Top 3 Paintball Fields in California

Last updated on July 9, 2019

If you are a paintball enthusiast, and you happen to live around the state of California, or you are gonna visit the place in the near future, then we’ve prepared the best guide for you.

The places we’ve listed are based on the reviews given by other people who visited the places in the near past as well as by verifying from trusted sources. To make sure you know the location to these places, we’ve listed that too.

By removing these out of the way, let’s now look at the perfect places which can be listed appropriately as the top 3 paintball fields in California:

1. S C Village

This is the best place for paintball events as well as paintball parties all around Corona. This place is very affordable too, compared to other similar places. This is a very trusted place, and it’s known from 1984 all around the world for it’s effectiveness.

You can even bring your children here, for the paintballsoft event; which is especially designed for your children. There are almost a dozen of different fields resembling famous warzones or places around the world.

So, this place is very good; and you won’t be disappointed after going here.

S C Village

2. Combat Paintball Park

This place is the southern California’s best paintball fields, and it not only has paintball fields; but also Airsoft, Nerf as well as Archery fields too. This place is not very costly too, it is very affordable.

The Nerf field, especially designed for children, helps you save the time to take care of your children while you are enjoying; take your time and enjoy while we take care of your kids.

This place has got a ton of different paintball fields, namely

  1. Firebase Alpha
  2. Apocalypse
  3. Castle
  4. Wall City
  5. Hyperball
  6. Terminator
  7. Terror Town
  8. Ghetto City
  9. Airball Field

With a wide variety of fields, your game won’t feel the same stagnancy; as each field has a unique topography as well as settings. This place is highly recommended by paintball experts all around the world, so do check it out.

Combat Paintball Park

3. Jungle Island Paintball Park

This place is very very well known for different kinds of themed paintball fields as well as airsoft fields. There are a lot of different fields like Babylon as well as Recon Ruins.

The timing is as follows.

  • Gate opens at 8 a.m. in the morning.
  • The registration at the same time.
  • At 9 a.m. the first games start.
  • At 4 in the evening, all the games end.

There is also a party room, for celebrating birthday parties or bachelor parties. This place is highly rated by recent visitors, and it’s very very good too; making it one of the best places in California for airsoft as well as paintball lovers.

Jungle Island Paintball Park


So, that’s it; these are the best places worthy of getting the title of the best paintball fields in all of the Californian State. Hope it helped you, stay safe; enjoy your life!

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