5 Best Pepper Spray Gun for self defense in 2020

Last updated on April 17, 2020

There is a rise in attacks against women everywhere. It is therefore crucial now, more than ever, to equip yourself with the best pepper spray gun. They not only bring a sense of confidence and security but also buy you some precious time and opportunity to escape before the perpetrator can do you any harm.

Pepper spray guns are portable, light and easy to use. They can project the spray over a distance and keep you safe from the radius effect. At times, the mere sight of a firearm like spray gun can scare and intimidate the attacker. It is important to get a pepper spray gun that will prove useful in desperate situations.

Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun with Strobe LED to Aim and Distract Threats, Police Strength with UV Dye, 20' Spray, 28 Grams, 6.5" x 4.5"
Best pepper spray gun
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Ruger Pepper Spray Gun – Police Strength – Reloadable with 10-Foot (3M) Range, 5 Bursts & Enhanced Facial Coverage
Best small pepper spray gun
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Firestorm JPX 4 Shot Compact Pepper Spray Gun
Best long range pepper spray gun
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Pepper Blaster II Kimber Pepper Blaster
Best rated pepper spray gun
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SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain & Stun Gun for Self-Defense — Police Strength OC Spray Plus Rechargeable, Small Stun Gun with Flashlight & Holster – Flip Top is Easier & Faster to Use Under Stress
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Mace Brand Accessories- Pepper Gun Holster and Pepper Spray Refill CartridgesCheck Price

Here we review the best pepper spray guns that you can buy and keep with you.

Best pepper spray gun in 2020

1. Best pepper spray gun – Mace Brand Self Defence Gun

Mace brand pepper gun, proudly made in USA and made with natural peppers. Police strength & trusted.

Mace pepper spray gun comes with a strobe LED light that makes for precise aiming. It is a small and handy tool that resembles a real firearm from a distance and can threaten and stop the perpetrator in their tracks.

Mace pepper spray gun

It is a long range pepper spray gun that releases a stream of OC pepper spray from its pepper spray cartridge upto 20 feet range and causes respiratory distress, coughing and vision impair with a burning sensation to the skin.

best pepper spray gun
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  • Comes with strobe LED for precise aim and distracting the threat.
  • It is easy to grab, accurately aim and fire due to its pistol grip design.
  • Small and light – 6.5” X 4.5” in size.
  • Causes respiratory distress, coughing and vision impair with a burning sensation to the skin.


  • Sprays in a thin steady stream and is easy to use.
  • Shooting range of upto 20 feet.
  • UV dye in the spray leaves long lasting residue – helps in investigation & identification.
  • Side release safety switch prevents accidental discharge.
  • Provides less lethal but effective protection against long-range threats.
  • Practice cartridge (water cartridge) preloaded.
  • Also works great against pit bull.


  • Not easily concealable when carried in a pocket, a little bulky for the pocket

Mace is one of the top pepper spray guns manufacturers and the Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun is one of the most convenient yet effective self-defense tools that you can get your hands on.

2. Best small pepper spray gun – Ruger by SABRE

The Ruger Pepper Spray Gun is a small yet powerful pepper spray gun that is trusted by the police worldwide. Its strong formula is backed by their in-house laboratory that eliminates the 30% failure rate experienced by other brands due to any heat inconsistencies.

Its canister delivers an impressive 10 feet (3M) range with 5 bursts and powerful cone delivery enhances facial coverage. Easily reloadable refill units are also available for purchase. Its unique and compact design resembles a firearm. The bright orange safety tip ensures that your pepper spray gun is not mistaken for a lethal firearm.

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  • Fail-safe strong formulation eliminates 30% failure rate due to heat inconsistencies.
  • Small and compact design makes it easy to carry around.
  • It is the exclusive choice of police the world over.
  • Best rated pepper spray gun with a 4-year shelf life from the date of manufacture.


  • Delivers an impressive 10 feet range with 5 bursts.
  • Unique cone delivery enhances the facial coverage from a safe distance.
  • Formulation comes with a UV marking dye that aids in suspect identification.
  • The design resembles a firearm, which assists with proper aim.


  • The refill canister is known to leak the product after first use, over a period of few months.

As a bonus, with the purchase that you make, you will receive access to a free safety tips video that will help you learn self-defence techniques to outsmart and discourage potential threats and protection methods to help you escape to safety.

It is one of the top rated pepper spray guns, preferred by police and consumers alike. With the Ruger pepper spray gun in your pocket, there will be peace in your mind and you will be prepared, not scared!

3. Best long range pepper spray gun – Firestorm JPX 4 Shot Compact Gun [23 feet]

If you are looking for a less lethal alternative to carrying a real firearm around for self-defense, the JPX pepper spray gun reviews make it the best option for you. This pepper spray gun fires up 4 separate shots from 4 separate pepper spray canisters that can be fired in less than 5 seconds.

Its high-grade OC pepper solution is extremely hot yet non-lethal. The JPX pepper spray gun has an impressive range of 23 feet that will stop the perpetrators in their tracks and offer you an opportunity to escape unscathed.

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  • Well-built body resembling a firearm – perfect to carry around in your car.
  • High grade OC solution – extremely hot yet non-lethal.
  • Long range – shoots to an impressive 23 feet at 590 FPS.
  • Comes with 4 cartridges and a carry case.


  • Not considered a firearm by the ATF.
  • Shoots 4 shots from 4 different canisters.
  • Quick and easy to use – can shoot within 5 seconds.
  • Fires a gel – safer than a mist or a stream that can hurt you with any possible blowbacks.


  • This pepper spray gun does not come with a practice round and laser for precise shot.

If you are someone who feels the need for a self-defence tool, but does not want to go the gun route, this pepper spray gun is an ideal choice for you. Its OC solution is extremely hot, yet non-lethal. It will provide you with the precious window of time to escape the perpetrator unscathed.

4. Best rated pepper spray gun – Pepper Blaster II Kimber Pepper Blaster

The Pepper Blaster II is a great product that is handy, well designed, slim yet powerful. It is easily concealable and flat – best for carrying around in the pocket. This pepper spray gun is effective immediately and is an ideal choice where less than lethal defence force is required.

It is one of the best rated pepper spray guns and features an exceptionally powerful OC mixture that can incapacitate the assailant for upto 45 minutes. Its ergonomic pistol grip design increase your chances of precise aims.

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  • Features an immensely powerful OC Mixture that can incapacitate the assailants immediately
  • Incapacitation is temporary and lasts for about 45 minutes – great non-lethal alternative to an actual firearm.
  • The OC mixture is blasted out with a speed of 90mph, eliminating the chances of hitting anyone else but the assailant.
  • Comes with 2 usable shots – one lower than the other.


  • Ergonomic pistol design increases the accuracy of the shot.
  • Slim yet powerful design – easily concealable in a pocket.
  • The powerful OC mixture takes effect immediately – reducing the chances of the assailant fighting back out of shock.
  • It does not injure the user with any kind of blowback from firing it.


  • This unit is not reusable. The whole unit has to be disposed off after both the shots are shot.

An immensely powerful non-lethal alternative to an actual firearm. Its concealability is one of its best attributes and makes is convenient to carry around for self-defense.

5. Best stun gun and pepper spray – SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain & Stun Gun for Self-Defense

It is no secret that Sabre makes the top pepper spray guns and this Sabre Red Pepper Spray and Stun Gun Keychain combo is no exception. It is the best stun gun and pepper spray self-defence kit that will empower you and if the need arises, save you from perpetrator attack.

Its pepper spray contains 25 bursts for protection against multiple threats and an impressive range of 10 foot (3M). The stun gun, with 1.600 µC charge, is extremely strong and produces excruciating and intolerable pain. It also comes with a built in LED torchlight, which can help you disorient the attacker and escape safely.

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  • Best pepper spray gun with professional grade OC spray – reduces the 30% failure rate due to heat inconsistencies.
  • Impressive range of 10 feet – delivers a powerful stream with reduced blowback risk from a distance.
  • The stun gun features a wrist strap for maximum accessibility and is rechargeable.
  • With 1.600µC charge, the stun gun can cause intolerable pain and immobilise the perpetrator.


  • Features a powerful LED torchlight that can disorient the assailant.
  • Best rated pepper spray gun with flip top safety that prevents accidental discharge.
  • Free access to a training video that will help you own and use the pepper spray and stun gun confidently.
  • Small, compact and convenient design – easily concealable and quickly accessible.


  • Close to no negative reviews, the only con, if we have to pick one, is the fact that you will have to get into the habit of keeping your keys close and accessible to you at all times since this comes with a key ring.

A highly recommended small and compact, yet powerful combo of self-defence tools. It will give you the sense of safety and peace of mind that you come to expect from owning a pepper spray and a stun gun.

6. Mace Brand Accessories- Pepper Gun Holster and Pepper Spray Refill Cartridges

Mace Brand Accessories- Pepper Gun Holster and Pepper Spray Refill Cartridges.

If you own the Mace Brand self-defence pepper spray gun, this nylon holster will allow you to easily carry and quickly access your spray gun in a threatening situation. It can be securely snapped on either of your sides using the belt loops and snap closures.

The 2 refill cartridges (1-pepper spray; 1-water for practice) will ensure you have a replacement ready if you have had to use up your previous ones.

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  • The holster comes with snap closures and belt loops.
  • Allows easy and quick access to the pepper spray gun in a threatening situation.
  • The refill pack comes with 2 cartridges; 1 pepper spray and 1 water cartridge for practice.
  • Makes sure you don’t run out of pepper spray and have continuous peace of mind and sense of security.


How does a pepper spray work?

Pepper spray causes a non-lethal inflammation of all mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs causing the eyes to slam shut from burning and temporary blindness. It presents the victim with an opportunity to escape to safety.

What is a pepper spray gun?

A non-lethal and effective alternative to a real firearm, a pepper spray gun is a self-defence tool that is designed to look like a handgun or pistol. It can incapacitate the attacker or at times just intimidate the attacker. It is light, portable and easy to use.

Are pepper spray guns effective?

Pepper sprays are used as self-defense tools that cause non-lethal, intense burning sensation and temporary blindness. Pepper spray guns are additionally, deliberately designed to resemble firearms.

Therefore, pepper spray guns can be more effective since at times, the attacker can back down by mere intimidation from the firearm resemblance, without you having to actually use the spray.

Is a pepper spray gun considered a firearm?

Although pepper sprays are non-lethal, are considered weapons by most civilised countries and its use is restricted to certain extent in all the countries. However, using them for personal defence is considered legal in most places.

It is therefore advisable to get acquainted with local and state laws to understand the legal implications of carrying and using pepper sprays before you get one for yourselves.

Can pepper spray cause permanent damage?

There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that pepper spray can cause permanent damage. The body naturally flushes out irritation in the eye by uncontrollable closing of the eyelids and involuntary tearing up of the eye.

However, repeated exposure can cause near permanent damage by disrupting the epithelial layer of the cornea.


The best pepper spray gun will give you a sense of security and confidence in your self-defence capabilities. However, even when you own a pepper spray gun, you should be cautious not to develop a spirit of arrogance because you have it, or rely too much on it. There are many other means of avoiding a problem, including running away if you can.

For your safety in these times, we recommend that the best place to buy pepper spray gun is online. Amazon.com for example has verified authentic sellers and you will receive the genuine products for the best value for your money.

Be alert, be safe!

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