10 Best Paintball Brands

Last updated on May 14, 2019

Everybody loves to play paintball – at least as you are here we assume you do.  Regardless of how long you have been playing, if you are a pro or a beginner, there is a point of time when you will want to know which one is the best paintball brands for you in order to buy your guns, equipments and other safety gears. Purchasing from best paintball brands means top notch performance as well as safety, durability and other concerning matters relating to paintball.

Paintball is not somethings new and as it’s been a long time since this sports is being around, there are many brands to choose from.  A very competitive market that means more confusion waiting for you to choose the right brand according to your needs. Finding the best paintball brand that checks all your necessities is not an easy task at all. That’s where this article comes into play, to help make it easier for you.

One thing to remember here is that, not the most expensive brands are always the best paintball brands around and not everything form a particular brand will be great. May be a brand offers the best guns but not-so-god safety gears and all.

In this full on review here, we are going to tell you about ten of the best paintball brands available, maybe there will be some disagreements, but we have our own reasons to choose them. We will cover their key features and discuss some pros and cons. By the end of the article you will know which brand will be the best choice for you.

1. DYE Precision

Continuously delivering high quality product and a wide array of products, DYE Precision is one of the oldest classic competitor in the paintball industry with locations spreading worldwide, and you will definitely notice their innovations and inventions in all their products. It’s also some of those first brands most advanced and experienced players search for when they want high-end materials to improve their game. Another key feature that’s characteristic of this brand is its accuracy. Some of Dye’s best products are the Dye m2, Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun with easy to clean O-rings and the Dye i5 Paintball Goggles with adjustable gear straps and removable foam. While some may disagree saying their products are overpriced, there will be many to back up the statement that they are best looking and best functioning products available. However, experienced players know that, while expensive, Tokyo Marui guns are the longest lasting and most reliable, and they make some of the best airsoft rifles on the market. However, experienced players in this track know that, while expensive, equipments and guns from DYE are the longest last, most reliable, durable and functional, and they make some of the best and incredible paintball products available in the market.

2. Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse is a very high-tech paintball equipments maker considered as one of the best in the business. By offering a great customer service and lots of bells, whistles, and accessories with every purchase, it has come a long way to become one of those most popular paintball makers in the world.

They are very renowned for the Ego, Etek, Geo and Etha marker lines. Their knee pads, jerseys, pants, gear bags, vests, gun mats, and other protective gear are also paintball fan favorites because of their detailed production and of course, durability. Etha 2 is one of the best planet eclipse paintball guns and it is best for speed.

You can get the same accurate and snappy speed for all time. Planet Eclipse delivers some of the best packing and parts kit with their guns and other products while paying attention to every single major and minor details for full customer satisfaction. Putting an awesome LCD display on their Geo guns reflects how innovative they are and definitely puts them ahead of the competition feature-wise.  

Finally Planet Eclips is a reputable paintball accessories manufacturer, trusted by both paintball veteran players and stores and we’ll just leave it at that for you to decide.

3. Tippmann

Tippmann is a brand that’s well- known and popular for their performance, durability, reliability, and power right out of the box, which makes them a wise selection for newer paintball players without letting them down in an intense paintball game.

This listing might be a little controversial, as we think many paintball players will not agree on adding Tippmann in this list, but we believe it has enough good reasons to earn a place here. The Tippmann 98 custom guns is still the best rental gun of choice at your local paintball field after so many years from its production.

The most telling reason it is on this list is partly for nostalgia. Do you remember the first time you ever played paintball with a rental gun? There is good chance that the gun you used that day was from Tippmann.

Guns made by Tippmann are so easy and simple to maintain that some players go years without opening it up. Not that we recommend neglect, but it says a lot about the brand.

Tippmann also offers awesome after sell service and frequently helping the paintball community in a big way by hosting free service campaign at events and tournaments.

4. Empire

Empire is one of the best rated and brightest stars on the paintball gun market right now with a focus on innovation. Their very own and widely loved product the Empire Axe is a famous marker for its superior design and super smooth control in the paintball industry. Their Apex line is particularly good, especially when you consider the high-quality motor and easy-to-upgrade design.

Many people still think that they are not as durable as higher-end manufacturers, making this a better brand for beginners. Empire’s production also includes paintball masks and a wide variety of other paintball related products. This popular company also offers excellent customer service.

The products are very high quality, user friendly and comes with easily customizable and removable bolt and trigger. Another notable feature that will surely hit anyone’s radar is that it’s super affordability which is a popular thing anyone would like. Empire’s goggles and loaders also get great remarks from paintball experts and players.

Empire is a sister concern of G.I. Sports and is located in Sewell New Jersey. Empire is one of the best paintball brands we can think of and comes in as our top suggestion for performance products.

5. Valken

Valken sports, based on Swedesboro NJ, is a company on our list for the high-quality paintballs they produce. Valken Sports is committed to manufacture products for players from every level of the game. Created by veterans with long term experience in paintball industry, to ensure and deliver durable and dependable paintball gears and guns of all type.

This company manufactures paintball guns, paintballs, goggles, paintball clothing, paintball protective pads, air tanks, remotes, paintball harnesses, field supplies and more. Usually the bads and goods are reserved for guns or masks, but there is a lot to be said when it comes to a high quality paintball brand.

The roundness and consistency of the paintball affect accuracy the most, and being filled with thick visible paint ensures that you, and everyone else, can see that you hit your target. Their Valken V-TAC is one of the most popular and most used line of hard core woodsball and scenario gear, ranging from camo paintball clothing, harnesses and customizable MOLLE vest systems.

Their paint grenade is not bad either and  they also makes so pants, harnesses and other types of protective gears. Valken remains a good choice if you don’t want to pay for a true performance brand.

6. Tiberius Paintball

Tiberius Arms a paintball company based in Indiana that makes paintball guns and rifles with a realistic look and feel and has grown into one of the most respected manufacturers in paintball industry.  The brand is well known for its combination of both unique design and realistic looking paintball guns, offering twice the accuracy and distance of a general paintball gun. With a goal of re-inventing paintball, products from Tiberius are also aerodynamically designed, making them ultra-fast, while giving advantage to its user.

Tiberius paintball pellets fly farther and straighter than any previous paintball companies and after a lazy start because of their cost, eventually they had developed a huge cult following over last few years and it’s so big that other manufacturers in the market had to scramble to catch up, making markers and conversion kits to fire FSRs.

They have different colour options available, a pink/silver fill, fins on the sides, and one flat side along with the other rounded one. Their unique design makes them stand out from any other paintballs you’ll find at the market. You might have to customize your paintball gun in order to use them, but if you can find a way to use Tiberius paintball products, you should. They’re worth the extra effort you are giving.

7. Kingman/Spyder Paintball

Originally part of the Kingman Group and often referred to as the Kingman Spyder marker, came into highlight in the mid 1990s when they first introduced their Spyder marker, a very popular one afterwards, a reliable semi-automatic paintball gun that anyone could afford.

The Hammer series pump action rifle made by them have also been moving forward ever since with their spyder guns. Now, they make several popular milsim rifles, including guns that are compatible with first strike projectiles. Paintball players especially like the Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun due to its high level of accuracy during strike rounds. The Spyder 9 Round First Strike Capable Magazine is also a big brand seller.

They also manufactures good quality paintball clothing within a cheap rate. Their products are famous for their simple design, ease of maintenance, and good performance for the money. Now more and more players have started out or owned a Kingman Spyder since it’s entry in the market than any other brand.

Kingman Paintball spreading out into other markets, introducing a line of .43 caliber pistols and .50 caliber markers that are popular for the youth and beginner market. For players looking to balance price and performance, this brand is the perfect choice.

8. Ninja Paintballs

Ninja Paintball is a manufacturer based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, US and creates and distributes parts for many of the famous paintball companies. Ninja is one of the most trusted names in the game and they design and build high quality compressed air systems and pressure related accessories.

Their tanks, regulators, fill stations and related accessories are the absolute best in the industry and they have been making these tools for over 20 years. One of their product in particular, the Ninja Paintball 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tanks get great customer reviews because it’s more lightweight than the vast majority of tanks on the market, especially aluminum.

Ninja is also known for its great customer service, with technical support and personable help available nearly 24/7 and their quality control is second to none. Ninja also manufactures parts for several large Paintball companies including Kee, Tippmann and Custom products.

Ninja is committed to making all of their products and sourcing as much of their material as possible in the USA. Another very useful quality of this brand is they also sell direct to the end users. You will surely enjoy their products.

9. Pinokio Paintball

Pinokio is a paintball company based on Springfield Missouri, US. Unlike many of the other brands on this list, Pinokio started by a couple of paintballers who wanted a better hopper to improve their game and till then they  keep their focus on one thing and one thing only and that is their hoppers.

Focusing only on paintball loaders has allowed Pinokio to develop a specialty rather than spreading themselves too thin in different kinds of paintball products. Their single minded focus and pursuit of perfection led them to create the best aftermarket hoppers you can buy. One of Pinokio’s biggest sellers right now is the Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loader/Hopper.

It features an anti-jam drive system and a painted shell made out of durable nylon so you don’t have to worry about breaking or wasting paintballs. Players cannot help admiring about how small, lightweight, and user-friendly the Spire is. There is something to be said for specialization as good hoppers seems to be a lost art with all these huge paintball companies that sell everything.

In the case of Pinokio, specialization in hoppers paid off. If you are looking for a good quality and reliable hopper then look no further than the Pinokio.

10. Custom Paintball

Custom Paintball is one of the fastest and largest growing company in the field of customized stuff to fulfill the needs / desires of customized apparel for paintball teams operating from Mesa, Arizona. Their parts are all made in the USA, and are machined, not cast, for the best material quality.

Their team of professional designers is always ready to implement your ideas in your apparel.  Custom Products also makes barrels, ASAs, Regulators, Feed necks, triggers and more. They are one of the premier manufacturers of precision paintball barrels and accessories.

Today, thousands of teams are wearing our jerseys and other clothing around the globe.  Custom Products designs and makes quality paintball barrels, triggers, ASAs, drop forwards, air fittings, adapters, regulators, and more. With their mission to equip all teams with high quality customized jerseys within an affordable price range, you cannot go wrong with a Custom Products paintball barrel on your marker!


This guided list here is designed to highlight the different features, pros and cons and give you insight of different brands around the industry. Main goal is here is to save your valuable time and money by letting you learn about the different paintball manufacturers and making sure that you buy your stuffs from the best paintball brands available in the market matching with your experience level and budget.

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