What to wear to play paintball

Last updated on June 30, 2019

Every first-time paintball player ask the senior or professional what they will wear for paintballing?

If someone has played paintballing for fewer times or is new to it, they would be wondering what should be their outfit while getting in depths of battle.

What should be worn for the assurance of an enjoyable and a safe experience is the most important thing which must be kept in mind before going to paintball. It is pursued by the players of all the playing levels.

What you choose to wear is completely up to you, but to ensure you have the most comfortable day possible we recommend to have this three feature available in your outfit.


You will be provided with equipment that provides protection to most parts of your body, however if you feel the need to protect some of the more sensitive areas of your body you may have the option to purchase protective gloves and cricket boxes, depending on the center you are playing at.


Paintball is a very active sport. Players spend a whole day roaming around, diving behind cover and dodging paintballs – all while being fully decked out in full paintball equipment! When getting ready for a day of paintball, it’s important to wear clothes that won’t restrict your movement yet provide you with the protection and warmth that you require. The most suitable footwear would be a light boot, but old trainers are most commonly worn, enabling you to be quick on your toes.

Body Temperature

Charging around a game zone under fire in full paintballing equipment is guaranteed to get anyone’s blood pumping! We usually advise our customers to wear light clothing but it’s entirely up to you what you choose to wear on the day.

Now as we are done with the features of outfit you wear, let’s talk about the outfits to wear in a paintball game.


In most cases, you may need to invest in a paintball vest. This clothing item is more essential, especially if you are planning to get involved in serious paintball activity.

The best vest that you can invest in is also that with multiple pockets, allowing you to hold anything you need while you are on the field. These include a watch, map, radio, water bottle, squeegee, or any other personal items, like keys and wallets.

The vest often comes with a padding designed to absorb shocks and impact.

Paintball/tactical Pants

For the styles of clothing, camouflaged or darker colored jackets, shirts, and pants should be opted which gives the opponent a very hard time to find you. A pair of elastic baggy sweatpants must be worn. Or, long johns must be opted to worn with a pair of old and baggy jeans inside. Players also opt for the pants which are made especially for paintballs, jumpsuits, and cargo pants.

If a hole is formed in the thin outfits during the game, then the skin will remain exposed for the rest of them the game. It should be kept in mind that the players who play paintball in the outdoors have the exposure of rough twigs, terrain, rocks, thorns, dirt and other stuff that can make holes in the outfit easily.

Most of the players of paintball crawl, dive, roll around, kneel while playing paintball. So, the thicker and baggier the pants will, the better it will be. They allow free movements; bruises are less likely to take place, and paintballs do not break when in contact with them compared to the tighter ones.

Which is why only durable or doubled up protected pants must be used to prevent any significant problem of skin exposure and injury, it would allow players to play freely and with protection.

Cap or Hat for Paintball

Wear a baseball cap, worn backwards when playing paintball. A baseball cap generally works with any mask and will protect your head and forehead.

Although a cap or beanie is sufficient, especially to start with, a Dye Precision Head Wrap will help keep sweat off your face and prevent your mask from fogging up during extended play.

If you have a cap with a closed back, that’s even better. The cap of the hat will work to protect the back of your neck too. You can also wear a beanie or knitted cap, just be aware that you can easily get too hot playing.

Paintball mask

A paintball mask is a mandatory piece of equipment for any player at any level. Some fields rent the mask, but you may be more comfortable with your own.

This is top tactical gear and the most important piece of equipment when engaging in paintball combat, arguably more important than your gun, because you mask protects your eyes, which are not replaceable.

You need a mask that fits well and is comfortable to play in for long periods of time. You need a mask you will not be tempted to push up to the top of your head if they fog up or get uncomfortable, because when you do that, you leave your eyes vulnerable.

The mask, more than any other piece of gear, is the place where you want to invest the time and financial resources to get the most comfortable, best performing one you can.

Paintball gear bag

If this is your first time playing paintball and you plan to rent your gear and marker, you won’t need a gear bag. If you play a few times and decide to dive into the sport and play more often, that’s when you want to consider a gear bag. If you play a lot, investing in your own gear will make you a better player and save you money from rental fees.

A good gear bag should hold your marker, tank, mask, hopper, paintballs, snacks and other accessories. You first consideration when choosing a gear bag is the size and length of your paintball marker, and if the barrel is removable. You need a gear bag that is long enough to fit.

Tactical gloves

Investing in a pair of gloves as a means of protecting your hands. Note that your hands are among the most commonly shot parts of your body when you are playing paintball. It is mainly because you constantly expose them, especially if you point your marker or gun at your opponents.

Paintball gloves are practically mandatory, but NOT thick gloves. Remember, you will be handling a paintball marker, and pulling the trigger with thick bulky gloves will be challenging and make you less accurate. Hands are tender and sensitive, so it’s imperative to find a great pair of gloves to wear during the game.

If you are renting gear, gloves should be included, but if you don’t want to wear gloves that several other players have sweated in all day, you may want your own pair. Being able to manage the paintball gun is your first priority when deciding which gloves to use.

While most don’t realize it, the hands are some of the most vulnerable parts of your body. They are always exposed as you use them to point the gun. Knuckle shots HURT, which is why gloves are so important. Plus, since you use your hands to shoot the gun, your hands are exposed a lot during play, so they are more likely than other areas to get hit.

While choosing gloves, gloves that are designed for paintball are the ideal choice. They provide agility to the fingers while incorporating a tough exterior for maximum protection. Many gloves have a tough shell similar to armor. However, the inside of the glove is made of flexible material to ensure that you can easily pull the trigger of your paintball gun.

Among the ideal gloves that you can wear are golf, football, gardening, paintball-specific, and fingerless weight lifting gloves. Avoid welding, latex, or winter gloves as much as possible as they seem to be too cumbersome and thick for trigger sensitivity.


You will need a sturdy shoe that supports your ankle and is appropriate for uneven terrain. You also want a shoe that you can use in the mud and dirt, and don’t mind if paint lands on them.

Traction is very important and playing outside you are likely to encounter dirt, gravel, grass, or even carpet covered concrete. You do not want to slip while running and be a sitting target.

Sturdy work boots, Combat boots, steel toe shoes, hiking boots, cleats, or a pair of athletic shoes with good traction may be good choices. They must be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Ankle injuries are commonly experienced by paintball players due to inadequate footwear. While rugged boots may seem like a good idea, they can limit the movement in your ankles. Should you experience a fall, this can strain your ankle tremendously.

Use shoes that have already been worn in, especially if you plan to play for several hours. If you use new shoes to play, you risk blisters and pain because the shoes are not worn in and poor fitting shoes can ruin a paintball outing.

If the field is urban, or has a lot of straight concrete or large boulders, cleats are a bad idea. Use a shoe meant for running outdoors or on trails. Something with a rough treads pattern and plenty of traction. Normal sneakers have small treads that will fill up with grime in a matter of minutes, making them useless.

Water resistant shoes are also a good idea. There’s nothing worse than a shoe filled with water. They’ll cause discomfort and become dangerous if you’re playing in a cold environment. In addition to the right shoes, you should wear thick socks. Thick material will provide extra cushion to keep you comfortable as you run through the field and keep your toes warm.

Neck Protector

The neck is a vulnerable spot that can be very painful if hit. Neck protectors are available and provide ample protection. However, they can be very rigid and uncomfortable. They are known to limit head movement.

Another option is to wear a bandana or turtle neck sweater. While it won’t provide as much protection as a protector, it will provide some cushion and lessen the blow. They can also be removed at a moment’s notice if you find that it gets in the way. Turtle neck sweaters will provide a bit more protection than a bandana, but they don’t provide as much versatility.

Pod Packs

Also included among the items you should wear during a game of paintball are pod packs. These items refer to harnesses carrying pods that are designed to hold your extra paintballs. As the name suggests, the vertical pod packs are those that you can wear vertically around your waist.

You need to hold them close to your body. The problem with these packs is that they pose more challenges and difficulty when it comes to putting back the pods in their place. You can also choose the horizontal pod packs that you can wear by strapping them around your waist horizontally.

Check our top pick 9 best paintball pods.

Groin Cup

It is an argument for many that crotch shots are a rarity in paintball, but it can be very painful when they occur. While it is comfortable to secure the area of groin with a cup, the protection will be provided additionally for the most sensitive places.

Ghillie Suits

You also have the option of wearing ghillie suits if you are interested about stealth tactics. One advantage of these suits that are now adopted by many paintball players is that these are very comfortable to wear. You can also expect these suits to offer camouflage to players. You can also easily purchase them online or any sporting goods store.


With the right outfits, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game much more. You’ll be better equipped to dominate your competition. Not only that, but you’ll be safe and protected, ensuring that you can enjoy multiple matches.

Just remember, especially if this is your first time playing, a lot of special gear is NOT necessary. Play for a while first to make sure the sport is for you. Getting some experience will also clue you in on the extra or specialized gear you may need and give you a good idea of what to wear for paintball.

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