Top 3 Paintball Fields in Ohio

Last updated on July 18, 2019

Paintball is a huge sport these days. In every state and even every city you can find a paintball field that can work for you and your crew.

While it’s fun to play paintball out in the back yard, the US is home to many incredible paintball fields, stacked with the proper obstacles and hiding places to turn an average game of paintball into an extreme experience that will let your imagination run wild.

They can range from wooded areas, to relatively open fields, to paintball fields decked out with props like fake buildings, old cars, haystack walls, jerry-rigged forts, and whatever else the paintballer mind can conjure up.

Here we’re going to look at the top five paintball venues in the world that are renowned in the industry and most importantly built for paintballers by paintballers.

1. Splatter Paintball Games Park

Located in Mount Gilead, OH is a really great option for premium paintballing, especially if you have younger kids who are interested in playing! This paintball field is a fantastic choice for open play or to spend a good group outing with friend and families. This paintball field offers a variety of paintball games including ‘capture the flag’ and ‘elimination’ and ‘assassins’. If you have children under 10, this paintball field also low impact version is something to look into. The equipment is different is low impact, so it’s less painful than traditional paintball. They have some really sick fields to play on, too, a total of 12 out there. There are three types of membership available, for renters, for gun owners, and for field members. Each of these categories has sub-categories according to their benefits and what they offer. Overall, their pricing will give you enough flexibility to choose the best package according to your budget and how often you play. Another great thing about this facility is, it can be reserved for airsoft games too.

Splatter Paintball Games Park

2. LVL UP Sports

If you’re anywhere near Grove City, we definitely recommend checking out LVL UP Sports, a premium paintball field located in Ohio. They have huge a great variety of terrain to play on ranging from field to forest, you’ll have your pick of playing fields from the seven maps they have available right now. LVL UP Sports is very reasonably priced, too. They offer a great membership program with great benefits and a special discount of buy two get one free in family membership segment. They also offer a place for rent, for a private, birthday, bachelor we mean any sort of parties, including an airsoft one too. There is another great thing we especially want to mention here is that they have a huge covered pavilion and staging area to provide you with all the shade and seating you need to host any paintball event, meeting or any kind of picnic! If you weren’t sold already, you likely will be after seeing this staging area.

LVL UP Sports

3. Battlegrounds Paintball

Located in Canal Winchester, Central Ohio, this is the home paintball field of Central Ohio. With a tournament-sized field area, Battlegrounds Paintball is an amazing paintball facility. This field is especially great if you can take advantage of their membership program. They offer three different types of fields which you can choose from according to your playing style. They have two initial membership program, one for rental players and another for players who own guns, and these two programs also had subcategories, with four different price range under each program. As far as their rental and other pricing goes, they’re fair; neither expensive nor super cheap. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Another thing about this paintball field is, they have a special birthday package for up to 10 players, with the air-conditioned room, refrigerator, and all day play.

Battlegrounds Paintball


Often people assume paintball fields are just mud zones with the odd tree, tire and obstacle… how wrong they are. If it was that easy anyone could buy a plot of land and claim is was a ‘paintball field’.

In the Ohio, there are some of the United State’s best paintball fields, featuring excellent hiding spots as well as proper obstacles needed to transform an ordinary game into some extreme one.

Hope our list and discussion about three top paintball fields will help you pick the best one for you and have a great paintball day with friends and family.

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