10 Best Tactical Belt 2020

Last updated on April 16, 2020

The best tactical belt is always something to look for that will distribute the weight on your hips whenever you are going to carry a significant weight such as a flashlight, multi-tool, gun or other hunting stuff. If you’re in a tactical situation, having a gun belt is practically a necessity.

However, a tactical belt provides the best way to keep all things of yours organized, so that you can have them from the belt within a matter of second. As there is a number of tactical belts of different brands available in the market, you might feel confused about which item to pick.

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There are lots of things to consider when you are buying one so that you’ll never regret investing in the wrong one later. Ask any fan of tactical belts what they look for when purchasing these one-of-a-kind items and odds are they’ll fire back with few characteristics like the width, rigidity, materials, comfortable buckle, looks good and also safe.

Yet, there is so much more consideration, here we will take you through the pros and cons of 10 of the best tactical belt available. If quality is your primary concern, then you have come to the right place. Lucky for you, a list of some of the best tactical belt was done just for you. Go, have a look!

1. CQR Tactical Belt – Best Tactical Belt for EDC

While doing this review, we have seen so many black nylon belts that they all just start to melt together. When you think about getting a good belt for your outdoor adventure to carry out heavy duty application, premium quality of this belt will treat you right.

This one looks like the most basic of the bunch, with not that much of extra feature to talk about. It also happens to be one of the strongest, most reliable belts here. This CQR belt, the number one on our list is one of the best tactical belt for multiple uses which means you don’t have to worry about carrying things with this belt, whether in an outdoor adventure or an emergency situation.

Everything manufactured from CQR has that exclusive touch of military grade design, offering you top class protection and reliability in bad condition. Also, with a broad structure, it ensures high comfort.

The design features top notch military and law enforcer quality materials for the highest durability and performance. Enhanced with 8 multipurpose tool pockets, they are a classic choice for easy tools attachment. Unlike the cheap belts, this one is also fade, shrink, and wrinkle proof and rip resistant.

CQR Tactical Belt – Best EDC Tactical Belt
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  • Rip resistant nylon
  • Good variety of colors
  • Holds tight
  • Best tactical belt for EDC in excellent price


  • Buckle protrudes a lot
  • Not the most comfortable

Final Verdict

If you want a sturdy, comfy belt that won’t come close to hurting your wallet, then look no further.

2. Relentless Tactical Belt – Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

This one is the first leather belt on our list.  Main reason behind choosing the Relentless Tactical Belt was its impeccable ratings on Amazon.  At the time of reviewing it has 4100+ reviews at an average of 5 stars. A lifetime warranty is also one of the perks of purchasing this belt.

The handsome looks combined with the quality leather used means it is not only a quality strong belt that will not sag or change shape, it also looks amazing for everyday use. You would never know that this was a gun belt. It’s almost identical to a normal belt except that it’s much more durable.

It’s also the thinnest of the leather belt’s bunch so it fits the bill for something more suitable for people who are into CCW-ing. Although not too heavy it is heavy enough to remind you it is there. Minor things like the straight stitching and it’s fitting through the belt loops all pass with flying colors as well with the amazing quality it possess.

Relentless Tactical Belt – Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry
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  • USA made best tactical belt for concealed carry
  • Strong and durable
  • Won’t change shape
  • Looks good


  • Can lose its rigidity
  • Can bleed onto light pants

Final Verdict

A good heavy duty belt makes all the difference when it comes to comfortably carrying a firearm. We can’t recommend this belt enough!

3. Hanks Gunner – Best Leather Tactical Belt

From belts to wallets, Hanks makes all of their products with 100% full grain vegetable tanned leather. The leather is designed to anchor your holsters in place so you can access your firearms more quickly.

If you’re looking for a leather belt you can wear every day, but you also want one that will carry your holster, you should check out this model. This belt is simple in its appearance whilst still having a casual enough look to be able to be worn every day.

One of the first things you notice is its thickness, it is guaranteed never to split due to its quality full grain leather. This quality leather will not stretch or sag, so it will look sharp — even after years and years of use. Even the buckle is superbly made — it’s secured by removable screws instead of snaps.

Coming with its classic design and 5 colors to choose from, matching the Gunner Belt to your every outfit is simple. The belt is backed by a 100 year warranty, making it another piece to add to your family’s heirloom treasure chest!

Hanks Gunner - USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt - 100 Year Warranty - 14 Ounce Full Grain Leather Belt
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  • Best tactical belt for everyday use
  • Durable top-notch leather grain
  • You can sue it to carry guns and other equipment if you need them
  • It’s designed to remain undamaged and problem free for a hundred years


  • Needs time to break in
  • The buckle is conventional

Final Verdict

Another great leather belt option backed up by a 100 years warranty! It will serve you better for everyday carry comfort than this plain belt.

4. MISSION ELITE Tactical Belt – Best Tactical Duty Belt

Designed with concealed carry in mind, this heavy duty tactical belt from Mission Elite comes with a double layer of top notch nylon webbing. The plastic buckle is also durable enough, and metal is skipped to prevent you from held up at airport.

 Made to take the weight of vast range of equipment and other necessities on a daily basis. Alongside other things, you can carry guns and ammo pouches, the belt is that thick and durable. Though it’s a wide belt, it’s still very flexible and comfortable to wear.

Another great feature this belt offers is that it doesn’t have hole so you don’t have to worry about the exact fit either. This Mission Elite Tactical Belt is guaranteed to stay at same place on your waist without any kind of uncomfortability and suffocation.

With well-maintained manufacturing and amazing quality. , the Mission Elite Tactical Belt is designed for daily use over a long time span.

MISSION ELITE Tactical Belt – Best Tactical Duty Belt
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  • Versatile usability
  • Casual enough for regular non-tactical use
  • The buckle is slip-resistant
  • No metal for TSA checkpoints to hold you up


  • Double layer can make it a bit stiff

Final Verdict

It is an exceptional value everyday wear belt that can double as a lightweight pistol belt when needed and it won’t break the budget too.

5. 5.11 Tactical Operator Belt – Best Military Style Stainless Steel Buckle Tactical Belt

With a bold reputation for some of the best tactical belt around, 5.11 Tactical makes this simple yet reliable 1.5-inch belt for your wearing pleasure. If you need a belt that would deliver a quick and convenient excelling then this 5.11 belt is the perfect choice for you.

This is a tactical belt made with rip-resistant nylon, so it’s strong enough that you can use it as a carry strap or a tie down. The belt is durable and comfortable, and you’ll be able to wear it at all times without any problems.

The 5.11 Tactical Belt is versatility at its best. Besides being very comfortable, 5.11 tactical belts are stylish enough for everyday casual wear, and reliable enough for any type of tactical duty. The buckle is heavy duty which is why it is so sturdy.

The buckle itself is finished in black matte so it creates a slick look for this gun belt. It boasts a rip-resistant nylon construction complete with nylon webbing which, thanks to its buckle design, can be quickly converted into a secondary carry strap.

Ergonomic, affordable and highly functional, this fade-resistant belt is a solid choice. This belt has a wide range of sizes from small to 4XL.

5.11 Tactical Operator Belt – Best Military Style Stainless Steel Buckle Tactical Belt
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  • It’s wide enough and strong enough to handle several items
  • Ti can also be used in many other ways
  • While riding, it holds perfectly
  • The plastic buckle is best for air travel, since you don’t set of metal detectors
  • Sturdy buckle
  • Won’t lose its shape


  • It’s not suitable for large handguns
  • Some people suggest getting a size up

Final Verdict

If you need a patrol duty or CCW tactical belt that won’t let you down, the 5.11 TDU Tactical Belt is the choice for you.

6. Condor Tactical Belt – Best Made in USA [100-Year Warranty] Tactical Belt

For those who want a bit more convenience along with them on a daily basis or while on the range, Condor offers this durable and defense-ready 2” wide tactical belt. The Condor name is very well known when it comes to outdoor products and tactical gear.

With thick and broad construction, there is great comfort in this belt. The design is classic and ensures different people can fit. They’ve manufactured some of the best tactical belt quality-made, popular tactical belts all over the world. It provides two removable pistol mags and creates an excellent way to readily equipped as well.

For exceptional comfort, the belt has quick release buckle which ensures you can fit and remove easily. It measures 44 inches and easily adjustable. With two detachable pouches that can fit smaller essentials like a flashlight or multi-tool or other hunting stuff and a quick release buckle, it functions well as a grab-and-go belt that can work with your existing one.

The Condor Tactical Belt review shows that this belt gives great value for your money as it is durable and it keeps all your gear securely held in place. Outfitted as a modern-day gun belt, this piece will secure a holster and additional ammo without breaking a sweat.

Condor Tactical Belt – Best Made in USA [100-Year Warranty] Tactical Belt
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  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fully adjustable tactical belt
  • It’s also extremely durable
  • Plastic buckle is easy to release
  • Convenient with air travel


  • Pistol mags are not well placed
  • Doesn’t look good for casual days

Final Verdict

If you need a pistol belt for your paddle holster with a different look than a regular TAC belt, this is the best tactical belt to start with, especially on a budget.

7. Blade-Tech Tactical Belt – Ratcheting Slide Belt Gun Belt

The Ultimate Carry Belt is the ultimate in everyday carry…for EVERYONE. The Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt is offered in both a heavy duty nylon and a premium grade leather. We recommend to choose Blade-Tech’s Ultimate Carry Belt in water repellent black nylon as it tends to be stronger than the leather one.

We absolutely loved the material of the belt, the heavy duty nylon with reinforced polymer core, making it very strong, stiff and comfortable as well. We also loved this belt’s wearing mechanism which gives it versatility of fastening and loosening at your will.

The Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt’s materials and finish are of a very high standard and craftsmanship. And once you figure out how to operate the adjustment lever, it’s very easy to make quick adjustments to the belt while wearing it and we guarantee you that you will no longer look for any other belt after this.

The ratcheting mechanism gives you the ability to make precise adjustments for the “perfect” fit. The price is very much reasonable for the quality of belt you’re getting and is backed by a lifetime guarantee from a brand that has earned a reputation for making quality gun holsters.

Blade-Tech Tactical Belt – Ratcheting Slide Belt Gun Belt
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  • Easy Release Lever
  • Reinforced Polymer Teeth
  • Dual Locking Set Screws
  • Reinforced Polymer Core


  • Can start to sag
  • Starts to fit loose

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an excellent quality carry belt that’s not only sturdy, but easy to adjust, you may just want to check out the Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt.

8. KILK Cobra Release Tactical Belt – Best Cobra Tactical Belt

Originated from Austria, the Klik Belts claims to have the strongest side-release belt buckle (called the Cobra) ever made. Besides its super strength solid buckle, the Klik belt is one of the best tactical belts for everyday use.

The tightly woven nylon is very strong and durable, and you can use it for a long time without noticing any changes. The belt comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy buckle. The buckle is very durable, and it’s also comfortable.

The Klik Tactical Belt features two options for dynamic use and offers seven different colors variations. If you’re looking for the most high quality and durable build tact belt that at the same time have attractive and solid design, then this utility belt is probably the best one for you.

However, it doesn’t compromise with the performance while doing that, if you put this military grade belt to use, it will surely fulfill all your demands.

KILK Cobra Release Tactical Belt – Best Cobra Tactical Belt
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  • Quick drying
  • Fully adjustable for a terrific fit
  • Strongest and securest belt available on the market
  • Heavy duty buckle tactical belt


  • Not meant to be worn by trade workers
  • Contains metal piece

Final Verdict

Patented world’s strongest belt, says it all about this belt, pure durability packs with style and convenient day to day use.

9. Elite Shooters Belt with Cobra Buckle, 1.5″

Now, one very handy pick we would like to mention about is the Elite Shooter’s belt. An extremely useful item for people who are in a profession that requires them to wear strong and sturdy belts. The nylon webbing is stiffened to offer more support, and it will carry your gear comfortably.

The Elite Survival Systems tactical belt was specially designed to be versatile and have multiple uses. It’s always good to know that a belt’s main material is rugged and can carry thousands of pounds of weight, but a weak buckle means a weak belt all the same.

But probably the most impressive is how far this surpasses the safety requirements of the CSA, NFPA, EN, UIAA and many more. One of the things you will notice from this Gun Belt is that it has a fast release ring buckle. There is a layer inside the belt that stiffens for extra protection in supporting both pouches and holsters.

You can also pair this belt with other belts which acts as a tactical belt rig, allowing you to attach holsters and magazine pouches. Proudly made in the USA and comes in four different sizes in an aim of meeting a variety of needs.

Elite Shooters Belt with Cobra Buckle, 1.5"
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  • The buckle is extremely solid
  • It’s comfy enough to sit in
  • Good for lifting
  • Simple looking best tactical belt, good for casual wear
  • The belt latches on very well


  • The buckle is huge, so it won’t fit most loops without disassembling it first
  • Very hard to bend due to thickness
  • Sizes are far apart from one another

Final Verdict

Have all the great features a tactical belt can have, even if you don’t carry concealed it is a great everyday belt for casual wear.

10. Aegis Tactical Belt

Ares Gear are one of the originators of the modern Gun Belt. The Aegis Enhanced belt was released for customers who wanted a belt with the same performance as our Ranger Enhanced belt, but a simpler “look”.

Super stiff and comprised of 2 layers of a proprietary Scuba webbing, this Aegis Enhanced belt is designed to carry all of your gear without looking ‘tactical’ and drawing attention. The Aegis buckle is bead blasted 304L stainless steel.

All Ares Gear products are 100% Made in America. Aegis belts don’t require the same overlap as the Ranger belts, so we recommend you purchase based on overall length instead of on belt size or pants size.

The Aegis tactical is 1.5″ wide, and is composed of 2 layers of the same proprietary scuba webbing, with an added layer of 1.5″ thin colored webbing on the outside. Holster, mag pouches, flashlights you name it, the Aegis Belt will serve you well and won’t flex under pressure.

Some people have stated a preference for a tail that ends immediately after their belt buckle, while others prefer a few inches of adjustability, so whatever your preference is, you should be good.

Aegis Tactical Belt
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  • Quick drying
  • Can hold up to 7000 lb.
  • Stylish enough for daily use
  • Best tactical belt with heavy duty buckle


  • Tends to fray quickly
  • Starts to wear fast

Final Verdict

For those who think it’s expensive, remember that it’s the little things that you should invest the most money in and this belt has lots of that little differences than other belts. Well worth the money!


Wearing a quality tactical belt will give you that extra boost of confidence while providing great security on the job. Technology have come so far that manufacturers are producing unsurpassed results while making these belts. With so many belts to choose from, it may be rather intimidating to decide which one is the best.

In this list of our best tactical belt, any one of them is a solid choice — it just depends upon your needs and budget. Make sure to get the right size, always take into consideration the holsters to aid in your correct sizing and get yourself the best tactical belt.

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