Top 3 Paintball Fields In Illinois

Last updated on July 8, 2019

Are you a paintball enthusiast, but do not have a lot of scope for your interests in your yards, or do you have a really great skill in firing paintball, but do not have enough place to exhibit your talents?

Then you’ve come to the right place; here is the guide on the top 3 paintball fields in Illinois.

1. Badlandz Paintball Field

The list immediately starts off with one of the best indoor paintball Chicago, this place is very well known for its wide variety of events hosted by the management; which are filled with fun and adventure.

But there is one drawback here, it is that the minimum age to play the non reservations or free play is 10, which restricts the play of younger children; making you leave your children behind while playing.

For the free play, you don’t need any reservations beforehand, you can just pay at the door, and start playing. The free play is available on Friday, Saturday as well as Sunday.

You can even celebrate parties or events here using the private play packages, which unlike other paintball fields are extremely cheap starting from 30 bucks per person.

Overall, this place is just amazing; it is one of the best places for paintball in chicago; it’s a complete package of fun, adventure and safety; do visit this place, you’re gonna enjoy a lot.

Badlandz Paintball Field

2. Paintball Explosion

This park is very inexpensive, making the paintball explosion prices one of the cheapest in the country. You can check the prices as well as the paintball explosion coupons, and the paintball explosion events from the below site;

The most amazing part of this place is that it has a lot of different fields like,

  • Turmoil field
  • Mutiny field
  • Biohazard field
  • NAM field
  • Code Black field
  • Nuke Town 2013 field
  • World At War field
  • Laser Tag

You are gonna enjoy playing at different fields, as no game will feel the same as the previous one, and no stagnancy sets in, and you will keep playing until your heart’s content.

The sets in the fields are designed after popular games like call of duty as well as modern warfare. The sets are updated and serviced regularly too, so that you get movie-quality sets here.

This place has also started hosting airsoft, laser tag parties and Walk-on play as well. For children, the low-impact game is provided, so you don’t have to leave them behind for your adventure.

You can even host birthday parties, bachelor parties as well as youth group get-togethers here as well. Overall, do visit this place; it surely won’t disappoint you, we’re damn sure at a magnitude of hundred percent.

Paintball Explosion

3. OHare Paintball Park

The best thing about this place is that it’s very very affordable, compared to other similar places. It has one condition that you’ve to complete your waiver before you arrive, which you can do from the below site;

This place has also provided necessary arrangements to host private parties too, like birthday parties as well as bachelor parties and other get-togethers.

The low-impact arena has also been placed for children, which use lighter equipment to highly reduce the impact of almost to nil level.

If you are a pro player, and you wanna practice your skills for the tournaments with your squad, suitable arrangements have been made for it too.

The regional and local tournaments are regularly hosted here, you can take part in them to show off your skills. This place is just amazing, and you really should check this place out; it’s highly recommended from us as well as paintball enthusiasts who have previously visited this place.

OHare Paintball Park


So, this was our list of the best paintball fields in chicago and illionois; hope you liked the article, and found the place which you were looking for. Please stay safe, while using these hazard equipment; enjoy!

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