Top 3 Paintball Fields in Florida

Last updated on July 3, 2019

People who wants to play paintball for fun purposes sometime has a misconception, they assume paintball fields are just mud zones with the odd tree, tire and obstacles, well that’s totally wrong. If it was that easy anyone could buy a plot of land and claim it as a ‘paintball field’.

Florida is one of those states in USA where paintball is immensely popular and here were going to look at the three best paintball venues in Florida, USA that are renowned in the country and most importantly built for paintballers by paintballers.

1. Orland Paintball

Orland Paintball Sports, located in Rose Avenue, Orlando, Florida is a pretty great place for some weekend paintball fun. They have a total of 8 different types of indoor and outdoor fields for close-quarters, quick, competitive play as well as long range shooting. Intense matches in this paintball field are sure to get your blood and adrenaline going. They are open every day with extended hours for three days a week while offering some attractive discount on reservation plan for group bookings as well. They have different types of membership and rental packages at a pretty reasonable price. Orland Paintball Sports is a field paint only facility, so plan on buying your paint on site before you can play! This place is also famous for birthday and bachelor parties with a free rental on your birthday.

Orland Paintball

2. Hot Shots Paintball

Hot Shots Paintball, located in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida is one of the best paintball fields in Florida to have an amazing day of paintball. They are a field paint only facility, so plan on getting your paint there. They have a decent pricing as well as different membership plans for both equipment holders and rental service holders. One thing to keep in mind is that their paint is on the pricey side. Make sure you plan ahead before going. They have seven fields for playing, and more on the way. Variety of hazard they offer is just amazing. They also have two training fields, which lots of other fields don’t have, for beginners for a closer, smoother game. They offer a really cool summer camp as well as facility to arrange birthday and bachelor parties. More details can be found on their website, so don’t forget to check that out. This is a great paintball park you should look for.

Hot Shots Paintball

3. Central Florida Paintball

Located in Lakeland, FL, Central Florida Paintball is a great, kid-friendly paintball park with some amazing facilities. They also have different types of fields to choose from according to player’s preference. This field is one of the few places in the state with real woods paintball, forts, inflatable fields and hybrids fields. They offer different types of packages for different size of group which is very competitive. Central Florida Paintball is a field paint only facility, so plan on buying your paint when you arrive. All in all, Action Paintball is a great place, especially if you have younger children.

Central Florida Paintball


Finding the best paintball field available around you should be on top of your priority if you want to ensure that you will enjoy the most fantastic experience while playing paintball. Fortunately with our article it is not that hard to spot the best one.

With amazing variety, facility and pricing, these three paintball fields here are undoubtedly the best paintball fields in Florida.

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