Top 3 Paintball Fields In Colorado

Last updated on July 8, 2019

Many times we search for good destinations to host paintball parties or to just play paintball fights with our friends and family. If that is the case you have come to the right place.

Because here we have the guide to the list of top 3 best paintball fields in Colorado. We have researched a lot and put up these details and not just in a random way.

So now let us see the list of top 3 paintball places in Colorado:

1. American Paintball Coliseum Outdoor Fields

This place is one of the best paintball places in Denver Colorado as it offers both indoor and outdoor paintball fields. At indoor, they sell food items like pizza, drinks, snacks and much more.

The american paintball colisuem colorado springs is also very good. The paintball colorado springs has the best paintball, airsoft and laser tag fields. It now also has a new activity; Virtual reality.

All players must sign american paintball coliseum waiver before playing. This is also one of the best paintball fields in pueblo colorado. 

These indoor and outdoor fields have fun activities for all people irrespective of their ages and skill levels. This is the main specialty of this place.

American Paintball Coliseum Outdoor Fields

2. Paintball Adventures

Paintball Adventures is the best colorado’ s premiere outdoor wooded paintball field. This place gives its players access to a 110 acre playing field, off-field rentals and much more.

This field allows players to put their skills to test in the dense brush by the river or by guarding Alamo by being a sniper and by shooting the players of the enemy team.

This field has variety of handling facilities for all types of private groups like bachelor parties, birthday parties, corporate events, church outings and more.

The important feature of this field is the players can either make group reservations or just grab some friends and come to play and enjoy in the field and have a good time.

Paintball Adventures

3. Covert Ops Paintball

Covert Ops Paintball field is one of the top class paintball fields in Colorado. It provides its players an area of 15+ acres in its facility. Their fields provide the players with an unforgettable experience. 

This field has all the varieties of paintball games like speedball, woodsball, and airsoft games. This field provides players with moments to cherish after they play here.

The best way to celebrate birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, church groups, youth groups, and private parties is by playing paintball or airsoft games in this field.

One important instruction for players is that this field is open from Monday to Friday, but this field accepts group reservations only. So individual reservations are not accepted here.

Covert Ops Paintball


This was the list of the top 3 best paintball fields in Colorado. Hope you like the article and find the perfect place for your comfort and needs.

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