4 Best Tactical Flashlight That Uses AA Batteries

Last updated on May 3, 2020

The best tactical flashlight that uses AA batteries is one of the most significant and convenient tools that anyone should have in their EDC or emergency kits. With AA batteries as its power source, these lights are small, compact and lightweight in design but provide vital illumination in emergency situations and prove to be lifesaving tools.

Having a flashlight strategically placed at easy to access spots such as the glove compartment of your car, or your purse can ensure a dependable source of light when you need it the most.

The best thing about these tactical flashlights is – the AA batteries – they are cheaper and easier to get your hands on, so you can have replacement batteries ready whenever you might need them.

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Best Tactical Flashlight That Uses AA Batteries

We have compiled a list of the best tactical flashlights that use AA batteries so that you can choose one that best suits your needs.

1. Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA Tactical Flashlight [350 Lumens]

The Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA is a small, bright, lightweight, and programmable tactical flashlight that uses AA batteries. It is a perfect little tool for your EDC. The stand out feature of this flashlight is its dual fuel versatility. It can be powered using one CR123A Lithium battery or one AA Alkaline or Lithium battery.

best tactical flashlight that uses aa batteries
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It is 4.5inches long, weighs just 2.5 ounces and can easily fit in your back pocket. The combination of size, a 350 lumen output and power source versatility result in one of the brightest and versatile everyday carry lights. It is built to last with durable, anodized aluminium construction.


  • Powerful 350 lumens light output on high setting.
  • Compact and lightweight – 4.5 inches, 2.5 ounces.
  • Powered using CR123A or AA alkaline/lithium batteries.
  • Three operating modes – High/Strobe/Low, High only, Low/High.
  • Runtime: High – upto 1.75 hours; Low/strobe – 6.75 hours.


  • Removable/reversible pocket clip for hands free operation.
  • Multi-function, push-button tail switch for one-hand operation.
  • C4 LED technology – shockproof and extremely bright.
  • IPX7 rated waterproof – 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.
  • 2 meter impact resistant anodized aluminium construction.


  • The switch has no memory – It does not start with the previous setting.

This purchase also includes a reversible and removable pocket clip, one CR123A battery and one AA alkaline battery

You can also check Streamlight 88033 ProTac 2AA 250 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight.

The Streamlight 88061 is one of the best tactical flashlight that uses AA batteries. It is compact and lightweight, fits right into pockets and small purses. The 350 lumen light output is sufficiently bright and the fact that an AA battery powers it makes it a perfect hassle-free addition to your EDC.

2. HAUSBELL Flashlights – Single AA Battery

Do not let the size of this tactical flashlight deceive you! It will surprise you with its blinding brightness and the power it packs in its little frame. It features an innovative, patented luminous ring on its body that glows-in-dark and makes the flashlight easy to locate during power outages and emergencies.

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Its zoomable beam throw of 200 meters can be adjusted from a focused spotlight to a wider floodlight and it offers three operating modes – bright, dim, and flash. The tactical-grade aluminium casing is sturdy and can brave extreme weather conditions with ease!


  • Three operating modes – bright, dim and flash.
  • Zoomable beam – adjusts from spotlight to floodlight.
  • Beam throw of upto 200 feet.
  • Sturdy aluminium body – weather, water & shock resistant.
  • Innovative luminous rings – easy to locate in the dark.


  • Great budget tactical flashlights.
  • Lotus shaped bezel – protects the light, can be used for self-defence.
  • Lightweight and extremely bright – great for survival kits and EDC.
  • Pocket clip – easy to carry and can be tied to belt.
  • Uses one 14500 rechargeable lithium ion battery or one AA battery.


  • The batteries are not included in the purchase and must be bought separately.

This is a great option for someone looking for a small, compact and lightweight tactical flashlight that is also super bright but easy to carry around. It is an ideal addition to your hurricane supplies, survival kit or even just the glove compartment in your car. Use it during power outages around the house or even during camping and hiking trips.

The pack of two is sold at an incredibly low price point but there have been no cuts in its quality and it delivers what it promises. It is one of the best single AA flashlights that you can get your hands on. Nothing can beat the price!

3. J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight – Single AA battery

The J5 Tactical V1-Pro is sturdy, blindingly bright, has a long runtime, fits in your pocket and simply is one of the best tactical flashlights that uses AA batteries. With a 300 lumens bright light, it is a great little light at a good price.

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It is a dependable companion for your camping or hunting trips, taking your pet for a stroll or an EDC for miscellaneous uses. It’s compact and tough as nail design is virtually indestructible and can survive rains, snow or other emergency situations. The serrated strike bezel can also be used as in improvised self-defense by anyone who has to walk through a dark car park late at night.


  • 300 lumens – blindingly bright light output.
  • Beam throw of 600 feet.
  • Focus adjustable beam – wide-to-narrow beam zoom.
  • Three operating modes – high, low, strobe.
  • Water and impact resistant – can survive a 9-foot fall.


  • Tough as nails aluminium alloy design.
  • Runs off a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery.
  • Single battery provides a solid hour-long runtime.
  • Great gifting option for a loved one.
  • Ideal for house, camping, dog walking etc.


  • Battery is not included in the purchase and must be bought separately.

Every genuine J5 V1-Pro tactical flashlights comes with a one-year, no questions asked replacement warranty for a worry free customer experience.

Most users that have purchased this nifty little light have gone on to purchase a couple more – these are that good! You can keep one in your car, one in garage, one strategically placed in the house and carry one in your pocket or your purse and they will come in handy at numerous occasions.

4. AR Happy Online AR-100 LED Flashlight

A blindingly bright, well-built and compact light that fits perfectly in your palm. That is the AR Happy Online AR-100 LED Flashlight for you. For the price point that it is sold at, you will be surprised with the features that it packs in. Made out of durable aluminium alloy with a knurled grip, this is a rugged tactical flashlight that is built to last.

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With a 350 lumens light output, it is a perfect camping/hiking accessory and can also be installed on a bicycle for cycling excursions. Make it a part of your emergency survival kit and use it during power outages in the hurricane season. It can survive accidental drops and is water resistant, perfect for a rainy day!


  • 350 lumens blindingly bright light output.
  • Powered by one AA battery or on 14500 rechargeable battery.
  • Three operating modes – High, Low, Strobe.
  • Zoomable beam – adjustable from spot to flood light.
  • Rugged aluminium alloy body.


  • Skid proof and impact resistant.
  • Water resistant – can endure a rainy day.
  • Steel body clip – can be attached to a belt or a backpack.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities and for an EDC.


  • The switch has no memory – it always starts with the brightest mode.
  • Battery is not included in the purchase and must be bought separately.

We recommend stashing one of these in a few accessible places around the house – in the kitchen, in the garage, in the glove box of your cars, bedside table and also in your survival and EDC kits. They also make for great gifting options and are a convenient choice for students and women due to their compact design yet bright light output.


The flashlights that have made it to this list are top of the line flashlights with raving reviews online. They are built to last for many years of use and deliver dependable source of light. They are worth the money and you don’t have to spend on expensive replacement batteries.

They are versatile and ideal for tactical, security or emergency uses and deliver what they promise to.

If you ask us, we would say that the best tactical flashlight that uses AA batteries is a “bright” investment! These lights offer the ease of carrying and storage at a budget. They also provide a sense of security and peace of mind should you find yourself in a dark alleyway at night, or if you have to walk up to your car in a dark, deserted parking lot.

And always remember – be prepared, be safe!

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