Top 3 Paintball Fields in Michigan

Last updated on June 30, 2019

Are you searching around for the perfect place to host a paintball party, or just looking for a place to hangout, and you are living in Michigan; you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve researched a lot about the different paintball fields around this area, and we’ve listed the best ones, which are worthy of getting if tittle of the best paintball fields in all of Michigan.

The list is all follows:

1. Lone Wolf Paintball

This place is located at Clinton Twp, and it is one of the very best paintball fields in all of Michigan. It has two main arenas, namely open play and private games.

There are two kinds in private games as well, which are

  • Standard Group Package:

This is for bachelor parties, or sports events, etc; generally for outings with a higher number of people.

  • Mini Group Package:

This is ideal for birthday parties or smaller groups.

The JT Splatmaster arena is a low impact arena specially designed for younger children. The impact of a paintball is very low.

This place is very good; it is rated very high too; so do check them out.

Lone Wolf Paintball

2. Action Paintball Park

This place consists of an enormous 43 acres of land; with realistic terrain and bushes. Please note that if you want to go here, you first need to register online on this site.

This place has 8 different fields, making it very exciting to check each and every one. If you want something extreme, rather than normal plays; then sign up for their tournament courses.

You can rent a field in case you want to host a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette parties. There are a number of places of the same company;

The first one is the outdoor fields in Lange Rd. Taylor. The second one is the Indoor field in Livonia. The third one being a pro shop at Livonia.

This place is highly recommended by us; you’re going to enjoy your time here; do try them one day.

Action Paintball Park

3. T.C.Paintball

This place is located at Transverse City, and it is the perfect place for birthday parties, Bachelor parties, team building as well as youth groups. You can book your next adventure by calling the number:


If you are going for a birthday party, then this is one of the best places in the country for the purpose. The markers are small, as well as the balls; and they are based on the low impact technology.

Birthday parties are available on Saturdays from 12 p.m to 5 p.m, but you’ve to book your reservation first.

The war room provides a variety of board games as well, like Zombicide, Catan, etc.

This place is one of the best paintball fields in Michigan, and trust us; it won’t disappoint you; so do check them out!



So, that’s it; these were the places in all of Michigan which were worthy of becoming the best paintball fields in all of the district. Hope you found this article to be helpful; stay safe, take care!

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