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10 Best Airsoft AK 2020

Best Airsoft AK yeah! Keeping no doubt, it can be said that the AK-47 is the most known and used rifles in the world. In 2004, statistics by World Bank showed that almost 75 million AK-47 are being used where there are 500 million guns in the world. That means AK-47 is that one gun in every seven guns in … Read More

10 Best airsoft sniper rifle in 2020 – Buying guide and reviews

In his review we will try to shed light on a topic that many people are interested in: What is the best airsoft sniper rifle? Many people fantasize about being a sniper. However, to become a good sniper, you will need to have a specialized weapon, otherwise, it will be just one another shooter. The primary weapon of a sniper … Read More