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4 Best Tactical Flashlight over 1000 Lumens

Super bright and dependable – the best tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens will be this, and much more. More often than not, these tactical flashlights serve as a multi-utility tool; they are virtually indestructible and are precision engineered for a wide variety of emergency situations. Whether you are looking for an addition to your EDC or need a mountable LED … Read More

4 Best Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense in 2020

Tactical flashlights are an underrated tool when it comes to self defense and home defense is no different. The best tactical flashlight for home defense not only come in handy when trying to find something in the dark and during power outages but also if you find yourself in an unfortunate intruder situation. How you ask? The bright light from … Read More

15 Best Tactical Flashlight reviews in 2020

Have you ever been left in the dark? Did your mind get the better of you and you were left wondering what horrors might befall you in the darkness? You need the best tactical flashlight to light up your world! A tactical flashlight is different from your regular household flashlight. It is brighter, has a variety of uses and is … Read More

8 Best Tactical Flashlight Under $50 to buy in 2020

If you do not own the best tactical flashlight, in the time of emergency you will be, well left in the dark! The best tactical flashlights are super bright, made out of virtually indestructible material and prove to be a reliable source of light when you need it the most. ContentsBest Tactical Flashlight Under $501. Best SOG CREE LED Tactical … Read More

6 Best Pepper Spray for a Woman to Carry in 2020

When it comes to self-defense tools, pepper sprays are the first choice for many women. The best pepper spray for a woman to carry are the ones that are small and compact by design but also powerful and effective to bring down an assailant. They should be easily concealable and convenient to carry around in pockets or purses. The other … Read More

5 Best Pepper Spray Gun for self defense in 2020

There is a rise in attacks against women everywhere. It is therefore crucial now, more than ever, to equip yourself with the best pepper spray gun. They not only bring a sense of confidence and security but also buy you some precious time and opportunity to escape before the perpetrator can do you any harm. Pepper spray guns are portable, … Read More

15 Best Paracord Bracelet Review in 2020

Best paracord bracelets are reliable and versatile which is made of the same material that paratroopers used during WWW II for their parachutes. It is very durable and can serve as a great tool for any outdoor adventures. Paracord bracelets are lightweight and you can use them in several activities. An experienced outdoorsman or survivalist would tell you, versatility and … Read More