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5 Best Paintball Elbow Pads 2019

There are so many paintball protective gears available in the market that sometime you may get confused while choosing the best one for you and to save you from that we made a list of best paintball elbow pads for you. These elbow pads will allow you to get down to business without having to worry about injury. Each of … Read More

5 Best Paintball Knee Pads 2019

We have chosen our top 5 best paintball knee pads after in-depth research to save you the hassle of doing it yourself and help you choose only the best one. To perform well in a paintball game a paintballer needs to have every edge possible to compete and to get a good result. The pairing of right gear with an … Read More

7 Best Paintball Vest 2019

Go to any busy paintball ground and you will always notice the more veteran players playing around with full tactical gear. If you want to master paintball, you need think of it like a true professional do. In other words, those who are serious about their paintball game always come equipped with full load of tactical gear and a crucial … Read More

11 Best Paintball Gear Bag 2019

Best paintball gear bag or backpack is not easy to find but you always need one to fit your equipment transportation needs. If you are looking for a place to store all of your paintball gear and paintball marker whenever you are not playing, a paintball gear bag is essential to have. Multiple companies make different kinds of paintball gear … Read More

9 Best Paintball Pods 2019

Best Paintball Pods can play a crucial role in your performance during a match. Most serious players in the game consider owning a good marker is the most important thing to boost performance on the field. But there’s so much more they can do to step up their game. Equipment such as pods, hoppers, and sights can make a huge … Read More

11 Best Paintball Gloves 2019

A major item you must have if you intend to enjoy a paintball game is the best paintball gloves. Paintball gloves are often thicker than most of the other type of gloves in order to be able to give you proper protection during the game. A good paintball glove would also not affect your ability to hold the gun, implying … Read More

11 Best Paintball Mask 2019

Paintball requires the use of a number of equipments including a paintball mask. The paintball mask is used to protect the face from injuries during the process of the game. There are different types of paintball mask, also known as paintball goggle, that can be used during the game. There are also some that are of higher quality compared to … Read More