11 Best Paintball Mask Reviews 2020

Last updated on March 19, 2020

Paintball requires the use of a number of equipments including the best paintball mask. A good paintball mask is used to protect the face from injuries during the process of the game.

There are different types of paintball mask, also known as paintball goggle, that can be used during the game. There are also some that are of higher quality compared to others.

Considering that there are a lot of sensitive organs on the face including the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth that should be protected from paint, especially, when spilling at a high speed, it is important to get the best paintball mask.

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  • PAINTBALL MASK SIZE: The size of Mask is 9.25" * 10.24" (23.5*26 CM).Black Clear Len.
  • SAFER MATERIAL: Use polycarbonate material and ABS plastic impact resistant composite offers full face and head protection.
  • SECURITY AND STABILITY OF THE STRUCTURE: There are visor shading, mouth protection, adjustment belt comfortable, sponge mats (eyes and ears) reliable buffer for comfort wearing.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal for Paintball, Tactic game, Live CS game, Airsoft or BB competition, Survival game, Cosplay, Outdoor Party, Halloween, Costume ball.

Best Paintball Mask

Dye Paintball Mask – Best cheap paintball maskCheck Price
Dye Precision I4 – Best thermal paintball maskCheck Price
Dye I5 Mask – Pro Paintball MaskCheck Price
Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal – Best breathable paintball maskCheck Price
Virtue VIO Ascend AF – Best anti fog paintball maskCheck Price
Virtue VIO – Best dual pane paintball maskCheck Price
Empire EVS – Good paintball mask for protectionCheck Price
VForce Profiler MaskCheck Price
JT Spectra Flex 8 – Best full coverage paintball maskCheck Price
JT Premise Anti Fog MaskCheck Price
VForce Grill Goggles – Fog proof paintball maskCheck Price

There are different types of paintball masks available with different features. Some of the paintball masks are more durable than others.

In the same vein, some of the paintball masks offers a higher level of security compared to some others. There are also various features that are available in the paintball goggles. While some of the features are basic and very important, others are more of luxury features.

The wide variety of paintball masks could pose a challenge for a novice who is trying to select a paintball mask.

This article will list out the top paintball masks currently available, as well as try to give a detail on each of them. This will subsequently serve as a very important guide for individuals who are interested in getting a high-quality paintball mask.

1. Dye Paintball Mask – Best cheap paintball mask

The Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball goggle features a patented, innovative and all-new Switch Lens System (SLS). This implies that you won’t have to worry about fogging any more no matter the condition of the game. A great non fog paintball mask.

The dye paintball mask also allows you to switch its lens within 10 seconds. The built-in visor and the strong construction gives you a high level of protection from impacts when you are playing the game.

Dye Paintball Mask - Best cheap paintball mask
Dye Paintball Mask – Best cheap paintball mask
Check Price in Amazon


  • Peripheral vision up to 260o
  • Superior foam for comfort
  • Thermophoned inner lens
  • Double paned
  • SLS Tirodial lens
  • Ear pieces with multiple ports for hearing
  • Unidirectional vents.
  • Best cheap paintball mask


Q: Can I wear my glasses underneath the mask?

A: The mask has some space under the mask that should be able to comfortably fit your glasses, especially if it is not the thick types.

Q: Can my 13 year old use the mask?

A: The chin strap and back strap of the mask is adjustable. It is expected to fit any individual from 9 to 10 years and above.

Q: Can this mask protect from 400fs airsoft gun?

A: Yes, it can give you adequate protection from this type of gun.

Q: Can I remove the visor?

A: No. The visor is attached to the mask. Only the head strap and the lens are removable.


  • Lens can be removed and fixed back within 10 seconds.
  • Very affordable.
  • Adequate ventilation while you are wearing it.
  • Very low chance of fogging
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • Might not be suitable for professional players.


This mask is a low budget paintball mask but comes with a lot of features that makes it the best compared to those with similar price range. It is great for individuals who are casual players or for dad and son paintball games.

It is also great for individuals who work on the high sea where they are exposed to high speed wind as well as for those who want to protect their face from debris.

2. Dye Precision I4 – Best thermal paintball mask

The Dye I4 Thermal Paintball Mask is a great mask that can be worn during paintball games. The anti-fog technology of this thermal mask means that you don’t have to worry about clarity of vision all through the game irrespective of the weather.

The mask is designed such that it provides a high level of comfort for the user. The mask can be used for a long period of time without fear of suffocation as it is properly ventilated. It is also designed to support clear hearing and speaking.

Best thermal paintball mask
Best thermal paintball mask
Check Price in Amazon


  • Tiger teeth to secure straps
  • Great design for comfort and functionality
  • Compression formed ears
  • Rapid system for lens changing
  • Open and close dual stage foam technology
  • Best thermal paintball mask


Q: Is it possible to wear my eyeglasses under this mask?
A: I usually use the mast with my prescription glasses on without issues.

Q: Can I use this face mask for airsoft fights?
A: Yes. It is a great and effective mask for airsoft fights.

Q: What is the width of the straps?
A: The width of the strap is 1.5 inches.


  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Does not fog
  • Great peripheral vision
  • Easy to communicate with team mates


  • It is a bit on the expensive side


This paintball mask is great for individuals who want great quality equipment and are not running on limited budget. The mask is great as it provides protection and adds to the fun of the game.

3. Dye I5 Mask – Pro Paintball Mask

The Dye i5 is an awesome paintball mask that is reputed to be among the most progressive system of goggle in terms of technology. It also gives one of the best peripheral vision of 290 degrees. The mask provides better safety and the lens does not fog as well.

It also features an e.VOKE communication system that allows for wireless communication between M2 MOS Air and i5.

Dye I5 Mask - Pro Paintball Mask
Pro Paintball Mask
Check Price in Amazon


  • Rapid lens change
  • Quick release foam kit
  • Increased vent design
  • GSR pro strap
  • Anti-fog 290 degree lens


Q: Can I use the default lens to see clearly in indoor games?
A: Yes. The lens will work for indoor games.

Q: Is the lens mirrored?
A: Yes the lens is mirrored.

Q: Can I use it with airsoft helmet?
A: Most American military helmet made after 1945 is expected to work with it perfectly.

Q: Can I wear it on my eyeglasses?
A: Yes, it is possible to wear it with your eyeglasses

Q: Can I wear the mask for snowboarding?
A: Yes. You should, however, put on a balaclava to protect your mouth from snow and to keep your face warm.


  • Rapid lens change
  • Offers better safety
  • Anti-fog
  • Great clarity
  • Great for those with big face
  • Wide view angle
  • Nice foam padding


  • Lens scratches easily
  • Expensive


The Dye I5 Paintball Goggle is great for those who want great protective lenses for their paintball game or other instances where they want their face protected.

* Dye Precision i4/i5 Goggle Thermal Replacement Lens

The Dye precision I4/I5 Goggle Thermal Replacement Lens can be bought separately and used to replace the one that came with your lens or the current one you are using. There are a number of reasons why you might want to change the lens on your Dye I4/I5 Paintball Goggle.  

You might want to change because you did not like the color of lens that came with your mask. You can also change when your current lens gets spoilt or scratched. You might also want to keep spares that might come in handy during the game if you have to change lens.

Check Price in Amazon


  • Rapid lens change
  • Horizon peripheral vision
  • Anti-fog thermal lens


Q: Which is the clearest lens for Dye I4/I5 goggle I can buy?
A: The clearest lens you can get is the clear sunrise lens. Any other color or dyed lens adds some tints to the lens.

Q: I love the HD and yellow variants, but I want a clearer one between the 2?
A: The yellow variant seems clearer than the HD variant.

Q: Which is the best to use under sunlight?
A: The smoke lens.


  • Available in different shades and colors
  • Useful as spare during a game


  • Extra expenses


The replacement lens is great for those who want to have spares to change during a game. Those who current lens has also gone bad will need another one.

4. Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal – Best breathable paintball mask

The Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Masks is a high end performance mask at a great price. It provides the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility, rigidity and protection. The lens is also anti-fog and can be quickly change.

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal - Best breathable paintball mask
Best breathable paintball mask
Check Price in Amazon


  • Goggle strap that can be upgraded
  • Hydrophobic coating that is anti-fog
  • 100 per cent Ultraviolet protection
  • Coatings on lens that make it anti-scratch
  • Better voice transmission
  • Default lens is smoke lens


Q: Does this come with a strap?
A: Yes. There is a chinstrap on it.

Q: Is it possible for an extension to be installed on the front part?
A: No. You can’t add an extension to the front part.

Q: Does this mask protect your ears?
A: Yes, the mask covers your ears

Q: Is it possible for a camera to be attached to the mask?
A: Yes. But you should make sure you can attach the camera to the vents for anti-fog as sticky pads cannot be used to stick the camera to the side made of rubber.


  • Can be accessorized
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Visibility
  • Protection
  • Affordable


  • Not built on modular facemask and frame like higher priced systems


The Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball goggle is great for individuals who are playing with friends, colleagues and family.

5. Virtue VIO Ascend AF – Best anti fog paintball mask

The Virtue VIO Ascend AF Paintball Masks/Goggles with Anti-Fog lens is a lightweight goggle mask that allows you to play paintball without the risk of your lens getting fogged, thereby limiting your visibility. It features double layer foam for the eye that is removable.

Virtue VIO Ascend AF Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens
Best anti fog paintball mask
Check Price in Amazon


  • Anti-fog lens, best anti fog paintball mask
  • Adequate vents
  • Dual layer foam for the eyes
  • 100% protection from ultra violet rays


Q: Can I use this mask alongside a ballistic or tactical helmet?
A: I don’t think you can. However. That might not be necessary as the mask covers your face and your ears

Q: Can I use the mask with my eyeglasses
A: Yes. There is a space for glasses in the mask

Q: How effective is the anti-fog feature of the lens?
A: It is very effective. I once use the mask with my glasses. My glasses got fogged by the lens didn’t fog.


  • Non fog paintball mask
  • Maximum air flow
  • Great voice transmission both for speaking and hearing
  • Optical clarity that is distortion free
  • Compatible with every replaceable foam, lenses, straps and line visors for VIO paintball masks
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Does not cover the forehead and back of the head
  • Sometimes feel like it is going to come off, even though it never comes off


It is a very great mask, especially for its cost and fits best on people with small faces. It is great for indoor and outdoor paintball games with family and friends.

6. Virtue VIO – Best dual pane paintball mask

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks – Contour II, Extend II and XS II

The Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks – Contour II, Extend II and XS II is one of the best paintball mask you can invest in. It is designed for comfort and allows the user to easily change its thermal anti-fog lens.

The design of the mask is versatile making it possible to change every part of the mask including the lens, goggle strap, ear pads and the foam.

Best dual pane paintball mask
Check Price in Amazon


  • Anti-fog wide view lens
  • 3D pro pad molded foam allows for protection, comfort and grip
  • Ear pads that does not echo
  • Adequate mouth vents
  • Lens available in over 10 different colors


Q: Can I comfortably use it with my glasses?
A: Yes. It is very comfortable to use with glasses.

Q: Is breathing in the mask easy?
A: Yes, the mask is well ventilated and you should not have any problem breathing in it

Q: Can my 10 year old son use this mask?
A: Yes, the mask can be used by a 10 year old


  • Wide color and styles variety
  • Feels secure and stays in place
  • Great hearing and speaking quality
  • Does not fog
  • Can be worn for a long time with no discomfort
  • Zero interior reflection


  • A bit expensive
  • Strap does not have tightening system


It is a great lens for paintball games that you can use to play both indoors and outdoors. It is great for kids as well as adults.

7. Empire EVS – Good paintball mask for protection

The Empire Paintball Mask allows you 270 degree view. The mask is approved by ASTM and properly protects your eyes. The lens that comes with the mask is scratch resistant, anti-reflective and very easy to change without the use of any tools. 

Check Price in Amazon


  • Thermo-formed ear
  • Head strap with silicon backing
  • Spherical lens that cannot be distorted
  • Triple density foam for the face
  • 270 degree view


Q: What color is best for use in the woods?
A: Any dark color is great for the woods as it would aid in hiding your position

Q: Is it possible to separate the hud?
A: It is possible technically, though the parts are expensive

Q: Which type of lens comes with the product?
A: The product comes with a clear lens.


  • Simple and quick lens replacement
  • Excellent hearing
  • Comfortable to use
  • Secure feel
  • Very comfortable for use with glasses
  • Best paintball mask for glasses


  • A bit expensive
  • You might need to glue back some parts of the mask after a few use


It is one of the best paintball mask for glasses. Great for people who have big heads. It comes with clear lens.

8. VForce Profiler Mask

The Vforce paintball mask gives you one of the best vision field of 280 degree compared to most other masks that allows you 270 degree and below. It is designed to make it difficult to target, giving you an edge while being shot at. It also comes with a dual density soft foam that dries very fast.

Check Price in Amazon


  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Maximum range of vision
  • Comes with clear lens


Q: Is it possible to remove the visor?
A: Yes it is possible to remove the visor

Q: I have an old mask that fogs, I hope this mask doesn’t fog?
A: It comes with thermal lens that doesn’t fog

Q: Does it come with tinted lens?
A: No, it comes with clear lens. It is possible to buy a tinted lens for it.


  • Gives you an advantage by making it difficult to target you
  • Comfortable to use for a long time due to its light weight and design
  • Good for those with small and big heads
  • Great peripheral vision
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes exposes the jaw, especially for people with long face
  • No chin straps, even though it fits securely without it


The mask is great for most face types, except those that have long face and want their jaws covered. It gives great protection, does not fog and does not scratch.

9. JT Spectra Flex 8 – Best full coverage paintball mask

The JT paintball mask comes with a removable visor and allows for 260 degree vision field. It is designed strategically such that it can bounce and deflect shots. It also allows you use Vortex II fan and other common JT accessories.

JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Full Coverage Goggles, Camo, Clear
Check Price in Amazon


  • Comes with a visor
  • Has a smaller profile so that it is more difficult to aim at you
  • Great venting system
  • Spectra lens


Q: My head is about 7 ¼, will the mask fit my head?
A: Yes, it would fit virtually any size of head

Q: If you are using the mask, does the strap slip, especially when you tilt your head backwards?
A: No it doesn’t slip as it is very comfortable.

Q: Does it cover the forehead and back of the head?
A: Yes it does.

Q: Is it easy to replace the lens or remove to clean?
A: No, it does not have the quick lens replace feature.


  • Best full head paintball mask. Full head protection including forehead and back of the head
  • Can be bought alongside a neck protector ensuring your head to neck is fully protected
  • Great ventilation to allow for easy breathing, talking and hearing
  • Affordable


  • Few of the mask lens could develop film after a few uses that can’t be cleaned. If you experience this, you can contact manufacturer for replacement


The mask is great for individuals that want lens that would cover the whole of their face including forehead and back of the head.

10. JT Premise Anti Fog Mask

This JT Paintball Goggle also comes with a visor that protects the forehead and the back of the head. However unlike most paintball goggles with visor, it allows you to easily and quickly change the foam and the lens. You can thus have full protection and be able to change your lens in the midst of battle whenever the need arises.

Check Price in Amazon


  • Built in visor
  • 260-degree vision field
  • Soft foam for the face
  • Lens that is anti-fog


Q: Can the visor be removed?
A: Yes, it is possible to remove the visor.

Q: Does the lens fog?
A: Yes, the lens does fog. It is possible to get thermal lens that does not fog for the lens.

Q: Can I use it with my eyeglasses?
A: Yes, it is expected that your eyeglass should fit in.


  • Very protective
  • Quick lens change
  • Covers forehead and back of head
  • Comfortable
  • Quick foam release
  • Very affordable


  • The lens fogs. You can however replace the default lens with anti-thermal fog.


It is great for people who want the whole of their head protected without having to wear a helmet apart from the paintball mask.

11. VForce Grill Goggles – Fog proof paintball mask

The VForce Paintball Mask is unique, bold and innovative. It is one of the best paintball anti fog masks. It features a chinstrap that allows you fit your mask more securely for fast games. The lens and the foam can be changed during the game very quickly despite being a full face mask.

Check Price in Amazon


  • Bounce panel
  • Comes with smokey tint thermal lens, other colors can be ordered for
  • Very light
  • Forehead V-flector built in


Q: What type of lens does it come with?
A: Smokey tint.

Q: Can I use with my eyeglasses?
A: Yes it can be comfortably used with glasses

Q: Most masks with visor have a lens that cannot be easily changed. Does it apply to this?
A: No, despite this mask having a visor, the lens and foam can be quickly changed.

Q: Does it come with a strap?
A: Yes, it comes with a chinstrap for more secure fitting.

Q: Can I buy one for my son?
A: Yes, it would fit and I believed he would love it.


  • Full head protection
  • Unrestricted peripheral vision
  • Quick lens and foam change
  • Does not echo


  • A bit expensive


The mask is nice and great for individuals who want full protection along with the added advantage of quick lens change.

Types of paintball masks

Paintballs are filled with water with a food coloring, they are biodegradable, so if the liquid splashes, nothing happens because we swallow it. The balls can move up to 300 kilometers per hour, but if they hit us in the body they do not produce injuries, although they shoot very close they can produce a bruise without many more consequences, but a close shot in one eye or in the ear could cause injuries of greater importance, so it is essential to wear a suitable mask, in addition to being mandatory in all paintball fields. In fact we could say that the mask is the only mandatory garment to play paintball.

Why is the mask so important to play paintball?

• For security. We can say that the only real danger that paintball has is to play without a mask. This means that the areas of the body that can be really injured by a paintball, eyes and ears are exposed.

• For comfort . It is the fundamental garment to practice this sport. We can use other types of equipment or equipment of poor quality or in poor condition such as: the jumpsuit, the gloves. But if it is the mask that is in poor condition, for example scratched or dirty, this will cause us to not see correctly (can cause falls), if the mask is of poor quality it will cause it to fog easily, which is really annoying.

Therefore, we must ensure that we wear a mask in conditions to enjoy the game safely. Normally in the commercial fields it has material in good condition, but that is not always the case, which makes it very important to be able to compare between several paintball fields.

Types of paintball masks

You can choose a simpler model that covers only eyes and ears, but it is usual to wear a full face mask that covers the entire face, or wear an integral helmet (although this is very uncomfortable), the important thing is that it is designed specifically for this use, because if not, the security guarantees are not the same, in an activity of so much movement they must be secured to the face and not get out, we can not worry because they move us in the middle of a competition. They must also provide convenience of use.

Whichever type of protection is chosen, they all have a transparent front, and must allow a correct view at any angle. This front protector must be resistant, must not scratch easily and must withstand shocks, if it breaks it should not be fragmented as it would be dangerous, so you have to choose an appropriate one for use in paintball, and not for other types of sports.

Types of masks depending on fogging

The main problem of using the masks is fogging, which occurs mainly in humid environments due to the condensation of water vapor, when breathing we exhale a lot of water vapor, and in a closed environment it accumulates, condensing in the viewfinder. When the viewfinder becomes foggy, we cannot remove the mask in the middle of an action to clean it, so you have to look for systems that keep it clean

How to prevent paintball masks from fogging

To avoid fogging there are three different systems.

  1. The simplest and most economical is to use a normal visor, which has a protection to prevent fogging, its duration is not unlimited, but when they pass the effect you can use a liquid product that vaporizes on the inside. It is the most used for commercial fields because it is the most comfortable and economical.
  2. The second system is to use a special thermal anti-fogging visor, composed of two visors joined by an insulator, usually made of foam, the double layer maintains the temperature of the visor, preventing them from fogging. They do not need maintenance nor do you have to use special liquids, you must avoid getting the insulation wet, so do not use anti-fogging liquids with them. The glue of these masks is that they are more expensive to clean since they cannot be wetted, so their use is not recommended for commercial fields that must wash (also for hygiene) a large number of masks.
  3. The best system, but the most expensive, is a mask with a small built-in fan, which continuously draws the air from the mask, removing moisture, does not require more than having the batteries in good condition, so remember to bring replacement . This system is widely used among professionals.

Best Paintball Mask Buying Guide

There are a number of features that you should consider while buying a paintball mask. Even though few of the features could be optional such as foam, visor, and strap, their presence would offer you more safety.

And there are some features that are not negotiable as they must not only be present but be of high quality if you want to buy the best paintball mask. For instance, the quality of lens and ventilation. Some features you should look out for when buying a paintball mask are highlighted below.


The lens is a very vital part of your lens. It allows you to see during the course of the game. Considering that the game requires aiming, shooting as well as avoiding enemies and shots, you want to make sure that you can see as clearly as possible.

The factors to look out for in the lens include color, anti-fog, reflection and how quickly it can be replaced. For color, the clear variant offers you the greatest visibility. You might however, want the tinted version if you are playing under the sun or in a very bright environment.

Fogging can be a problem in lens. Hence, you want a version that does not fog. You should opt for lens that is thermal double paned. This type almost never fogs no matter the condition. You also want to make sure reflection from light does not affect your vision.

There are lens that are anti-reflective and ensure you experience very little to no reflection even when facing the light. You also want a lens you can quickly change if the need arises.


The visor allows for protection of the forehead and back of the head. While some masks come with a visor, others do not. Some individuals who want protection are forced to opt for helmets when their masks do not have an inbuilt visor.

There are also some masks whose visors are removable, while there are others whose visors are not removable. You might want to go for a mask with removable visor so that you have the liberty to choose when to use it with a visor or not.


Price is also another factor as you have to buy a mask you can afford. Fortunately, there are very cheap effective paintball masks as well as very expensive paintball masks as well.

Quality does not always increase with price as some costlier masks might be less effective than some cheaper masks. In most cases, you might want to look out for features as opposed to pricing, irrespective of if you are on a budget or not.


Some of us cannot see clearly without the use of glasses. When we want to play paintball games or other uses we might want to put the mask to, we want to wear our glasses as well so that we can see clearly.

It is consequently important that you go for a mask that has enough space for your type of lens. There are masks that could be uncomfortable even if you are wearing it with glasses with tiny frame.

There are also masks that will be comfortable with glasses that has thin frame, but will be uncomfortable when the frame is thicker or the eyeglass is bigger. The best paintball mask for glasses should have enough space for your type of eyeglass.


The wider you can see during the game, the better for you. Paintball masks come with varying degree of vision field. Most of the best should give you a minimum of 250 degree view. You don’t want to be caught unaware during the game.


The strap is an important part of the mask. It allows you to be able to securely fix your mask on your head. However, there are masks with no straps, those that have straps without tightening feature and those that have strap with tightening feature.

The best paintball masks that do not have strap always make sure that the mask can fit without the risk of the mask falling off.

It can be distracting wearing a mask that is feeling like it wants to fall off when you are playing the game or those that actually fall off. You should opt for a mask that will fit securely, even if you are going for the type without strap.


The size of the mask is also a very important factor. You want the mask to fit comfortably on your head, irrespective of the size. Most masks will fit tightly on even the head of a child above the age of 10.

However, there are some that are very tight and uncomfortable on big heads. If you have a big head, you want to be sure that the mask can fit your head.

Bounce and Deflector

Bounce panel and deflectors improves your security while using the mask. You do not feel the full impact of the force the paint or other objects used in the game hits you.


Some masks come with foam while others do not. There are also different qualities of foams. The foam helps to protect your face from direct impact from the mask.

It also helps in absorbing sweat and other liquid, thereby reducing the probability of such liquid getting into your glasses or lens and fogging it. You might also want the type of mask where the foam can be easily removed.


There are a number of accessories that you can use alongside your masks. For instance, you might want to attach camera, visor or use with helmet amongst others.

Different mask types make it easy or difficult to use such accessories. You should ensure that your mask can be compatible with the accessory type you would want to use.


Paintball requires a great deal of observation. Apart from your sight, your hearing and talking ability is also important. You should be able to easily pass information to team members and also hear any noise around you, especially those of an enemy.

You should opt for a mask that will make it possible for you to talk easily, clearly and also hear those talking to you and other sounds. You should check for a mask type that does not echo.


The best paintball goggles should come with enough vents to make it easy to breath. You don’t want to feel like you are suffocating within a few minutes into the game. Ensure that the mask has proper and adequate vents at the right places to encourage easy breathing.


This article has attempted to highlight various types of paintball masks we believe are among the best paintball mask you can ever buy. The masks discussed include those that are very affordable as well as those that are a bit pricier.

The features are also listed as well as the pros and cons. Base on this, you can make an informed decision on the type of mask that best fits your criteria for buying one. The article also discussed about 13 factors you should look out for when you are buying a mask.

Depending on your price, experience and the type of games it is intended the mask would be used for, you can decide what factors are most important to you.

Even when you are on a budget, you might be able to get a cheap mask that will have the features that are most important to you, even if the other features that could increase the price are not present.

It is believed that any mask that is highlighted above, as long as the cons as listed are not a priority for you, will serve you very well for a long time.

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