9 Best Paintball Pods 2020

Last updated on March 17, 2020

Best Paintball Pods and tubes can play a crucial role in your performance during a match. Most serious players in the game consider owning a good marker is the most important thing to boost performance on the field. But there’s so much more they can do to step up their game.

Equipment such as pods, hoppers, and sights can make a huge difference, too. So if you want to find out which products are the most highly rated and best paintball pods, just keep reading! Also, keep in mind, if you have good pods, you need a good hopper as well.

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Best Paintball Pods

3Skull Clear Heavy Duty 140rd Paintball Pods - 6 PackCheck Price
Valken Paintball Pod Flick Lid 140 Round Paint TubeCheck Price
Dye Precision Locklid 160 Round Paintball PodCheck Price
GXG New 6 100 Round Paintball Speed Tubes PodsCheck Price
Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball PodsCheck Price
Empire Paintball React 4+7 Harness, Black Check Price
Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball PodsCheck Price
Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods, Clear, Pack of 4Check Price
Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball PodsCheck Price

In this post, you will find the best paintball pods along with short reviews of each of them so that you can make the right choice.

1. 3Skull Paintball Pods

3Skull is known for manufacturing some of the best paintball equipment in the game and their bunch of best products also include their pods, which as we all know are used for storing colour pellets. This particular pod pack from 3skull features six individual tubes.

3Skull’s pods have a capacity of storing 140 paintballs of .68 caliber in each pods. Although that’s not the largest capacity available in the market a there are much bigger ones out there, it’s quite an impressive number all together. They’re built of quality durable and clear material that helps you with in the weight section of your gears.

Clear Heavy Duty 140rd Paintball Pods
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Another very good feature they offer is, it has flip flop lids to make it easier to use. These lids are very durable and tightly attached that it won’t come off when you’re not using them for a while. But when you run out of paintballs during a game, you’ll also face no problem pouring them from the pods into the hopper.

All in all, 3Skull’s paintball pods can be a great product to have in your paintball gear!

2. Valken Paintball Tube

Valken’s products are very popular among paintball enthusiasts and older players of this game. They are also considered as the manufacture of some of the best paintball pods. This particular item on our list is sold individually, which is a good thing as many players may not need a whole pack, but there is also an option available to get them in packages of four as well. Now, let’s talk about the features it has.

Just like 3Skull’s, these pods have a capacity of 140 paintballs which is more than enough for you to spend in a long and fun session. They’re made for .68-caliber ammo, again same as the 3skull. Since they’re black, you can’t see the inside this time. But if that’s something you prioritize, you have the option available to go for a clear version.

Valken Paintball Pod Flick Lid 140 Round Paint Tube
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They’re equipped with spring-loaded flip lids, which makes them both reliable and at the same time easy to use in the combat. This means you won’t have to worry about them opening on their own, just pour the pellets after the hopper is empty, that’s all you have to do.

All things considered, we can assume Valken’s tubes are among the best available in the market!

3. Dye Paintball Pods

Dye is one of the most famous brands in its field. This is why they can’t go under the radar when we are talking about paintball gear. Their pods are at the same time reliable, durable and highly functional, earned an easy spot on our list. But don’t take our word for it –decide yourself after you read more about its features.

These pods boast a larger capacity than the previously mentioned two products. The package consists of six individual tubes and each of them is capable of storing up to 160 paintball pellets. Made of high-quality materials, you will not have to worry about any kind of cracking.

Dye Paintball Lock Lids - 160rd Pods
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And their surface has ridges, which allows them to stay in your harness without coming off. They open only when you need more paintballs, credit goes to the exclusive secure latch system. The only thing you’ll need to do is slide your thumb over the lid and it will pop off right then. So if you want pods that are both sturdy and easy to use, you don’t need to look for pods other than Dye’s package!

4. GXG 100-Round Paintball Pods

When it comes to paintball accessories, Gen X Global is one of the most prominent companies. They’ve been in the business since the early rising of paintball sports and manufacture pods of the highest quality. Even in this list of ours, they have earned two spots. Their pods can definitely help you to become a better player.

GxG NEW 6 100 Round Paintball Speed Tubes Pods
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This pack comes with six individual pods just like most of the other pods in the market. They have a moderate capacity of hundred paintball in each pod and they are of .68-caliber. This is perfect for those who don’t want to carry a lot of gear around. Featuring matte black finish and high level of functionality, this is also one of the best-looking pod out there.

With this pod pack, you’ll be able to fill your hopper in a matter of seconds because of their locking flip flop system. Paintballs are kept intact and whole inside until you need them to load your gun!

5. Virtue Paintball Pods

This will be a perfect choice for players looking for on the best items in the market. Because many paintball experts consider virtue as one of the best hoppers in the business. Owning their pods comes with many advantages and an additional feature that other pods don’t have.

These pods come in two different capacity. One can store up to 135 paintballs while the other has a capacity of 165 rounds. But no matter what variant choose, it will help you lighten your load and save some extra space for carrying other gears. The reason behind that is the tubes of this virtue pods are 2 inches smaller than the regular kind while almost having the same amount of capacity.

Virtue PF165"Press Flick" Locking Lid Paintball Pods
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They also offer different color options, including clear, black, red and green. Virtue’s very innovative Press Flick button makes its usage very easy. It makes it simple to open the lid, which results in faster reloading during combat. It’s also a lot better at reducing spilled paint than regular pods. All in all, these are high-quality tubes, some of the best paintball tubes you’ll find.

6. Empire Paintball Pods

Although this is the most basic and simple pick of our list, Empire’s paintball tubes are known for being both sturdy and reliable. This empire pack includes 10 individual pods and each of these pods can store only 10 paintballs. This might sound like too little compared to other pods that can store around 100-160 pods, but it has its own advantages as well.

The tubes are super light, because of its small size, which means you could significantly lighten up your gear. And since it’s a 10 pods pack, you still get plenty of ammo to play around. They’re made of smoke-colored material, which allows you to see inside, which is a must have feature for many players.

Empire FT Paintball Harnesses
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Also, they’re equipped with caps for easy storing and the caps ensures that the pellets stay inside in perfect condition.

This isn’t as sophisticated locking system as some of the others offer, but it serves its purpose perfectly. Finally, with the Empire’s pods, you just can’t go wrong.

7. Maddog Bones Paintball Pods

Maddog, another new face in the game, has been impressing players around the world with their high-quality products for a few years now. Maddog offers a capacity of 150 paintballs at each pod and comes with a six pod package of .68 caliber pellets.

Specially designed with a spring-loaded flip top and gradually raised ‘Bones’ grips for faster, no-look reloads! Fits in any standard paintball harness from any manufacturers, but suggest to check their Maddog super pod harness which is a great option to consider while carrying Maddog pods.

MAddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods
Check Price in Amazon

Durable polypropylene composition, this is one of best paintball pods in the market right now. Spray as much paint as it takes, Maddog pods have you covered!

8. Tippmann Paintball Pods

Tippmann paintball pods are another high-quality flip top lid pods. We assure you that you will like it after having a look at their major features of the Tippman paintball pods. It is made of high-quality plastic which guarantees you durability.

Locking flip top lid which enables fast reloading and more capacity at the same time and fit inside any harness available in the market.

Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods, Clear, Pack of 4
Check Price in Amazon

The advantage of this paintball pod is that it is securely closed with lids which are quick to open. These lids, however, close tight and don’t pop on their own to ensure that you don’t lose any paint. In the end, we would recommend to definitely check this heavy duty Tippman paintball pod out.

9. Dye Alpha Paintball Pods

Dye had another spot on this list with Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods. They are made out of polypropylene making it a nice rugged strong pod. These pods can hold up to roughly 150 paintballs each in their pack of six pods.

Also, they have no collar on them so you don’t have to worry about an adapter piece which is usually attached on top that can pop off resulting all your paint comes spilling out all over the place. They have a nice solid secure snap lid, a cool feature that you don’t see really get with any other pods is in the market or in the list.

Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods
Check Price in Amazon

We also like their streamlined look and the fact that they don’t feel overly bulky. They come in with different color options like olive lime, smoke red, and blue. Dye Alpha Pods is a great one for day to day usage on playing field.

Other Accessories

Paintball Pods are pretty much useless if you can’t carry them properly during a match. With good pods comes the necessity of good paintball pod pack or harness or vest which can help you carry your pods during a match. Here we featured two of the best products to carry your pods, a great vest with a harness and a pod pack.


Paintball pods and tubes while not the brightest object in a player’s gear bag, play an important role in making sure that every paintball player is constantly supplied with paint, thus keeping them on the field and out of the pits. Always ensure you choose the best paintball pods before a big day of play, as running out at the field is never a good idea.

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