Top 3 Paintball Fields in Texas

Last updated on July 9, 2019

If you love paintball guns are fights, then instead of playing at home it is obviously better to do the same at paintball fields, which provide a realistic adventure feeling while you are playing.

If you are living in or close to Texas, then we’ve made it easier for you by making a list of the best paintball fields in whole area of Texas. Here is the prescribed list:

1. GatSplat

If you are looking for indoor paintball near Lewisville and Rowlett as well as in Keller, then this is the go-to place for you. They have indoor fields too, with low impact paintball model too, so you won’t have any risk while enjoying your time.

This place gives permission for private events like birthday parties, bachelor parties, and so on. We can book a private paintball event for making this happen. We can even just enjoy with our friends privately in this place.

The low impact model can be joined by children above the age of six, but for children below that age; there is a Nerf party system so you won’t have to leave them somewhere else.

The fortnite Nerf camps here is a very unique and innovative way to attract youngsters, this place is very highly recommended by us, hence if you live around this area, or if you’re visiting a nearby area, do check it out.


2. Texas Paintball

If you live around the area of Jonestown, then Texas Paintball is one of the best paintball fields to go to; as they have more than 40 acres of fields, and hence provide more fun as the place is very very big.

There are two main arenas, which are airsoft and low impact. The low impact has smaller gun as well as smaller ball, which imparts lesser pain if impact happens; especially designed for children.

The fields are professionally made to provide the highest cover as well as fun while playing to increase the realistic feelings. There are nine distinct fields, which are themed on certain topics.

Hence, we get a new experience in each and every field. This place is one of the best in central Texas, and you’ll have a great time here, trust us.

Texas Paintball

3. Delta Field Paintball

This place is very good if you are living around the Mission area in Texas; it provides a very unique experience; as there are 7 different fields namely; CQB, Halo, Gears of War, Speedball, Tron, Seige, Seven.

It even has a low impact model, which reduces the velocity as well as lighten the impact which happens on your body. This place is also one of the cheapest ones out there; do check them out, this place won’t disappoint you.

Delta Field Paintball


If you have checked all the places; then we are sure that you have found the perfect place for you; we have made this lost by collecting the reviews from people who have visited this place, so the info is accurate don’t worry. Thanks for reading!

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