11 Best Paintball Gear Bag 2020

Last updated on March 15, 2020

Best paintball gear bag or backpack is not easy to find but you always need one to fit your equipment transportation needs. If you are looking for a place to store all of your paintball gear and paintball marker whenever you are not playing, a paintball gear bag is essential to have. Multiple companies make different kinds of paintball gear bags and backpacks.

As a serious paintball player, you may have bought all essential gears and accessories. You might have purchased durable gears for your game, however it is important to protect them. Especially, while you are traveling to a different site for playing the game. In essence, you need a bag to store your gears to increase their durability.

Bestseller No. 1
HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)
  • Microfiber Lined Goggle Compartment
  • Lower Expanding Capacity Compartment
  • Ergonomic Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps
  • Molle Loops On 4 Side Pockets

Paintball Gear Bag come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It can be hard to choose a gear bag that is going to fit all your equipment, so let us help you out. For all those who are looking for a paintball gear bag, in this article, we are going to list down some of the best paintball gear bag in 2019.

Best Paintball Gear Bag

Planet Eclipse GX Paintball Gravel Backpack Bag Check Price
Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker Case/Gun Bag - Black/Lime Check Price
Exalt Paintball Marker BagCheck Price
HK Army Expand GearbagCheck Price
VooDoo Tactical 15-9687007000 Mini Mojo Load-Out Bag On Wheels, CoyoteCheck Price
Exalt Paintball Goggle Case - All Versions Lens Mask ProtectorCheck Price
Exalt Carbon Tank Case Check Price
Tippmann Paintball Marker Case - Digi Camo Check Price
Exalt Barrel Kit CaseCheck Price
Planet Eclipse Pod Bag - Lime Green Check Price

1. Planet Eclipse paintball gear bag

The Planet Eclipse is a very popular name in the paintball industry and the best bag they offer, planet eclipse paintball gear bag GX is a very diverse one, earning a sure spot on our list. It’s is the must have rucksack for any paintballer. The unique GX Back Pack comes with an ‘Xpander’ feature which can be quickly deployed to increase its carrying capacity by a whopping 50% at ease.

Simply you just have to unzip the bottom side of the bag and the Xpander section can be pulled out to increase the internal storage capacity or push your gear inside to separate it from the main compartment, which is very useful when your equipment is all muddy or stinks.

Planet Eclipse best paintball gear bag
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The standard planet eclipse gear bag 39L GX Back Pack is a decent size for everyday use and coupled with the Xpander feature it can surely rival your current kitbag as it offers more than enough for a day’s paintball play.

You can also take full advantage of the MOLLE webbing system at the front of the bag and use it as a harness to attach you’re playing gear accessories to the external webbing framework or use biners to hook on anything you like.

Another great feature available in this bag is the ability to attach any compatible Eclipse GX Marker Pack to the rear harness making it a fully integrated luggage system for your paintball equipment and marker.

It’s high time you say goodbye to mud filled wheels and impossible grass terrain and simply hoist the bag onto your back using the padded shoulder straps and take it anywhere!

2. Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker Case/Gun Bag

In paintball, we can say marker is the main equipment and this game can’t be played without paintball gun or marker. Safety of your marker is a very important thing to consider and Exalt is offering the best protection for your marker and gear with the Exalt Carbon Series Marker Case.

The Exalt Carbon Series Marker Case is the perfect choice for players looking for a low profile, compact storage solution for their marker, barrels, and tools. It has a rigid protective outer shell that easily prevents dings, dents, and scratches on your marker and accessories, while integrated flex-zone allows you to retrieve the case contents without completely unzipping the case, making it very easy and user-friendly to use.

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker Case/Gun Bag - Black/Lime
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It has pockets and small zipped compartments to store small tools and full-length barrel sleeves protect your barrels or inserts from breaking. A very unique feature this case offers is the customizable size. Modular, reversible inserts allow you to do just that so that you can adjust your case to suit your needs.

We know what your favorite marker means to you, keep your marker safe from scratches and damage and pick up the Exalt Carbon Series Marker Case today.

3. Exalt Paintball Marker Bag

If you are a player who likes to keep things low profile, this is the best choice for you. Another product from Exalt, this time a marker case. Though very compact in design, it has a very high functional value. All types of paintball gears or kits can stay secure inside this bag. Some may worry about the single handle or strap, we guarantee you that it is highly durable. After opening the case through the zippered system, you can see the case divided into different sections. The bag is designed to hold a fully equipped gun with one barrel. The storage pockets have an extra layer of security, a dual zippered system to keep everything safer. At the front side of the bag, you can put your papers or any sports gear.

Exalt Paintball Marker Bag
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The fold-flat design has made the bag unique and Exalt has used neoprene to make the bag shock-resistant and weather-resistant. The exterior part is padded, and it prevents your marker from getting damaged. For the interior side, there is microfiber, which is scratch-resistant and prevents the absorption of moisture. Overall, this is an ideal marker case choice.

4. HK Army Expand Gear Bag

The only entry from one of the biggest manufacturers of paintball industry, the HK Army gear bag is a bit different, this is a bag generally for all those players who like lots of pockets and a little bit extra colorful design aesthetic. Don’t think otherwise, it’s a great bag with a decent amount of space, can carry a nice amount of equipment and is known for its light-weight and compact size.

HK Army Expand Gearbag
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This backpack is designed with the paintball athlete in mind – this versatile bag can be carried like a duffel or strap it on your back for the best paintball gear bag experience while providing ultimate providing versatility. This bag can be opened both from the side and from the top making it quite user friendly and easy to use. The Expand Gear Bag capacity can be increased by 30% by simply fully opening the bottom compartment. The exterior side pockets have molle webbing for additional attachment points.

What are you waiting for! Grab your gear and go with this all-in-one Expand Gear Bag.

5. VooDoo Tactical Mini Gear Bag – Best paintball gear bag with wheels

There is a very unique feature that makes this bag different from other bags and that special feature is the wheels underneath the bag, make it the easiest to carry around with heavy load outs. This bag is large enough to carry your armor and other deployment gear with ease.

You will be thrilled to see how much gear you can pack into its cavernous central compartment and the multiple assorted-size exterior pouches. This bag is ridiculously large and quite sturdy with many pockets and pouches.

VooDoo Tactical 15-9687 Mini Mojo Load Out Bag on Wheels w/MOLLE Webbing
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You can also use the double compression straps at each end to tighten your load down and prevent things from moving around. It has either a buckled or zippered enclosure on each compartment (and there are many).

Includes a wraparound carry handle in the center, so that it cannot hurt your hurt with heavy load. Adjustable removable shoulder strap with movable pad will give your shoulder a little bit of protection.

A very good bag at a very reasonable price. VooDoo Rules!

6. Exalt Paintball Goggle Case – All Version

The latest version of some of the best goggle case in the market, the Exalt Goggle Case is a lightweight, ultra-strong protective solution for nearly all goggles used in both paintball and outside paintball.

New alloy steel internal frame design prevents the case from being broken or deformed, while the plush microfiber lining stops the lens from being damaged or scratched during transportation.

Exalt Paintball Goggle Case - All Versions - Paintball Mask Bag
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The rear of the goggle case is lined with a mesh back retainer to keep the goggle in place, but also allows proper air circulation to dry your goggle foam, sweat and prevent mold\bacteria from growing.

The Goggle Case also makes use of that decent internal space by providing a zippered, microfiber lined storage pocket that can accommodate large cell phones, keys, and other things.

7. Exalt Paintball Tank Case

Tank is a must thing to have in your daily paintball equipment list and sometimes safety of that tank becomes a matter of concern when you carry them with other stuffs in your gear bag.

This tank case by Exalt, designed to keep your tank and regulator secure is made out of rigid, water-resistant carbon fiber, which prevents your tank and regulator from dings and scratches while inside your paintball gear bag or at the field during handling. This is the easiest solution for your tank safety as it’s compact, well designed and both high-capacity and protective while not being overly bulky.

Exalt Paintball Tank Case
Check Price in Amazon

Lined with ultra-plush high pile microfiber, this case is compatible with 45, 48, 50, 56, 68, 70, 72 and 77ci cylinders and has elastic retention to keep the tank secure and still inside the case. Auxiliary storage pocket keeps your regulator safe during air travel.

8. Tippmann Paintball Marker Case

This bag from Tipman looks a little bit different from your regular paintball gear bag while offering same features as some of the bests, we thought it would be great to add on our list. Some may argue about the colour availability as it is available only in one colour, the bag is functional to most of the users.

The dimension of the main case is 12” by 26” which we think is enough to accommodate almost all paintball markers or guns. We recommend you to check out your gun size to know whether it fits into your bag. You can also put the paintball tank, barrel and other small equipments inside it. The straps and the zipper system will ensure that everything secure.

Tippmann Paintball Marker Case - Digi Camo
Check Price in Amazon

It has pockets on both side of the bag which is considerably large and you can keep more than one item inside them like repair kits, O-rings and many other things. The outer pouch is seven inches in width. The manufacturer has used Velcro for locking these pockets and protecting the stuffs inside.

The padded and lined internal wall is another amazing feature of this paintball marker case. The handles or the straps are also sturdy, giving you the choice of carrying it differently and they won’t get torn easily due to your regular use. This marker case offers everything a player can possibly ask for, so what are you waiting for?

9. Exalt Paintball Barrel Carrying Case

The latest entry to the Exalt Carbon Case series of travel goods, this brand new barrel kit case is designed to match all the needs of a paintballer. This is the most versatile, compact travel solution for players looking to protect their barrel kit while in transport.

Exalt Paintball Barrel Carrying Case
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The Carbon Barrel Kit case can accommodate up to 8 backs/fronts or 16 Freak inserts, or 4 Fronts / Backs and 8 inserts (based on 14” barrel).  This case is made of rigid, water-resistant carbon fiber leather and is lined with ultra-plush microfiber to last a lifetime, with a custom-designed divider prevents inserts from damaging each other during transport, but also folds down if a larger tip/back is placed in the sleeve. It has 16 sleeves to house your barrel kit components.

Easy recommendation all the way!

10. Planet Eclipse Pod Bag

If you play tournament paintball, there is no way that you don’t have one of this. Pods have a weird way of growing legs and running away at events. Having team pods is a hassle until you have somewhere where you can keep them and an easy way to transport them.

Planet Eclipse Pod Bag - Lime Green
Check Price in Amazon

Pods also take up the most space in any gear bag. This great bag solves all of that. It’s also made very well, and seems very sturdy.

The Planet Eclipse Pod Bag can store over 25 pods and are a great way to get a team’s amount of pods to and from the field. Perfect for carrying all those pods off the field after a big game!

11. Empire Paintball Gear Bag

Another entry from one of the biggest manufacturers of paintball industry is the Empire Paintball gear bag f6. This backpack is a bit different, this is a bag generally for all those players who are not looking to carry a lot of paintball gear with them, instead wants to carry only the basic game stuff. Don’t think otherwise! It’s a great bag with a decent amount of space, can carry a nice amount of equipment and is known for its light-weight and compact size.

Empire Paintball F6 Backpack
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It has got a little loop in the bottom to hang your mask, goggles or other stuff on it, on the front side. It has a nice elastic front pocket which can easily fit a wind-breaker jacket, bike helmet or something slightly bigger than that in it, as it’s you already know, made of elastic.

Along both sides, there are netted pockets to store paintball tanks, pods or water bottles. You can also use it as an alternative of paintball mask case

Most amazing thing about this bag is, it looks very compact and lightweight too but offers a plenty of room inside. It also has flap pocket which is perfect for a tablet or an iPad.

It also comes with expansion mesh side pockets and separates external phone charger pockets. This bag is not for paintball all along, it has enough other features to serve as a general backpack which can pack paintball gears. Overall, this is our next favorite paintball gear backpack from Empire Paintball.

PUSH Paintball Backpack and Gear Bag Strap Kit

The defining feature of a backpack is some kind of bag attached to shoulder straps. These suckers are what keep the bag on your back, so yeah, they’re pretty important. It’s even more important when it comes to best paintball gear bag as it’s supposed to be heavy sometime.

PUSH Paintball Backpack and Div1 Gear Bag Strap Kit
Check Price in Amazon

There are several characteristics of shoulder straps you should consider before buying a strap like material, shape and innovative feature and this push paintball strap have them all! These straps are made of high quality material with a brace in front to keep the backpack stable on your back. There are also hooks at both sides to attach different small kinds of stuff. Overall this is a sturdy strap kit which is worth every penny and will deliver for a long time.


These are some of the best paintball gear bag of different designs and functions we have enlisted for you after brief research. We know how much you love paintball and care about your gears and these bags/cases will provide maximum safety for your gears. We recommend you to check the price and features of the bag to match your needs and make the purchase accordingly.

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