Thieves ransack veteran-owned paintball company, steal donations meant for charity

Last updated on March 25, 2022

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) The thieves stole almost $1,000 in donations to charity as well as more than $20,000 worth products during a burglary at the largest paintball retailer in Fayetteville.

Black Ops Paintball is a owned by a veteran, and was collecting donations for the AIM Athletics Foundation. It is a foundation that offers team-building opportunities for injured members who are members of their US military, the less fortunate and those suffering from diseases and injuries.

But, the funds were taken the time Black Ops Paintball closed Monday and reopened on Tuesday.

“The first thing I noticed was the cash register on the floor and that was definitely out of place,” retired combat veteran and Black Ops Paintball’s General Manager John Maninga said.

Thieves had snuck into the establishment and robbed it, stealing over $22,000 worth of paintball guns, as well as all the cash at the register and even cash from the jar for charity.

“It’s disheartening when someone comes into your home or business and they take something that isn’t theirs,” Maninga explained. “Somebody entering and sort of stepping over it or stealing from the work we do in the community is what angers me.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating leads and is trying to bring criminals to justice. While they are at it, Maninga has a message for criminals.

“If you are out there, just turn yourself in or you will get caught, because at the end of the day you always get caught.”


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