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What is the difference between Mechanical and Electronic paintball guns?

Differences between a Mechanical and an Electronic Paintball Gun There are different types of guns that a player can use for playing the paintball. Every person have their own preferences, and the experience level, budget and other factors also affects which gun they are going to use for paintball games. These preference also include some less important factors like the … Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Paintball Gun and Marker?

Well, the short answer is, there is NO difference! If said in a straightforward manner, the contrast between a “Paintball Gun” and “Paintball Marker” is nothing but some letters and a matter of perception. There is NO difference there. The words allude to quite the same thing – an air-powered device that shoots pellets full of paint. So, there is … Read More

What to wear to play paintball

Every first-time paintball player ask the senior or professional what they will wear for paintballing? If someone has played paintballing for fewer times or is new to it, they would be wondering what should be their outfit while getting in depths of battle. What should be worn for the assurance of an enjoyable and a safe experience is the most … Read More