Top 10 paintball tips for beginners

Last updated on April 10, 2019

Paintball is one of the most familiar games played around the globe. This game can help us to increase our skills and abilities in different management, leadership, critical thinking, team work skills and to become a better paintball player, there are always some paintball tips and tricks that you can use against your opponent in order to defeat them effortlessly.

For new players and inexperienced, new teams one of the biggest and most common questions becomes “How do we win?”

In paintball every game is different, as each one can create different scenario which you have to deal with different methods and there is no magic technique. Getting “experienced” always takes time and practice. Fortunately, there are a number of basic principles and knowledge which will certainly help a new player perform really well.

The following segment covers some diverse topics – the most common and simplest paintball tips for the first timers which can be really a matter of interest to newer players. We also recommend reviewing them by more experienced players (if necessary) as they can help understand and to utilize them more effectively.

Here are top ten tips to play the best, get shot the least and get the most out of your day of Paintball.

1. Get the most out of your Paintball Gun

Keep your paintball gun clean. This is the most basic yet one of the most important paintball tips for beginners. After each game make sure that it is free from any paint or mud. There are some other things to keep in mind about your gun like:

  • A burst pellet in the barrel will result in really poor accuracy and can even prevent your gun from firing, so it’s important to use appropriate pellet.
  • Your paintball gun hopper is the part of your gun that contains the paint pellets and feeds them into the gun breach – it a clean and dry hopper is must for accurate shooting.
  • If you have fallen over while playing paintball there might be chance of a cracked paint pellet inside your hopper. The remaining pellets will be covered with paint making them stick together and lead to misfeeds and gun blockages. After each game, have a quick look inside your hopper – if there is paint inside.
  • If muddy gun can be tough to grip onto and may also stop the gun from working. If it’s muddy, just wipe it down after the game.

2. Aiming

Without proper aiming, you are unlikely to hit anything and firing from the hip may look good in a film but in reality your pellets will fly all over the place.

The gas bottle on the gun forms an ideal gun stock that fits into your shoulder and stabilizes the gun. Look along the top of the barrel this works great as a sight and it will give you a good idea where the pellets will go. Fire a shot and watch where it goes. If it drops short of the target aim a bit higher, if it’s to the left aim to the right.

This process of “walking”, where you can get two or more pellets in the air at a time, watch where they are going and adjust your aim accordingly, is the most effective paintball aiming tips.

3. Dividing and Conquering

In paintball it’s not a favorable condition when you stay on the same place for a long time because in this way you will be pinned down by your opponent. But here with this paintball tips for first timers not only you can avoid pinning down but also can defeat them easily.

The move: First, split up the left and right sides of your team evenly, saving two players for the middle. Just hammer the left and right side and maintain the middle and when some of your opponent’s forces have gravitated to the left or the right, pull everyone back to the middle and run up that way. That’s basically the idea of dividing and conquering.

4. Element of Surprise

Now this is a tactic that can really make the difference in a game. Striking while the other team is unaware or unprepared means you can make some choice shots. You will throw them off if they’re completely unaware! The other team will take a while to reassemble and create a new plan of attack, so get the shots in while you can. It’s a major factor that you can utilize in the paintball as a major defeating skill. There are many ways in which you can use the element of surprise. You want to be tactical with where you duck and take cover, a popular way to implement the element of surprise is to appear, shoot then disappear and repeat. It’s this idea of deception to fool your opponent, make them think your somewhere you’re not and take them out. Your opponent must be focusing on the position from where you shot but you will then move to next spot and can locate and shoot your enemy.

5. Flanking

This paintball strategy is simple and kind of a advanced paintball tips—the bulk of your team pushes forward while a smaller, secret force sneaks out to hit the enemy from behind. It makes a great balling technique that is also borrowed from the military.

Flanking allows team members to get behind the enemy without their knowledge. What’s more, if your team is pinned down, the strategy allows you to split up and advance from both sides of the opponent. Your team gets to weaken the front position of the enemy by targeting the adversary from many angles.

Flanking has been known to help players win lots of games. However, the team may lose several players in the process but at the end they will survive and win the game.

6. Objective Based Planning

Every game you will play will involve completing objectives to win missions, and it is those objectives that the smartest of players will plan for. Ensure you know what the objective of the game is, whether its elimination or capture the flag etc. Ensure you communicate with your team at all times to have the greatest chance of success.

Listen to your head referee closely as he explains the mission and if you are unsure on anything; do not feel embarrassed to ask. When working within a team it is important to establish a plan of attack or defence, having a strategy or game plan will provide a much better chance at success.

Being clear on what you need to achieve could well be the difference between your team winning and loosing, or you being the hero or zero. There may also be some other more experienced players in your group or people who have played the field before.

Any information gained about your surroundings and the mission ahead will make it easier for you to achieve them.

7. Teamwork

Paintball is often used for team building and leadership exercises. This is where this sport really shines, as it highlights the need to communicate and work with your team mates for the greater good; not just before the game but during and after too.

Make sure that you spend time before any games discussing how you plan to defeat your enemy. Having a decent idea of attack and a full-proof teamwork plan is a huge help. Maybe you can try nominating a captain for each game to make any final decisions on behalf of the team if needed and talk together to formulate a basic plan of initial moves.

Once that plan has been made, stick to it, and make sure you execute it finally! If you don’t, you will not only be letting yourself down but you’ll also be letting down you team.

8. Cover Fire Rushing

Also referred to as pin down, it allows players to shoot fast and steadily at the opponent’s position. Several players fire their guns rapidly at the enemy while the other team members rush to the field. The strategy is used to make large advancements in the battlefield and encourages your enemies to hide behind cover completely.

Playing paintball can often be described as “hide and seek with guns”, and I think it is that phrase that works as a great analogy for what I am about to say. When you step onto a paintball field, every barricade, tree, bush, vehicle, building etc, that is big enough and thick enough to hide your body behind can be used as ‘cover’ from the opposition and provide cover fire for your teammates.

Move directly into to cover and then fire, don’t stand in the open pretending to be Rambo. When shooting from behind the cover, you are not only hiding from enemy paintballs, but also from their eyes – so they cannot see what you are doing.

9. Communication

You need to know who is where and what they are doing. Clear and simple voice commands are all that are needed. If you are outnumbered and need some help – shout to let your team know. If you hear a team-mate calling for help them do what you can to help them.

Simple communication always works very well in a game of paintball, as the heat of battle and the ‘red mist’ means that most people may struggle to understand their own name let alone a full on coded signal. Working out a complex system of coded commands may sound impressive, but after a couple of minutes half of your team will have forgotten what “Delta Force Code Green!” means.

Essential things to know are, Where are the bag guys? How many guys has your team killed? Where are they weakest or have the least players? Talk to each other on the field and then shout out what you have learned to other Squad mates to pass it on.

Good Intel coupled with solid teamwork will have your team winning all day long, so make a concerted effort to talk to one another, especially during a game.

10. Field Knowledge and Awareness

Being fully aware of what is happening on a field, what kind of field you are playing on and finally the rules, and reacting to it positively is the final feather in a paintballer’s cap. Players that have this ability have the uncanny knack of turning up just in time to defend an area, or magically appear behind the enemy line when least expected to go on to shoot them all in the back.

A lot of this comes from playing experience, having played many games and encountered many situations; but on every rental day, there always seems to be one guy or girl who just ‘gets it’ and it really is a incredible thing to watch.

To start, let’s break the field into zones, say left, center and right for simplicity. The biggest thing about awareness is knowing what is happening in those zones, or at least the nearest 2 zones to you. These are your areas of opportunity.

Using your eyes to take in as much information as possible and your mouth to communicate with your teammates, try to build up a picture in your head about what is happening and how those situations could play out.

Go with your heart on this one… If you feel that you could push through a certain area and do damage, or if your friends need a hand in another area, don’t wait a second and think too much, just go!


In a game where so much is at stake, having some nifty useful tips and tricks up your sleeve can be the difference between victory and defeat. Paintball is a simulation of battlefield games.

Most strategies and tactics are modified from military procedures to outplay opponents. In fact, players who are also serving in the army cite that the game enhances the reality of an actual battlefield.

We’ve tried to rounded up ten best first time paintball tips that can give you and your team something to consider before the big day, and will give you a few different ways to win paintball. We kept the list short, but there are some of the essential strategies and tactics that can help your to team dominate on the field.

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Thanks for explaining that communication is important, especially if we find ourselves in need of help. My workplace will be promoting corporate bonding by taking us to go paint-balling soon. I’m glad I read your article because following your tips should help me have a good time with my team!

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