalkeeper Gloves JA383
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  • Anti-slip and wear-resistant latex palms
  • Improved BACKBONE finger save system
  • Extremely thick padded latex foam
  • Double-designed wristband
  • Made from high quality materials of EVA and latex


  • Comes with finger protection
  • Good wrist and finger support
  • Finger save doesn’t interfere with throwing the ball
  • Great padding that holds up well
  • Fits well with awesome grip


  • No finger-save on thumb
  • May seem uncomfortable to wear for some

Final Verdict

We would highly recommend for kids who want to get serious about playing in goal. The quality of the cost made these a great find.

8. Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves – Best Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

R-GK Triton Specter Roll Cut Goalkeeping Gloves with Pro Fingersaves – Improve Confidence & Performance with Padded GK Gloves will give you the best goalkeeping experience with this best goalie gloves.

This gloves feature a hybrid cut, basically a mix of traditional roll over and negative cut glove.

You will get maximum flexibility and mobility with two inner fingers in the negative cut style when you need to stop the ball.

These pair of gloves come with some of the most innovative features like 180° thumb wrap, PU thumb V-notch and premium quality German latex which helps the player to achieve maximum grip and ball control.

3D mesh structure of this gloves ensures better breathability to give you a sweat-free experience.

The price tag of this gloves is quite low considering the comfortability and quality it offers.

Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves (Sizes 5-11, 3 Cuts, Lvl 2), Pro-Tek Fingersaves - Great Hard Ground Goalkeeper Glove - Extra Durable German Super Grip Palms
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  • High-performance German latex
  • 3MM 360° Dura-Tek Latex Straps
  • 180° Thumb Wraps
  • 3D Airmesh Body
  • Removable Endo-Tek Pro fingersaves


  • Great breathability
  • Innovative nylon strap puller makes them easy to put on
  • Improve grip, ball control
  • Pre-arched palm


  • Palms start to peel
  • Upper part tend to wear out

Final Verdict

The Dura-Tek latex backhand ensures far greater comfort and durability of the product and the price tag for this goalkeeper gloves makes it one of the best soccer goalkeeper gloves for the budget-conscious customers.

9. K-LO FINGERSAVE Goalkeeper Gloves – Best Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Protection

If you like little bit of pattern and design in your gloves, this pair of gloves from K-LO has a lot going on.

But more than their design aesthetic, they also have some interesting features. For example, 5 finger spline protection protects your finger from bending backwards, maintaining forward finger formation with all the flexibility you need without compromising support.

Although they do protect your fingers, you can also rest assured that they do allow free finger movement. The wrist enclosure is durable straps that play a key role in the grip.

The glove also features breathable mesh for air passage to keep the sweat dry.

The build of the glove and material used make it extremely comfortable for a quality keeping experience.

FINGERSAVE Goalkeeper Gloves by K-LO - The Savage Goalie Glove Has Fingersave Protection in All 5-Fingers to Prevent Injury and Improve Shot Blocking. Super Sticky Palms.Youth &Adult Sizes. Yellow.
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  • 5-finger spline support
  • Full refunds for returned product within 30 days
  • Double wrapped wrist support
  • Soft PVC made backhand         
  • Double-stitched elastic and velcro band


  • They are strong and can prevent hard impacts
  • Sticky latex provides a strong grip
  • Breathable material restricts sweating
  • Flexible foam throughout entire product
  • Reasonable Price
  • Neoprene solid panel backing
  • Thumb protection


  • Not ideal for wet conditions
  • Straps and foam are a week

Final Verdict

The K-LO Fingersave gloves feel like a solid, unfussy option, providing a good mix of protection and flexibility. It is fine for getting a decent punch on a ball.

10. Select Sport America 3 Goalkeeper Gloves – Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Turf

These gloves come from a company that was founded by a professional goalkeeper and an Olympic medalist, Eigil Nielson so there is no doubt that they are going to do the job that they were made for.

Because of this, this goalkeeper glove is made with latex RG resist grip that is designed to take shocks from everyday playing and practice pretty well.

The wrist enclosure is durable straps that play a key role in the grip. The glove also features breathable mesh for air passage to keep the sweat dry.

The embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The new wider latex wrist bandage gives the goalie a better fit with more control.

These gloves are absolutely supportive and comfortable to wear while you can easily adjust for great fit.

Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves
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  • Flexible finger spine
  • Flat cut palm
  • Easy on/off wrist opening
  • Supportive and adjustable latex straps
  • Premium Latex made
  • Good ventilation system


  • Light with Shot Stopping Power
  • Great Protection
  • Comfortable
  • Great value and all-around performance
  • Breathable material restricts sweating


  • Straps are not tight
  • Gripping is not good

Final Verdict

Complete package with all the necessary features from a good piece of the glove with a perfectly balanced price tag.

Buying Guide

The number one most important part of a keeper’s kit is his (or her) gloves.

In order to get the best gloves, you will have to consider a few things to get the best result. Style, materials, age (and how long they have played), the way that an individual plays the position, the type of soccer being played, and the quality of materials are all very important.

Our Buyers Guide will outline the characteristics that game-winning gloves should have to help in your selection.


Arguably the most important part of the glove, the palm needs to provide both protection and grip for the keeper.

Latex is the general material used for the palm, but companies also experiment with hybrid materials for additional durability or grip.

There are different types of palms used: smooth, textured, and dimpled. Smooth gloves are of the highest quality and are typically for use in matches.

The Backhand

Stitched to the palm of the glove, either directly or with a gusset in between the two, is the backhand.

The major purpose of the backhand is to provide protection when punching. How this is done is different for different gloves, but there is always a backing to protect the lower part of the hand, so this more important than it seem.

Wrist Closure

To keep the glove on the hand there needs to be something that will tighten around the wrist, this is where the wrist closure comes in.

The quality of the closure must be exceptional as it is the main feature to keep the glove on. A bad quality closure can cause serious injury.

The kind of fit that a goalkeeper wants is very personal. Some want a looser, more comfortable fit.

The most popular is the “hook and loop,” which is just an adjustable flap that can be pulled as far as the individual wants it to be pulled.


The way the fingers of keeper gloves are sewn (also known as the “cut”) will help determine how the glove fits and how much latex contact the ball will have with the glove.

Goalkeeper gloves have different types of cuts called the glove cuts.  The most recognized and recommended is the flat palm cut.

It is recommended for people who have bulky and large hands. The others are negative cut, roll finger, hybrid cut, and negative roll.

It’s an important thing to keep in mind while choosing your glove.


Goalkeeper gloves have different attributes but keep in mind that a goalkeeper gets hit by the soccer ball all the time.

Fingersaves are plastic ‘spines’ that go into the backhand the glove that specially ensures finger safety. Safety of your hand is always a primary concern, so you better be careful about this.


There is one last line of defense in soccer. Goalkeeper gloves have to be considered one of the most important parts of a keeper’s kit, if not the entire team’s.

In the end, there is no pair of goalkeeper gloves that will be the best soccer gloves for every player. Whichever pair you choose, make sure it’s one that will keep your hands safe.

Put these things mentioned in buying guide into consideration and you will be able to get that perfect glove that would aid you in getting those awesome saves.

We would recommend any one of the above ten for anyone looking to find the best goalkeeper gloves. A few of them will surely be your best soccer goalie gloves, we guarantee you that.