4 Best Tactical Flashlight over 1000 Lumens

Last updated on May 2, 2020

Super bright and dependable – the best tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens will be this, and much more. More often than not, these tactical flashlights serve as a multi-utility tool; they are virtually indestructible and are precision engineered for a wide variety of emergency situations.

Whether you are looking for an addition to your EDC or need a mountable LED flashlight for your self-defense weapons, tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens will provide you the with the brightest light and the best value for your buck.

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What is the best 1000 lumen flashlight that is available out there?

In this article, we answer this question with a compiled list of the best tactical flashlights over 1000 lumens that you can get your hands on. So buckle-up, dive right into it and find yourself one that best suits all your needs!

Best Tactical Flashlight over 1000 Lumens [Updated list in 2020]

1. Energizer Advanced LED Flashlight – 1300 lumens

The Energizer Advanced LED Flashlight is the brilliance you need and the power you expect. It is a 1300 lumens bright flashlight with a no-nonsense switch that can easily be operated with gloved hands, housed in a solid metal body and not overly heavy for an EDC.

It delivers reliable daylight with precise spot and floodlight beam throw at your fingertips.

best tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens
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The simplicity of its design and its exceptional performance make it the brightest light that you can buy at this price point. It is powered by six Energizer Max AA batteries that come included with the purchase. The innovative Maxviz technology makes it 15X brighter than regular LED bulbs.


  • 1300 lumens blinding bright light.
  • Powerful beam throw – 230 meters.
  • Durable aircraft grade aluminium body.
  • IPX4 water resistant against splashing and drops.
  • Three operational modes – high, low & Strobe.


  • Digital Focus – adjusts from spot to floodlight.
  • Long runtime – lasts 19 hours on low mode.
  • Powerful daylight replication with MAXVIZ technology.
  • Easy press & hold button to switch between modes.
  • Powered by 6 Energizer Max AA batteries (included with purchase)


  • The flashlight cannot be used to stand-on-end due to rounded tail.
  • Does not feature a strike bezel for self-defence.

This tactical flashlight replicates daylight – providing the ideal lighting for your needs. Its reliable built and precision beam throw make it a perfect addition to your hurricane supplies, camping accessories, survival kits, emergency light for power outages and even an EDC. It is convenient and light enough to carry around.

2. Streamlight 88077 ProTac – 1000 Lumens

The Streamlight 88077 is an amazing 1000 lumen rechargeable flashlight that produces a bright, high intensity beam with a wide spill for excellent peripheral vision. The serrated strike bezel, blinding bright light make it a versatile handheld tactical flashlight for self-defense.

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The stand out feature of this tactical flashlight is the innovative multi-fuel technology powers the flashlight from multiple sources – the included lithium ion batteries, two CR123A batteries or the Streamlight rechargeable USB battery. Multi-battery versatility means you will always have a beam during emergencies even when there is no power source available, or charging is not an option.


  • Three operating modes – high/strobe/low, high only, low/medium high.
  • Produces long-range 1000 lumens bright light.
  • Illuminates objects as distant as 374 meters.
  • Beam throw with wide spill for peripheral vision
  • Multi-fuel technology powers the flashlight from three different sources.


  • It can be charged from a laptop or most USB wall chargers.
  • Aluminium housing with Type II Military Spec anodising
  • Extremely durable and abrasion resistant.
  • IPX4 rated waterproof
  • 2 meters impact resistant.
  • Includes USB cord, removable pocket clip and a tear resistant nylon holster.


  • The buttons on the light are not as sturdy as you need them to be.
  • The lithium ion battery charges in the light in 7 hours.

The Streamlight 88077 is one of the best tactical flashlights over 1000 lumens for somebody who needs to use a tactical flashlight extensively and would benefit greatly from its multi fuel technology. It makes a great companion on outdoor excursions such as camping and hiking or taking your pet on a stroll at night.

3. Anker Ultra-Bright Tactical Flashlight – 1300 Lumens

The Anker Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight is one of the smallest 1000 lumen flashlights and most likely the brightest light that you will ever own. It is a well-made tool that is durable, water resistant and will be a great companion to explore the great outdoors with.

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It is thoughtfully designed with anti-slip coating on the body that holds fast in extreme conditions and it can stand on end for a full room illumination.

It comes with 5 operating modes and the switch has memory, meaning when you start the flashlight again, you start with the previous mode setting, which will eliminate the hassle of going through all the modes before reaching your favoured one.


  • Three CREE LEDs deliver ultra-bright 1300 lumens light.
  • 1200 feet beam reach.
  • Five adaptable modes – high, medium, low, strobe & SOS.
  • 5000mAh rechargeable battery – 6 hours of powerful runtime.
  • Battery charges in 8 hours using any 1A adapter (USB Cable included)


  • Durable and shock resistant aluminium body.
  • IPX7 rated water resistant for upto 30 minutes in 1-meter deep water.
  • Anti-slip coating on the body and stand-on-end design.
  • Comes with the rechargeable battery, micro USB cable, wrist strap and a user manual.
  • They have an exceptional customer service.


  • The long 8 hours charging time required by the batteries can prove to be a hassle.

The Anker ultra-bright tactical flashlight comes with an 18-month warranty for a worry free user experience.

If you need a 1000 lumen pocket flashlight to brave the great outdoors, the Anker ultra-bright tactical flashlight is your answer. It is durable and reliable and will not let you down during emergencies. With its serrated strike bezel design, it can well be used for self-defense if the need arises!

4. Fyland Tactical Flashlight – 1200 Lumens

If you are someone who works in security, spends a lot of time in survivalist environments, or takes hunting and camping trips in the wilderness, the Fyland tactical flashlight is the ideal choice for you.

Its military grade aluminium alloy body make it durable and strong, suitable to be used in extreme conditions.

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This really is a great light for a great price. Its beam is focused hot spot with a halo like spread that provides distant illumination with wide range peripheral vision.

The best part about it though is the fact that it can be used in two ways, mounted on self-defense or hunting weapons as a weapon light and as a regular use, handheld tactical flashlight. You pay for one product and get to use two!


  • 1200 lumens light with CREE XPL V6 LED.
  • 200-meter beam throw.
  • IP65 rated waterproof.
  • Comes with a tactical tailcap pressure switch
  • Provides 4 hours of continuous runtime


  • Comes with quick release Picatinny rail offset mount.
  • Usable in two modes – weapon light and handheld tactical flashlight.
  • Lightweight military grade aluminium body.
  • Ridged strike bezel makes for improvised self-defence tool.
  • 2 rechargeable batteries and charger included.


  • The tactical tailcap pressure switch is not as sturdy as the rest of the flashlight and its other components.

This flashlight has impressive features for the price point that it is sold at. It also comes with a 12 months warranty.

The Fyland tactical flashlight is a dependable yet highly affordable tool to escort your outdoor adventures. It is perfect for hunting, camping, cycling, hiking, home emergencies or gift giving. Make this a part of your EDC and you will never be left in the dark again!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens do you need to blind an attacker?

It is relative. Different people react differently. Also, ambient light plays a major role in this. Different amounts of ambient light will require different number of lumens to temporarily blind the attacker for you to be able to escape unscathed.

However, while it is easy to disorient an attacker in a dark environment using as less as 100 lumens. But during daytime, a light output brighter than 300 lumens will be required to sufficiently blind the attacker so that you can make a run for safety.

A 1000 lumen flashlight is bright enough to illuminate a whole football field and more. Therefore, making an everyday carry out of a tactical flashlight around 1000 lumens bright ensures a more effective self-defense tool at your disposal.

How many lumens does the brightest flashlight have?

What is the brightest tactical flashlight on the market? One of the most asked questions!

The Anker Ultra-bright tactical flashlight packs in a 1300 lumens bright light and so does the Energizer Advanced LED Flashlight. But, while looking for the best tactical flashlight that suits your requirements, lumens are not the only factor that you should consider.

For brightest is not always the best. The flashlight that you choose for yourself should first and foremost, be best suited to your requirements more than anything else. An extremely bright light, for instance needs more power. More power will drain the batteries quicker. To combat that, the flashlight will have to use bigger, more powerful batteries. All of this will add to the weight and make the flashlight bulkier and not easy to carry around with you as an EDC.

You must always take into consideration the trade-offs. Prioritizing your needs will make the process easier and with a flashlight available for every kind of budget, you never have to compromise.


When the need for a flashlight arises, you should be prepared with the best. One of the more underrated use of a tactical flashlight is self-defense. A high lumen flashlight produces light bright enough to temporarily blind and disorient the assailant and take advantage of the precious time to make a run for safety. When faced with an intruder situation at home, flashlights with specialised serrated bezels can double up as improvised self-defense weapons. They are heavy and when used to strike with all your might, can cause enough damage for you to be able to escape unscathed.

With so many options flooding the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the perfect tactical flashlight for yourself. With our detailed review to your rescue, you can take all the time to make an informed decision and get yourself the best tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens that suits your requirements.

Be prepared! Be safe!

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