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Paintball rules

Basic Paintball Rules Paintball players generally have a high standard of sportsmanship. Everyone has the same goal: an action-packed day of friendly competition. A fun game of paintball can quickly turn into a disheveled mess and a rotten time if no one is on the same page and no paintball rules are in place. Fortunately, paintball isn’t a complicated sport. … Read More

Top 10 paintball tips for beginners

Paintball is one of the most familiar games played around the globe. This game can help us to increase our skills and abilities in different management, leadership, critical thinking, team work skills and to become a better paintball player, there are always some paintball tips and tricks that you can use against your opponent in order to defeat them effortlessly. … Read More

Paintball for kids – paintball parents guide

Is Paintball Safe For Kids? When asking this question is simple, the answer for this question is a complex one as it involves different kind of safety measures, rules, regulations and legality. Shooting plastic pellets of colors used as bullets for this game at a speed of up to 100mph while traversing all kinds of obstacles and muddy terrain doesn’t … Read More