Top 3 Paintball Fields In Maryland

Last updated on July 3, 2019

If you are passionate of paint balls, but you don ‘t have enough area to use them to your heart’s content; and coincidentally you live around the area of Maryland, the this is the guide for you.

We’ve researched a lot and enquired many many people, and finally brought out the guide to the top 3 paintball fields in Maryland.

1. Paintball Adventure Park

This place is situated in Taneytown, and it is a very very good place for outings as well as parties. It is one of the highest rated paintball as well as airsoft fields in all of America.

There are different arenas of gameplay, which are as follows;

  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Low-impact
  • Splat-master

The paintball arena is for normal paintball experiences. In the low impact one, the paintball guns, as well as paintballs themselves, are lighter; hence eliminating almost all of the impact after contact.

The splat-master is an arena in which the impact is further reduced, and you won’t feel the pain of paintballs at all even after a perfect contact.

This place is not very costly too, making it affordable to most of the people. There are regular events hosted by the administration like yard sales and other fun activities.

So, overall this place is just perfect for enjoying a day off or a special occasion.

Paintball Adventure Park

2. N R Paintball

The speciality of this place is that it has both paintball field as well a paintball store; to make the work of getting your paintball guns, paintballs as well as gear a lot easier.

The low impact packages here are especially designed for children above the age of 10, so that you don’t have to worry leaving your children behind while you are having fun.

These low impact paintballs don’t hurt you so much even after a heavy impact; making you children far more safer.

This place is conveniently situated at Severn M D. To improve your game, tournament type turf is designed especially. The convenience of private groups as well as birthday parties are provided, but only after reservation.

So, this place is very good; and you won’t regret you decision of coming to this place.

N R Paintball

3. Southern Maryland Paintball

This place is located at the southern tip of Maryland, and it is considered to be one of the best and active paintball fields all around the whole world.

The low impact packages are present here, which are especially designed for young children. Even for normal paintball packages; there are three different packages; which are basic, private and large group packages.

The basic groups are for 6 and above players. The private groups are for 10 and above players. The large group is for 20 and above players.

This place has a lot of events taking place, participating in them improves your game a lot and gives a different feeling when you play another game.

So, this place is a combination of fun, entertainment, loads of events as well as improval of our game. Do check it out; it won’t disappoint you.

Southern Maryland Paintball


We’ve taken many things like customer satisfaction, regular maintenance, etc into account while making this list; hope you liked it! Play regularly, stay fit, stay healthy; as the old saying goes, Health is Wealth! Thank you for reading!

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