Top 3 Paintball Fields In Kentucky

Last updated on July 7, 2019

Many times it becomes difficult to search for good paintball fields. Good paint ball fields are a worthy requirement when we want to enjoy by playing paintball fights with our friends and family.  

So here we have prepared a guide which contains the list of best three paintball fields in Kentucky. The first thing we want to tell you is we have made ambient research in this matter and prepared the list.

So after reading the intro and making ourselves ready, here we present the guide to the paintball fields in KY.

1. Bullseye Paintball Field

Bullseye paintball is one of the most renowned woodsball and speedball fields in all of Kentucky. It is also one of the best paintball places in Kentucky. It is considered to be one of the best paintball places in Lexington KY.

If you are looking for good paintball places in KY then you have to check out Bullseye Paintball. With the unbeatable prices as well as the friendly staff here, you are gonna have a really great time here.

There are some mandatory instructions for people, for example; they only allow paintballs bought at their field to be used on their field and players are not allowed to shoot other paintballs in this field.

These instructions are just for safety reasons, and no monetary reason is present.

There is one more instruction to the users that in order to keep from having to up their prices, they are playable by appointment only. So people please call them if you are planning to go there.

Overall, this place is considered to be one of the best paintball fields in Lexington KY.

Bullseye Paintball Field

2. Conder ’s Paintball Field

Conder‘ s Paintball is the oldest and biggest existing paintball field in the whole state of KY. It is also considered one of the best paintball Elizabethtown KY. It is spread out on an area of around 80 acres.

There are many fields here like Ultimate air speedball, plastic ball wallspeed ball, urban city, etc. The urban city is a very special one, as it consists of over 50 buildings and 4 towers at all 4 corners.

There is even a very good facility to host birthday parties, bachelor parties, youth group gatherings, etc here; which really really helps people living nearby a lot.

Overall, this place is a very good spot for adventure as well as for celebrations; do visit it. It is also considered to be one of the best paintball fields in Paducah KY. If you are looking for good places for paintball Lexington KY, then this is the go-to place for you.

Conder’s Paintball Field

3. Paintball Asylum

This place is very well renowned to be one of the best paintball fields in all of Kentucky. If you wan to play here between Monday to Friday, then you have to book your reservations; open plays are restricted strictly on weekdays.

But, you can enter the open plays on Sundays and Saturdays, which are the weekends. You cannot carry your own paintballs as well as markers if you wanna play here. But, to go first you have to fill the waiver here as paintball asylum waiver in the official site.

The laser tag arena here is very good, and you are gonna have an amazing time playing the paintball asylum laser tag here. This place is also considered to be one of the best airsoft fields in Kentucky.

You are going to get perfectly paintballs and markers for rent; it is mandatory for you to buy them. The management hosts many events here, which you are really gonna enjoy after playing.

There are many fields with different terrain so that no game feels the same. You are really gonna enjoy very much after going here, and you’ll have different new stories to pass on. This place is considered to be one of the best places for paintball Louisville KY.

Paintball Asylum


So, that’s it; hope the article helped you to find the best paintball field for you to visit. If you are not satisfied, then check out the paintball asylum Indiana.

Please wear protected gear while playing to fight off against injuries. Enjoy your time!

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