4 Best Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense in 2020

Last updated on May 2, 2020

Tactical flashlights are an underrated tool when it comes to self defense and home defense is no different. The best tactical flashlight for home defense not only come in handy when trying to find something in the dark and during power outages but also if you find yourself in an unfortunate intruder situation.

How you ask?

The bright light from the flashlight can disorient the burglar/intruder by temporarily blinding them and the serrated strike bezels on these specialty tools can give you the upper hand in close-quarter conflicts.

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Best Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense

In this article, we take you through the features and detailed reviews of the best tactical flashlights for home defense available at the moment to simplify the process of choosing the best one for you!

1. TAC9ER LED Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Whether you are stranded on a roadside with a broken down car or stuck at home with an indefinite power outage, having a Tac9er LED rechargeable tactical flashlight in your survival kit will save you a lot of hassle.

Its light beam with a zoom focus can be adjusted between a floodlight and a spotlight.

Best Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense
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It is one of the best tactical flashlights for home defense that is made out of durable military grade aluminium alloy and is 4 feet impact resistant. The purchase includes a powerful 2600mAh high performance lithium battery that can be USB charged using the included micro USB cable in 5 hours.


  • Maximum brightness – 900 lumens, beam distance – 350 meters.
  • Zoomable with five modes – High, medium, low, strobe & SOS.
  • Chargeable on the go – with a portable power source, laptop or in a vehicle.
  • Compact and lightweight – 6.12” long and weighs 8 ounces with battery.
  • Tactical tail click switch makes for easy one-handed operation.
  • Military grade aluminium alloy body endures scratches, abrasions and corrosion.
  • Heavy-duty strike bezel edges for added protection against assailants.


  • Adjustable between spotlight and floodlight beam.
  • 2600mAh battery rechargeable using micro USB cable.
  • Emergency flashlight for roadside, home-defence, hiking or camping.
  • Affordable price point and reliable, rugged body construction.


  • No memory – does not start at the previous setting.

It also comes with a convenient and worry-free, 30 days – no questions asked, 100% refund guarantee!

One of the best tactical flashlights for home-defense. An all-around complete package at a great price point. It will make a great addition to your EDC and survival kit.

2. The Atomic Bear LED Tactical Flashlight

For a small light just 3.5 inches long, the Atomic Bear LED tactical flashlight packs in it a lot of light! Powered by any regular AA batteries or 14500 rechargeable batteries, this little guy here will allow you to see upto 100 yards in complete darkness.

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These are an amazing addition to your home survival kit as well as good to carry with you while you go camping, backpacking, or just take a stroll with your pet. Its build quality far exceeds the price point that it is sold at and it is easy to carry around in your pockets and purse or clipped to your belt or backpack.


  • Bright 400 lumens light.
  • CREE Q5 LED module.
  • Lightweight – 2.0 ounces without battery.
  • Small and compact – 3.5 inches long.
  • Powered by regular AA or rechargeable 14500 batteries.
  • Durable aircraft grade aluminium body.
  • Weather proof – water, cold and shock resistant.
  • Serrated head for self-defence.


  • Zoomable lens for adjustable beam size and focus.
  • Three operating modes – high, low and strobe.
  • Easily fits in a pocket, small purse or a bike glove box.
  • Can be clipped to belt or backpack with removable clip.
  • Can be mounted on to self-defence weapon.
  • Long runtime of 25 hours with an AA battery.


  • Does not come with a battery.
  • No memory – does not start with the previously used setting.

The Atomic Bear LED Tactical flashlight also comes with a unique lifetime warranty!

With this tactical flashlight for home defense, you are prepared to survive! This purchase will not break your pocket and yet deliver on quality and versatility. Its size is perfect for college going girls and women who would find it difficult to carry big bulky flashlights for self-defense.

3. Supfire Rechargeable Flashlight

Now this one here is a sturdy tactical flashlight with excellent built quality. Its body is made with durable aluminium and features an anti-slip grip handle.

It intuitively feels solid in the hand, with not even its buttons made out of plastic. And it delivers!

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It provides a strong 1100 lumens beam and is powered by a rechargeable 2000mAh 18650 battery. With its convenient and portable design, it can be used for a multitude of purposes – keep it stashed somewhere handy at home and use it during power outages or look for something in a dark closet, take it out with you on camping expeditions, nightly walks around the neighborhood, hiking or running – the possibilities are endless.


  • Bright 1100 lumens light.
  • Intense beam throw of upto 200 meters.
  • Powerful 2000mAh 18650 rechargeable battery.
  • A runtime of 2 hours on high mode.
  • Five operating modes – High, medium, low, strobe and SOS.
  • IP44 rated waterproof.


  • Lightweight – 3.60 ounces
  • Micro USB interface – chargeable using power bank, car charger, wall charger or computer.
  • Pocket carry friendly size.
  • Anti-slip grip handle for convenient usage.
  • Attached metal clip can be used to clip onto belts, backpacks etc.
  • Metal switch button is also a charging indicator.
  • Better heat dissipation for user safety.
  • Package contains – Flashlight, Battery, and USB cable.


  • Does not feature a serrated bezel that can be used for self-defence.
  • It is known to start in the pocket or in the bag – when it is not intended to – draining the battery.

It is a great little light that is functional and practical. The bright 1100 lumen light and various operating modes make it a versatile addition to any survival or EDC kit. The number of features and the quality of this little gadget here far exceed the affordable price point that it is placed at.

4. WUBEN 3 in 1 Tactical Pen

A true multi-utility tool that is an everyday carry item. The Wuben 3-in-1 tactical pen LED flashlight is a pen, a light and a self defense instrument.

Use it as a handheld torch, clip it on to your hat/cap, use it to light up dim hallways of the house at night, write down important things with it and poke any would be attacker to save yourself!

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It is USB rechargeable, so you can forget worrying about replacement batteries. The screw ON/OFF type switch can be used to engage the light from low to high brightness setting and its tactical head is made out of super hard tungsten steel for a number of emergency uses.


  • 3-in-1 tactical tool – pen, tactical flashlight and self-defence tool.
  • Built-in USB port – no need for batteries.
  • Max output of upto 130 lumens bright light.
  • Super hard tungsten steel head useful in emergencies.
  • Hard anodizing aircraft grade aluminium alloy body.
  • German Schneider Gelion refill for smooth writing.
  • Easy to carry around with built-in pocket clip.


  • Uses CREE XP-G2 LED module.
  • IP68 rated waterproof.
  • Can be used in heavy rains and great for outdoors.
  • 60-meter long beam throw.
  • Two operating modes – high and low.
  • Screw ON/OFF type switch to toggle between the modes.
  • 1.5 meter impact resistant.
  • LED battery charge indicator goes from red to green when fully charged.


  • A few users have reported issues with charging.
  • Does not come with a cap for the pen end of the light.

All Wuben flashlights come with a free return guarantee within 30 days, free repairing within 1 year, manufacturer’s repairing within 5 years and a 24 hours customer service.

Choose this tactical flashlight for its 3-in-1 multi utility design. It is compact yet durable and small yet powerful. We especially recommend this product for women or college going students because of the convenient everyday carry aspect of its design.


While choosing the best tactical flashlight for home defense you should consider a number of factors such as brightness, size, power source and the self-defense features. Choosing the correct tactical flashlight for home defense can go on to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your home. Whether you are facing an intruder situation or experiencing a good old power outage or you just find yourself in a quiet part of the town after dark, having a tactical flashlight in your survival kit, or everyday carry can save you from mishaps.

Considering how handy these nifty little tools are we recommend stashing one in convenient and easy to find spots all over your home, your car, the garage, in your hurricane supplies and of course make a habit of including one in your everyday carry.

Remember, a tactical flashlight for self-defense is the one that is available whenever you need it. Therefore ensuring working batteries if you own a battery powered tactical flashlight and timely recharge if you own one that is USB chargeable are also equally important.

Emergencies never knock before coming and it is better to be safe than sorry!

Be prepared, be safe!

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