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Top 3 Paintball Fields in Michigan

Are you searching around for the perfect place to host a paintball party, or just looking for a place to hangout, and you are living in Michigan; you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched a lot about the different paintball fields around this area, and we’ve listed the best ones, which are worthy of getting if tittle of the … Read More

Top 3 Paintball Fields in Texas

If you love paintball guns are fights, then instead of playing at home it is obviously better to do the same at paintball fields, which provide a realistic adventure feeling while you are playing. If you are living in or close to Texas, then we’ve made it easier for you by making a list of the best paintball fields in … Read More

Top 3 Paintball Fields in Ohio

Paintball is a huge sport these days. In every state and even every city you can find a paintball field that can work for you and your crew. While it’s fun to play paintball out in the back yard, the US is home to many incredible paintball fields, stacked with the proper obstacles and hiding places to turn an average … Read More